Infinity Code Review – How To Make Amazon Sell Your Stuff?

Want to find out how you can leverage Amazon to do the selling for you? Let’s take a closer look at Infinity Code by Ryan Coisson and Daniel Audunsson in the review below and see how these guys do it.

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Creators: Ryan Coisson and Daniel Audunsson

Infinity Code is currently close please check out 7 Figure Cycle review for something similar.

Daniel Audunsson started with just $200, can you?

If you watched the last nights webinar, if not Click Here for the Encore, you heard how Daniel went from dropping out of college and having $200 to making $7,000 and more per day. All of this thanks to using his 5 step system to leverage the authority and trust of Amazon.

Daniel AudussonIn fact, Daniel went as far as sharing photos of his humble beginnings, a small house in rural part of Iceland and computer it all started with. Not pictures if a Ferrari, Yacht or dream like mansion that he can afford now.

Which really showed me that Daniel did not forget, like many online entrepreneurs, where he came from and how he started. Which is huge plus in my book as a person like that still remembers what it is to be just starting out and would do anything to help others.

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Why Infinity Code With Amazon, Why Now?

amazon infinity codeAs you can see above it took 20 years for Amazon to go from 0 to $100 billion, and only 3 years to go from $60 to a $100 billion.

In fact, Amazon is without a doubt the fastest growing eCommerce which accounted for 53% of the growth and 43% of all the US eCom sales in 2016 according to Business Insider.  That means over 4 out of 10 purchases online were made on Amazon.

There is just no competition, and like the saying goes “if you can beat them, join them.”

Grabbing a Piece of the $107 Billion Pie difference between doing eCommerce on Amazon vs any other platform is game changing. If you use platforms like Shopify, WordPress or custom variation, you’re just another eCommerce site with no real authority or trust.

On the other hand by selling on Amazon you get advantage of having your product seen by over 300 million users any given day. If done correctly, as Daniel shows in Infinity Code, you will not have to pay a cent for those users to land on you product page after the initial set up.

After all, Amazon is like a search engine and best selling products are the ones that get on top organically and not by buying ads. This means you will litterly be grabbing a piece of the $107 billion Amazon pie.

Let’s Take A Look At Infinity Code

infinity code reviewThe power of selling on is well knows, and there have been a dozens of courses or systems, some of them better then others, that focus on that exact idea. However, there is a key difference that sets Infinity Code from all of other ones.

What is it?

Levering Amazon to do the selling for you. You see, most courses out there that I’ve tried simply teach you how to use Amazon as a platform, like Shopify, to sell things.

Meaning they don’t really teach you how to take advantage of the biggest eCom search engine, and just tell you to buy Amazon or Facebook ads. Which means you would be neglecting 300 million customers, 80% of them buy at least once a month, by not positioning your product on top for free.

infinity code

So how does Infinity Code does this? In 5 Phases.

  • Phase 1: Market and Niche Selection – this is pretty straight phase where you will learn strategies that helped Daniel and Ryan find PROFITABLE products inside niches/markets they are PASSIONATE about.
  • Phase 2: DATA Mining – in this phase the Code starts to different from other courses as you dig deep into profitable products using real life data. This is will allow you to compare and contrast and create Product Research Report for the winners.
  • Phase 3: Product Validation – once you have a product most courses will tell you to just run with it. The problem with that approach is that once you do, and the product is not a success you lose money and faith in the course.
    Infinity Code does things differently and you will learn how to validate each potential product before diving into it headfirst. Which will allow you to be 100% sure if a product is a winner or not
  • Phase 4: Sourcing Date Research – having a winning product and making the money with it is two different things. This is where the sourcing date research comes into play. This includes the cost per unit, bulk purchase and everything else that is associated with sourcing products.
  • Phase 5: Product Projections – Once you have all of that data you can use a special formula designed by Daniel and Ryan to make a very accurate projection.
    A projection that will show you exactly how much you’re going to earn based on the research from all of the other phases. This is not estimate guess, but fact based projection.
The Choice Is Yours – Infinity Code or Nothing? is no denying that Amazon is huge force in eCommerce, and it will only continue growing. In fact, early income releases are showing they made over $130+ billion is sales last year. This is an 18% growth from $107 billion in 2015.

The question is are you going to do something about it? Most people will never get an opportunity like this because they don’t even know it exists.

Daniel and Ryan is giving you an opportunity to be ahead of 99% Amazon sellers and all you have to do it take it. Don’t waste it, click below to sign up for Infinity Code and make it happen.

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InstantAzon Review

Can you really build an Amazon affiliate site in just a minute with InstantAzon? Well, let’s find out in the review below

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The Possibilities of Instant Azon

instant azon box

Amazon Associates is without a doubt biggest affiliate program, over 2 million sellers, for physical products out there.  It has over 250 million produ

cts ready to promote and after you sign up creating affiliate links take seconds. That means no more signing up for each offer or being approved like with other programs or CPA offers.

With so many product there is very little to no competition yet the demand for psychical products is constantly growing.  After all everyone buys the stuff online anyway. So what’s the problem?

Well, despite making some good money on Amazon I never really got into it that much because I’m quite lazy. The whole i

dea of building niche related stores, I’ll say why these are the best in a minute,  was just too tedious and time consuming for my taste.

You have to build the site, write content/review and keep adding products one by one. I’ve tried a few system and software to automate them but most did a crappy job to be honest. Some would take as much time as doing it manually and others looked like a website from the

90’s. Not to mention the limitations of using the systems themes and specific plugins.

It was all too much for me and I decide to set aside Amazon until I found something that would work for me. Now it seems that the time has come with Instant Azon.

Building Niche Stores with Instant Azon


InstantAzon logo

Now I’m not going to say how InstantAzon is greatest Amazon system ever, or how it will make you a millionaire in a days. However, it does hat it was designed to, populate your site with Amazon ads, in fast and simple way.

This means every time someone clicks on any of the ads/products on your site and buys it from amazon you will get a commissions. This is a great way to earn money from amazon without having to write reviews or hard sell anything.

This brings me to the crucial point of niche based stores/sites.  Unlike stores that have a little bit of everything a niche based store offers only specific products in a niche or market.  This gives you instant:

  • Authority – if you have a whole store about something you know a thing or two about it
  • Trust – would you prefer to buy from a specialist or someone random?
  • Target Audience –  these people are ready to buy and not just browsing
  • Sales –  You give people what they want to buy anyway.

That is why I decided to only build niche related stores and not big eCommerce websites.  Don’t get me wrong eCommerce can be great, but it is time a full time business where a lot of money and time has to go in before you see results.

On the other hand InstantAzon let’s you create tiny sites that are to start generating sales and commissions instantly.  Grab your copy below and get my bonus on how to get unlimited traffic to your store.

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