Complete Currency Trader Review – Own FOREX Like A Boss

Trade forex like a boss with Complete Currency Trader by James Edward. Find out more in the review below.

Have you ever wanted to be a trader? I mean the guys and gals that have it all and live on the edge, billion dollars edge I mean. Well, despite the popular believe that you need to be math genius or savvy Wall Street bloke to make it not true. In fact, it is the myth that has been fooling me, and most likely you for years.

In the 21st century, trading it is no longer about few dozen guys standing in a crowd room raising their hands to expose their sweaty armpits. Most of the trading now is done in online in the comfort of your home. We traded the high-end suits and ties for favorite pajamas. That’s right, you can make thousands of dollars per day without even getting out of your night clothes.

That’s what James Edward’s Complete Currency Trader is all about. The ability to trade currency, otherwise known as FOREX, and make a large profit from it. How much are we talking? It’s hard to say as it will depend heavily on the time you willing to commit, your budget and pace you set up for you. However, you should see profits from $10,000 all the way up to 100,000+ per month following James Edward.

How is that possible? You see trading, like everything else in this world, follows a certain pattern. This pattern has a set of rules that can be learned and mastered. That’s exactly what James Edward did and it allowed him to me profitable trader for almost 20 years. Not a bad record, right?

Does that mean you need to learn all of it yourself? That’s entirely up to you, but with Complete Currency Trader you don’t have to. With James Edward’s system all you have to do is follow his lead and bank. So there si no need to learn much with Complete Currency Trader but you’re probably going be making so much that you will want to learn more.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – AM Facts and Myths

Stefan James’ Affiliate Marketing Mastery unveils the curtain behind a 7-figure online affiliate business.  However, what is exactly affiliate marketing and how much money is in it really?

Creator: Stefan James
Official Site:

$150k In 9 Day From Affiliate Marketing?

Stefan is sharing his case-study on how he made $150,000 in 9 days from affiliate marketing while on vacation.  Click play below to see it now.

webinarTruth Behind Affiliate Marketing: Facts and Myths

So what is affiliate marketing? In short it is a performance-based marketing in which you get paid by referring other people’s products or services. Sounds pretty sweet?

plousios-partyHowever, before you go all out like Leonardo’s character in in “Wolf of Wallstreet” let’s get some of the facts and myths about affiliate marketing out of the way.

If you just want the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review  please scroll down.

4 Myths About Affiliate Marketing

Myth 1: Affiliate marketing is hard to get into

This is probably one of the most popular myths created my marketers themselves.

The truth is affiliate marketing is the easiest form of marketing to get into. It is low cost, no products to create, no orders to fulfill and ship. no customers to deal with.

So why was this myth created by marketers? Most likely because they wanted to sell their products and competition reasons.  Which gets me to the second myth.

crazy-competitions-bull-surfingMyth 2: The Competition is crazy!

This is actually true in certain niches, like Payday Loans, but if you look at the whole landscape of affiliate marketing, or even top ones, it is total myth.

For example Amazon, which has a great affiliate program for selling physical products, has over 480 million products in the USA alone.  CJ works with thousands of companies and small businesses offering millions of products. Even ClickBank, which offers only digital downloads has over 6,000 products that you get paid 50% to 80% commission from the final sale. That means if you sell a product for $47 you usually get around $35, or $750 if the product costs a $1000. Best part? You can start promoting in 5 minutes from now.

Myth 3: There is no money in affiliate marketing

This has to be my favorite myths in the whole industry, as even a quick search shows multiple sources citing that affiliate marketing spend in U.S. alone is at almost 5 billions and will be near 7 billions by 2020, according to

On top of that Amazon alone paid out at least $10 billions to their affilaite world wide in 2015. Do I need to say more to bust this myth?

Myth 4:  You need to choose the most profitable niche

niche-loveThis was actually kind of true back in the day when affiliate was still in its infancy and there weren’t a lot of products to promote. Which limited people to several markets that were the most profitable.

However, this is not the case anymore. With millions of products to promote and 80% of Brands using some form of affiliate marketing you find a niche you like and make money with it.

Affiliate Marketing Facts That Need No Explanation

So what are the facts?

  • U.S. affiliate marketing spend was around $4.5 billions in 2015, predicted to hit 6.8 billions by 2020.
  • Over 80% of brand utilize affiliate marketing
  • Over 80% of advertiser devote 10% of their marketing budget to affiliate
  • 72% of Cj advertiser expect affiliate budget to increase next year (43% likely to increase and 29 extremely likely to increase)
  • Cj network reaches 81 million unique individual each month
  • Amazon has over 480 millions you can start promoting
  • In  2015 Amazons revenue surpassed 100 billion, around 10% of that went to affiliates
  • Clickbank has over 200 million customers

What does all of this mean?

  • More money in affiliate marketing – advertiser and publishers are spending more money, which means affiliates get more commissions
  • More products to promote – with companies increasing their affiliate marketing budget and more industries joining affiliate programs the competition goes down and profits go up

Thanks to this getting into affiliate marketing has never been more profitable. Especially if you considering getting a quick ROI by not having to create a product yourself, and longevity and security of building your online brand.

However, like everything else in this world, to get somewhere or achieve something you need plan, a blueprint or at least some form of direction.

If you think affiliate marketing is that direction, there is no better guide than Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Stefan James. Let’s take a look why!

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Inside the Affiliate Marketing Mastery

affiliate marketing masteryAMM by Stefan James is broken down into 7 modules that have over 50 training videos on how to get started, along with PDFs and assignments on how to get started with affiliate marketing and build a 7-figure business out of it.

Let’s take a look:

  • Module 1: Affiliate Marketing Mastery Blueprint – The first module deals with followwing the AMM blueprint that outlines massive action plan for your success. This includes step by step instructions on building the foundation as well as the bigger pictures and mindset.
  • Module 2: Market Research and Keywords – In this one you get straight into it. You learn the powers of keywords, how to match them with both digital and/or physical products you want to sell. As well as brain storm criteria to find a niche that you can be passionate about while earning 7 figures or more.
  • Module 3: Creating Your Online Brand and Presence – I wish I had this module before I started online, could have saved me tons of time on a brand name can destroy your business before you even start. This module also includes basic SEO (my bonus includes more), social media training and 7 essential plugins.
  • Module 4: Quality Content Creation  – You might have heard that content is king, but this module goes into details why and how to create it. This includes text, video,  and images for your blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Watch your brand get instant fan fallowing, authority, and trust thanks to this module.
  • Module 5: Attracting Visitors, Followers, and Building Your Email List – These are one of the best promotion marketing stratgies. No wonder Stefan James has 130,000 unique visitors to his blog per month and over 100,000 subscribers.
  • Module 6: Earning review and Monetization – this has everyone favorite module, as you learn to make money from your traffic, visitors, followers and subscribers.  All of this is done by simply promoting, or pre-selling your visitors to the offer you’re promoting.  It also includes everything about email marketing and how you can earn in minutes with it.
  • Module 7: Tracking and Optimizing – One of the harder lesson I learn is that I was leaving money on the table by not checking and analyzing my stats.  If you track and optimize your visits, YouTube views, conversion rates, email open rates and CTR your business will grown and evolve to maximize your results.

On top of the  7 modules you also get

  • 7 bi-weekly group caching sessions – watch and ask Stefan James questions live.
  • 7 previous Q&A coaching webinars – find out Stefan’s best practices and secrets with this.
  • Advanced strategies includes strategies for email, copy-writing, Facebook ads, podcasting, virtual assistant, LinkedIn periscope and snapchat.
  • Top Experts interviews – find out what other pros are doing
  • $300k in 9 days affiliate ace study – Find out how Stefan did it.
  • Automation and outsourcing guide – so you wont have to do it yourslef
  • Community – be surrounded by like-minded people as well as online millionaires.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Bonus

I actually like AMM by Stefan James so much that I’m going to offer a bonus I never offered before. Instead of teaching you how to get organic traffic with SEO, I’m going to actually rank your website for you.

This is a service I charge for up to $5,000 per month, depending on the niche and competition. However, knowing that if you go througth the course you will pick a good niche I’m guaranteeing a rannki.

To get it just use any link on this site Like This One to buy Affiliate Marketing Mastery and comment below.

Are You Ready For This?

With AMM and my bonus you’re be ready to grab a piece of the $4.5 billion affiliate pie. Together this opportunity will give you the competitive advantage over 99% of the marketers there.

I mean you getting a step by step direction and free unlimited traffic source. What else would you need?

Don’t waste this rare opportunity as once Steaf closes the doors my bonuses end as well. So buy Affiliate Marketing Mastery using the link below to finally make your dreams come true.

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Email Alchemy Elite 2.0 Review – Even a $1m Copywriter?

A picture might be worth a thousand words,  however a good email is worth thousands of dollars.  This is the big difference between Email Alchemy Elite 2.0 and any other email courses out there.

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Why Earn More With The Same List?

send emailEmail Alchemy, unlike other courses, focuses on crafting the perfect email/s for any campaigns, funnel or sequence down to the exact science. This means that the course is mainly aimed at people with email lists.

The good part is that your list doesn’t have to be big, or particularly responsive to even triple your income from it. However, if you don’t have a list at all I suggest checking out Build My List, an inexpensive and great list building course. Also check out my bonus to get all the traffic you ever wanted to build your list from scratch or increase your list starting today.

So how does Email Alchemy Elite do it?

email funnelLike I previously mentioned Email Alchemy allows you to craft messages to be more profitable from the first email, broadcast or newsletter you send. So even applying one of the strategies can spike your income. However, the true power of Daniel Levis’ course lies in the strategically created campaigns that include series of all of the above.

You probably heard of email sending series, maybe even used some of the yourself.

Does this sequence sound familiar?
  • 1st Email : Delivery of a free gift or introduction of a product or yourself
  • 2nd Email: More information about the product/pre-sale
  • 3rd Email: Selling
  • 4th Email: Last chance or other forms of scarcity

While the exact number of emails and some of the steps might differ, this how most email series look like in my experience. Which work well, but often lack any real substance. You have to flesh it out to get the true potential out.

After studying Email Alchemy Elite I started to think about email campaigns like stories.  Some small promotion would be like short story,  another one a novelette and one maybe fleshed out novels.  No matter the size, one thing that makes any story a great one is structure.

Just think about the last good book, or even a movie you saw. Chances are that it wasn’t just ideas thrown together to make a hot mess.  In fact, structure plays originated back in ancient Greece with Aristotle being one of the first ones to use 3 segment story telling.

One of the most famous playwright in history, William Shakespeare used the 5 Act structure below.

5 aCTU

So what am I trying to say?

That a correct email series should have both structure and a story. Think about it, almost anyone can follow a structure and write a 5 act play. However, not all of us can the be the next Shakespeare.

Luckily for us, writing an good email is a lot simpler than penning a play. To makes things even easier Daniel Levis includes 12 Done-for-You campaigns that I go over in details below.

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Overview of Email Alchemy Elite 2.0

Like I previously mentioned, the main course is composed of of 12 done 4 you emails series design for any funnel you need.

  • Recruitment Series – this is a twist on the popular strategy of generating leads with offers/bonuses that get subscribers to your list.
  • Infiltration Series – a great series to have new prospect warm up to you and start a relationship.
  • Anticipation Series – like the name states this has to do with a future event or an offer. A great way to get your list ready for a high ticket product.
  • Liaison Series – strengthen the relationship with your list and encourage learning/actions.
  • Enforcer Series -this one is great for webinars and other timed events that make sure the subscribers are aware of.
  • Ultimatum Series – one of my favorite ones because these create scarcity and urgency.  That combine with the reward system makes you both money and keeps the subscribers happy.
  • Social Influence Series – the proof is in the pudding? More like social proof. Great way to use social proof to make sales.
  • Resurrection Series – even a good list will have bad contacts. This is a great way to both revive your list and get rid of the dead weight as well.

You also get:

  • Case Studies – take a look at how perfect email series is crafted
  • Monthly Coaching Sessions – even more case studies and live Q&As
  • Email Alchemy Training – Learn how to me an Email LAchemist yourself.
  • Bonuses – List building manual, new training and elite secrets.

Note: If you choose the LIFETIME membership, you’ll also get 8 weeks of private consulting and critique from Daniel Levis, himself.

Final Thought: Is Email Alchemy For You?

If you have a email list and want to have a better open rate, click rate, conversion rate and just a better relationship with your list than definitely. If you don’t have a list than this is a perfect time to start building one.

email alchemy eliteHowever, you don’t have to take my word for it. One the most sought internet copywriter who charges $1 million for a single sales letter, Jon Benson admitted that Email Alchemy helped him quadruple sales with one email series.

You can even read his exact words to the right. If a guy that is making $1,000,000 per sales letter can get help from Daniel Levis and Email Alchemy think of what it can do for you?

That is why I’m recommending Email Alchemy 2.0 to anyone that wants be more profitable online starting today.

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Mobile Optin 2.0 Review – Did Anthony Morrison Crack the Code?

Find out in the review below why Mobile Optin might just be your best bet at building a email list with inexpensive mobile traffic.  I’m talking 3x the conversion at fraction of a price of solo ads.

Official Site: (you can buy using this link)

Can Mobile Save The List?

mobile optinIf you ever spend even an hour searching how to profit online you most have stumble upon the famous “money is in the list” line.  I mean everyone from your small mom and pop’s shop to the president of United States is collecting emails now. Why? Because having a direct contact with your visitors, leads, subscribers or customer is crucial to growing your business or just making tons of commissions.

However, as the numbers of businesses and individuals using email marketing grows the open rate and click rate goes down. So each year you need more and more subscribers to make the same amount of commissions. But can Mobile Optin  change this?

To be honest I was a bit skeptical when I heard about this new mobile list building system by Anthony Morrison. I thought that mobile traffic is the worse kind of building email lists. After all, most people using a mobile ever bother entering an email address or even worse enter an incorrect one. If you look at stats of building email list with mobile traffic you’ll know what I mean. The conversion at 3 time worse then desktop.

So what makes Mobile Optin 2.0 different?

Anthony Morrison and his team came up with something quite interesting to say the least. They managed to create a system that allows you to  gather email subscribers from mobile traffic with 2 simple clicks.

That means the potential lead doesn’t have to enter their name, email or any details. All they have to do is click to link on your mobile opt in page and confirm to send pre-created  email about singing up to your list. Best part? It will be the same email they use on their mobile phone. Which means it will be a real email (most likely their best) and a one they get notification about to their phone.

So all of this not only increases conversion rates 3 time or more but also makes your open rates up to 50%. To compare most of my open rates are around 5%. That’s the power of Mobile Optin. Full review and a case-study will be posted soon.

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Social Sonic Review – Done For You Online Business and Twitter Leads?

What if told you that Social Sonic can start you 20 online business in the next hour? You probably would think I’m crazy, well Daven Michaels made a tool that can. Check out review below and bonus to see for yourself.

Creator: Daven Michaels
Official Site:

social-sonic-webinar-nowFind out how you can build your own list to 10,000 or even 100,000 subscribers for free with the Webinar above.

Are Social Leads Crap?

Lately there has a been a lot of talk about how generating leads with social media is the best thing since the internet. You can see people posting outrages claims like that everyday. However, the truth is that only a small percentage of them are actually make money online.

Why is that? Because unfortunately most of social leads are crap. There is just no other way of saying that. If you take a group of millions of people that use any of the biggest social networks out there like Facebook and Twitter and  spam them with offers you will get leads.

5671542Basically it is like throwing shit against the way and seeing what sticks. And while you might get some gold nuggets out of it, unfortunately for the online world what sticks is still usually crap. That’s why most social media leads generated like this will never buy anything from you.

End result? You will spend money and time generating a list of leads that are not worth the Autoresponder fee, hate from people that spam and possibly a lifetime ban.

Is there a better way?

Introducing Social Sonic: Better Social Leads?

Like you can tell from my rant above I’m not a big fan of social leads, or maybe I’m just bad at generating them. But it is what it is, and I’m just being honest with you.

So with that said, I wasn’t really getting my hopes up for Social Sonic. However, considering it was a brain child of Daven Michaels, a successful music producer and marketer for 20+ year, I just needed to give it a go.

So let’s take a look

Inside Look Look at SocialSonic CRM

The first thing you noticed when you login into the cloud based CRM (customer relationship management) is how clean the interface is. There are no ads for different products, upsells and all those unnecessary clutter.

And as you can below you have the Twitter CRM, Keyword Research, and Category Research on the right and setting in the top right corner (I’ll explain why they are important in a second)

So let’s start with the Keyword Research


Now if you already have a online business, or at least a niche you would like to get started with this is the place to go first. Just put in a keyword or up 10 keyword to get nice chuck of potential leads or prospects.

Or you can use the category search if you’re not sure about good keywords in your niche keywords like so:


This will take you to the Twitter CRM and show you the users that are tweeting about your niche or keywords as you can see below.


You can also view their profiles if you choose like this:


Now this is pretty standard, I think there is even a monthly service out there that you can do this with. However, do you see those blue “Initiate Nurturing” boxes and tabs above the profiles?


This is where the Social Sonic sets part itself from any social CRM or software I have ever used. Once you press that blue button SocialSonic  takes your search target and nurtures it into the funnel without you having to do anything.  How freakin cool is that? And best part? It does it naturally so you will net get flagged or banned for spamming.

How about the 20 Online Businesses?

If you already have an online business, website, other social property you can send these leads directly to that. This works great because you can easily get thousands of targeted visitors to anything you’re already promoting for free.

However, if you don’t have an online business or even a promo you would like to do then Daven Michaels has you covered. Daven and his team actually created 20 done for you promos, complete with affiliate product, funnel and blog post in the 20 hottest niches on Clickbank. These include:

  • body building
  • nettling systems
  • dog training
  • entrepreneurship
  • health and wellness
  • hypnosis
  • internet marketing
  • laws of attraction
  • life-skills
  • marriage
  • meditation
  • men’s dating advice
  • personal development
  • personal fiance
  • relationship advice – women
  • relationship advice – men
  • sex
  • spirituality
  • survivalist

How to you get to them? Just click settings and “Products” (I told you setting were important)


As you can see here are the 20 niches I listed above and each one has a top selling product ready to promote.  Just choose a niche you want (or you can start all 20) and go back to initial nurturing to each qualify search target for that specific niche.

Each business comes with complete funnel, graphics, affiliate links and a blog post so you don’t have to buy or write any content.

Triple Traffic Social Sonic Bonus?

bonusSo how did you find this review? Chance are that you searched for Social Sonic related keyword online, right? Which is also a great way to generate targeted traffic but it takes a lot of time and effort.

However, while doing my testing I noticed that when my SocialSonic businesses were getting social love a lot of people started searching for it online.  Which gave me an idea to start ranking on search engines as well.

This took my business to the next level, as I was not only generating leads from Twitters, but it also generated buzz around my website/brand and made people for it online and generated me even more traffic. On top of that I also started ranking for keywords related to my niche and that gave me another surge of traffic.

So doing this specif SEO has tripped my traffic and now I’m offering it as bonus. What does that mean? It means that my team and I will rank 1 of your website/business (2 if you buy with 1 payment option) on Google and other search engines for free.  You won’t even have to lift a finger to get 3x traffic.

So are you ready For SocialSonic?

social-sonicNow that you know how it works, the potential amount of leads it can get for you, and my triple traffic bonus is there anything else stopping you?

Like I said before I was never a big social media fan, but Daven Michaels and the sheer amount of leads you can generate in a very short period of time speaks for itself. So this is truly to good to pass up as the price is going up to a monthly based subscription soon.

To buy Social Sonic and get my triple traffic bonus please click below now

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Forex Libra Code Review – FX System To End All Systems?

What if I told you that Forex Libra Code can help you trade like a pro hours from now? Check out the review below and sneak peak to find out how.

Creator: Vladimir Ribakov
Official Site:

forex libra codeThe Truth Behind Forex Libra Code

Now before I began, I want to make something clear. I’m in no way, form or shape a professional Forex trader, like some of the reviewers claim. In fact, I’m rather average and play the market only when I know I can win.

However, I am good at making money, especially online. That is why when I see an opportunity like FOREX Libra Code with,  with so many success stories and live proof, I need to give it a go. And I’m so glad I did.

Like I said before, I’m all about profits. And while FOREX can be very profitable, the idea of looking at charts whole day while tracking 100s of factors was never for me. That is why whenever I any trading it would be either with signals indicators or watching professional traders live and doing the same.

Problem is that even the best signal services are either slow, overcrowded or plain inaccurate at least 50% of the time these days. On the other hand watching pros trade is still profitable, it can cost up to $30,000 per month and definitely not for someone that just wants to trade occasionally.

All of this changed when I found Foreign Exchange Libra Code

Forex Libra Code Overview

The Vladimir Ribakov’s system consists of both digital and physical product that includes:

4 DVDs To Master Forex

  • In DVD #1 you’ll master the most powerful, easy-to-use trading indicators ever devised.
  • In DVD #2 you’ll master the key rules that let you unleash the full fury of this incredible system on your trades!
  • In DVD #3 you’ll see examples of each trade type, along with an in-depth analysis of each one.
  • In DVD #4 you’ll look over my shoulder and get your first glimpse of this powerful system in action: Making real cash using powerful strategies you won’t find anywhere else.

A 40 page trading manual to always keep Vladimir Ribakov’ reading knowledge at hand reach.

Last but not least you also get the Forex Libra Code dashboard with:

  • Compass Indicator (Market Direction) to know exactly when to buy and sell.
  • Divergence Indicator to understand the prices changes and react accordingly
  • Protection Range indicator to protect you from unnecessary losses. Which great for new traders that are unaware of unnatural movements that might indicate a good trade.
  • Signal Line Indicator quick refrence to either buy or sell when all other factors lineup
  • Setting Indicator – all the information you need to get a deeper understanding of Forex trading.

Is Forex Libra Code For You?

As you can see FLC is much more than just trading indicator. Unlike other one-size-fits-all trading software that only show up when to buy and sell, it actually calculates hundreds of factors and show you the summary in real time.

Meaning it is specifically targeting the trades you are after with consideration of your capital, risk tolerance ability and profitability.  It’s like having a profesional traders at your fingerprints.

Which works because I have more enjoyable thing to do than sit and stare at charts all day. How about you? Can you really afford to pass this up? I don’;t think so. that is why you need to click below to get Forex Libra Code today.

Click Here To Get Started

For the sneak speak check this account after just few days of trading.

reviewThat is over $949 profit per day. So what are you still waiting for?

WorkHorse Review – SEO Plugin That Changes Everything?

If traffic is a bloodline of any online business than WorkHorse plugin is the one that can pump the most of it. Find out how this SEO WordPress plugin can drive thousands of targeting traffic to your website.

Alex Becker: Why A WorkHorse?

workhorseWhen I first heard about the the new SEO WordPress plugin Alex Becker is developing my first thought was why did he name it workhorse. However, after seeing it in action it made perfect sense.

Unlike other fancy plugins that supposedly not only improve your SEO but also bring in new visitors are usually bulky and not really effective. Workhorse on the other hand is a sleek WP plugin that is simple to use but packs an enormous punch behind the hood, and like a work horse, does all of the job for you.

So the name does fit, but how good of a workholic is it really?

Inside Work Horse WordPress Plugin

So let’s take look inside. At first glance the plugin looks a bit similar to other plugins in the similar marketing space. However, once I played around with it a bit more I can see that it is miles away from anything else on the marketplace.

work horse

As you can see above it has the ability build thousands of unique pages almost instantly. While most plugins lack the unique aspect and create tons of duoplicate content which is hard, if not impossible, to rank.

The page generation can be based on town, city, country as well zip codes. On top of that each page is optimized for that location automatically.

Another cool feature is the ability to get content to these pages without paying hundreds of dollars or using any third party software.

And if you’re worried about the content not being perfect, it doesn’t matter because the visitors will not see it only google. So while google will use the the generated content to rank your website, people will see only the offer or the page you’re ranking out.

How To Make Money With WorkHorse?

The plugin was mostly designed to be use getting pay-per-call leads or renting out pages (not complete websites) for a fix priced per month.

For example if you rank for Rhinoplasty, you can easily get $100 to $1000 per month for every page ranking. After all, Rhinoplasty surgery costs about $10,000 so if surgeon only get one client per month it will be worth it 10 times or more.

So what are you waiting for? Grab WorkHorse below now.


BNB Formula Review

Sick of affiliate marketing, email marketing, SEO and eCommercE? How about cashing in on AirBNB with BNB Formula by Brian Page and Mike Liebner.

Wait An AirBNB Formula?

Yes, it seems the popular website where people list and look for logging is quite the goldmine. In fact, Brian Page made over $300,000 his first year on it alone. Now he has perfected the formula and releasing an comprehensives 8 week course along with a blueprint for you too do the same.

My Experience with BNB Formula

bnb formulaWhen I heard about AirBNB I thought it was an interesting way to make money. After all, the convenience of the website as it make renting a space to sleep of chill is simple.  Which is great if you’re traveling somewhere and don’t want to waste money or time on hotels. On top of that you get a much homey experience with AirBNB.  However, I didn’t know you can make a full time business out of it.

Brian Page and Mike Liebner is proving me wrong as I dig deeper into the world of alternative ways to earn online. For example did you know that you can start with just one property or none at all? That means this is not for some rich folks owning multiple houses or homes for rent. In, fact anyone can get started with this fast.

If you ever wanted to make a full time income online with just few hours of work per week, this might just be the way. Because online other forms it doesn’t have competition, unlike all other methods. On top of that the profit margins are huge. You can really earn upper class income with just 1 property. Not enough? Scale it to millions.
So check out the full review in few days and for now look at the BNB Formula videos now.

Million Dollar Business Secrets Review

So what is T. Harv Eker’s Million Dollar Business Secrets all about? Well, unlike most systems or courses that focus on a specific forms of profiting, MDBS teaches you how to succeed in any business.

Million Dollar Business Secrets

Create Wealth In Any Business?

What if I told you that the niche, style, or business you choose has no control of how successful you’ll be? You’ll probably think I’m  pulling your leg, and in a way you’re right.

However, what most people don’t realize, including me a few years ago, the actual business is not the most important part of being a successful businessman. Think about it. I can tell you that weight loss is a great market, but does that mean everyone will be successful in it?

The key, which I learned way too late, is the mentality, strategy and actual work that determines success. And while some businesses are easier to get into than others, all of them work.

So if you already have a business, or thinking about one don’t try to fit it into any of the cookie-cutter systems out there. Take a look at Million Dollars Business Secrets and have the strategy fit the business and not the other way around.

If you have no idea what you want to do online than that’;s fine too. I’ve been there and done that. The T, Har Eker staff will help you out and as bonus I’ll do the same.

Inside Million Dollar Business Secrets

So while my full review will be posted on April 11th, let me give you as glispe of what I’ve already learned from R. Gar Eker.  It is all about planning. You just don’t wake up one day and have a successful business, but you laos don’t have to slave for 10 year to get no where.

Work smarter and not harder. If that sound something that could interested stay tuned for the full review of Inside Million Dollar Business coming next week.

WP Site Guardian Review

How would you feel if your site ended up exposed and deleted while you got locked out of your hosting provider? That’s exactly what happened to me not once but 3 times before discovering WP Site Guardian and stopping the attacks. Check out the full review and information how you can 90% discount today only.

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Review of WP Site Guardian: Better Safe Than Sorry?

WP Site Guardian bozxIf you ever had your website hacked, deleted or exploited you know the kind of damage it can cause. I’m talking personal information, all the blog posts, sensitive data, and everything else on your site gone in a split second. However, that is not even the worse of it. What if I told you can lose all of your sites at once?

Now getting a site hacked, especially if you’re using cheap shared hosting, is pretty common. I personally lost plenty of network sites like that, but with a bit of work I was able to get them backup in few hours or so.

However, once of my authority blog site got hacked all hell broke loose. You see, plenty of premium hosting companies have safeguards in place that when you your site gets backed or they find a malicious file, like in some plugins, on your site they automatically lock your whole account and all of the sites with it. This is done so no other site on their network will be attacked. If you think losing one site is bad, think how it feels losing 50 of them.

I would never forget that email when it first happened. It stated that for security purposed my account has been locked along with all of my sites. I first had to conctact the hosting company to have my account unlocked and then was told I needed to remove all malicious files from my sites. Worse part? The list of files was 100+ long and that this was not a complete list.

There I was, with 50 sites offline, 10 which were generating on average $50 to $100 per day, and one was in the middle of a 4 figure promotion. I had no idea what to do next. They hosting Representative told me I could pay $500 or so to have them clean my sites but it would take over 48 hours. Which I didn’t have so I ended up doing all the work manually and it took me about 12 hours straight. I still ended up losing over $1,000 in profits from adventure.

All of this could have been avoided if I only had WP Site Guardian on my sites. That is why it doesn’t matter if you have 1 site or 50, making $10 a day or a $1,000, you need WP Site Guardian. Because these site will continue to grow and you might get hacked in the worse time possible.  So click below to grab it while you still can with the 90% discount.

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