Email Alchemy Elite 2.0 Review – Even a $1m Copywriter?

A picture might be worth a thousand words,  however a good email is worth thousands of dollars.  This is the big difference between Email Alchemy Elite 2.0 and any other email courses out there.

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Why Earn More With The Same List?

send emailEmail Alchemy, unlike other courses, focuses on crafting the perfect email/s for any campaigns, funnel or sequence down to the exact science. This means that the course is mainly aimed at people with email lists.

The good part is that your list doesn’t have to be big, or particularly responsive to even triple your income from it. However, if you don’t have a list at all I suggest checking out Build My List, an inexpensive and great list building course. Also check out my bonus to get all the traffic you ever wanted to build your list from scratch or increase your list starting today.

So how does Email Alchemy Elite do it?

email funnelLike I previously mentioned Email Alchemy allows you to craft messages to be more profitable from the first email, broadcast or newsletter you send. So even applying one of the strategies can spike your income. However, the true power of Daniel Levis’ course lies in the strategically created campaigns that include series of all of the above.

You probably heard of email sending series, maybe even used some of the yourself.

Does this sequence sound familiar?
  • 1st Email : Delivery of a free gift or introduction of a product or yourself
  • 2nd Email: More information about the product/pre-sale
  • 3rd Email: Selling
  • 4th Email: Last chance or other forms of scarcity

While the exact number of emails and some of the steps might differ, this how most email series look like in my experience. Which work well, but often lack any real substance. You have to flesh it out to get the true potential out.

After studying Email Alchemy Elite I started to think about email campaigns like stories.  Some small promotion would be like short story,  another one a novelette and one maybe fleshed out novels.  No matter the size, one thing that makes any story a great one is structure.

Just think about the last good book, or even a movie you saw. Chances are that it wasn’t just ideas thrown together to make a hot mess.  In fact, structure plays originated back in ancient Greece with Aristotle being one of the first ones to use 3 segment story telling.

One of the most famous playwright in history, William Shakespeare used the 5 Act structure below.

5 aCTU

So what am I trying to say?

That a correct email series should have both structure and a story. Think about it, almost anyone can follow a structure and write a 5 act play. However, not all of us can the be the next Shakespeare.

Luckily for us, writing an good email is a lot simpler than penning a play. To makes things even easier Daniel Levis includes 12 Done-for-You campaigns that I go over in details below.

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Overview of Email Alchemy Elite 2.0

Like I previously mentioned, the main course is composed of of 12 done 4 you emails series design for any funnel you need.

  • Recruitment Series – this is a twist on the popular strategy of generating leads with offers/bonuses that get subscribers to your list.
  • Infiltration Series – a great series to have new prospect warm up to you and start a relationship.
  • Anticipation Series – like the name states this has to do with a future event or an offer. A great way to get your list ready for a high ticket product.
  • Liaison Series – strengthen the relationship with your list and encourage learning/actions.
  • Enforcer Series -this one is great for webinars and other timed events that make sure the subscribers are aware of.
  • Ultimatum Series – one of my favorite ones because these create scarcity and urgency.  That combine with the reward system makes you both money and keeps the subscribers happy.
  • Social Influence Series – the proof is in the pudding? More like social proof. Great way to use social proof to make sales.
  • Resurrection Series – even a good list will have bad contacts. This is a great way to both revive your list and get rid of the dead weight as well.

You also get:

  • Case Studies – take a look at how perfect email series is crafted
  • Monthly Coaching Sessions – even more case studies and live Q&As
  • Email Alchemy Training – Learn how to me an Email LAchemist yourself.
  • Bonuses – List building manual, new training and elite secrets.

Note: If you choose the LIFETIME membership, you’ll also get 8 weeks of private consulting and critique from Daniel Levis, himself.

Final Thought: Is Email Alchemy For You?

If you have a email list and want to have a better open rate, click rate, conversion rate and just a better relationship with your list than definitely. If you don’t have a list than this is a perfect time to start building one.

email alchemy eliteHowever, you don’t have to take my word for it. One the most sought internet copywriter who charges $1 million for a single sales letter, Jon Benson admitted that Email Alchemy helped him quadruple sales with one email series.

You can even read his exact words to the right. If a guy that is making $1,000,000 per sales letter can get help from Daniel Levis and Email Alchemy think of what it can do for you?

That is why I’m recommending Email Alchemy 2.0 to anyone that wants be more profitable online starting today.

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Mobile Optin 2.0 Review – Did Anthony Morrison Crack the Code?

Find out in the review below why Mobile Optin might just be your best bet at building a email list with inexpensive mobile traffic.  I’m talking 3x the conversion at fraction of a price of solo ads.

Official Site: (you can buy using this link)

Can Mobile Save The List?

mobile optinIf you ever spend even an hour searching how to profit online you most have stumble upon the famous “money is in the list” line.  I mean everyone from your small mom and pop’s shop to the president of United States is collecting emails now. Why? Because having a direct contact with your visitors, leads, subscribers or customer is crucial to growing your business or just making tons of commissions.

However, as the numbers of businesses and individuals using email marketing grows the open rate and click rate goes down. So each year you need more and more subscribers to make the same amount of commissions. But can Mobile Optin  change this?

To be honest I was a bit skeptical when I heard about this new mobile list building system by Anthony Morrison. I thought that mobile traffic is the worse kind of building email lists. After all, most people using a mobile ever bother entering an email address or even worse enter an incorrect one. If you look at stats of building email list with mobile traffic you’ll know what I mean. The conversion at 3 time worse then desktop.

So what makes Mobile Optin 2.0 different?

Anthony Morrison and his team came up with something quite interesting to say the least. They managed to create a system that allows you to  gather email subscribers from mobile traffic with 2 simple clicks.

That means the potential lead doesn’t have to enter their name, email or any details. All they have to do is click to link on your mobile opt in page and confirm to send pre-created  email about singing up to your list. Best part? It will be the same email they use on their mobile phone. Which means it will be a real email (most likely their best) and a one they get notification about to their phone.

So all of this not only increases conversion rates 3 time or more but also makes your open rates up to 50%. To compare most of my open rates are around 5%. That’s the power of Mobile Optin. Full review and a case-study will be posted soon.

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List Academy Review and Bonus

An email list all by itself is pretty much useless.  It is the how you use it that makes the difference and List Academy by Anik Signal is all about that.

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Build Your List and Then What?

confused-face1So you just build your list, or maybe had one for a while, and now what? Most gurus would tell you you can send an email and make couple of hundreds or even thousands easily.  That was maybe true few years ago, not it is a whole different ballgame. You no longer can send how many email you want and promoting anything you want just to make a quick buck.

In fact, there is a lot of things to consider before you you start interacting with your list. You might have heard how you have to build a relationship with your list and just send an promotion every 3 or so emails. Some of that is true, but  the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper.

For example inside ListAcademy Anik singal dives in how even removing subscribers can help you increase your conversions, open rates and most importantly not landing in the spam folder.

It is no longer only about open and click-through rates. Now you have to worry about no duplicating messages (sending the same one as everyone else), not over promoting, unsubscribe rates and complaints.  Not only will these cause your messages to land in spam or be undelivered, but you will get kicked from the auto-responder as well.

Best Email Marketing Practices from List Academy

list academy logo2However, don’t worry email marketing is still one of the most profitable and best ways to either earn a full-time income or increase the one you already have.

It doesn’t even matter if you are brand new or been using email marketing for a while now. The list academy by Anik Singal, who has been the top email marketers for years, will easily triple your income.

Just applying few of his tricks I was able to increase my open rates by 20% and click rate by 15% all across my email broadcasts. I can’t wait to try out all the other methods.  Now you can earn from List Academy free training as well. Just click the link below

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101 Contact Review

Did you know that 101 Contact by Tom de Haan is the first sale page optimizer that tailors it to every one on your list. How cool is that? 101contact is the future of email marketing.

101 contact logoNot sure email marketing is for you? Check out this short but sweet article on the subject and find out for yourself now.

Valuable Details To obtain You Began In Email Advertising

If you are conscious of the factor that the individual determined to join your e-mail listing, include that factor in an e-mail to them.

Make use of an individual tone in all e-mail advertising. Clients will certainly have a much more good reaction to these kinds of notifications as opposed to all the ones that are boring as well as indifferent.

Advertising and marketing is a vital part to any sort of effective company, however not all do it efficiently. Among the very best as well as most intelligent methods you could market your company today is to make use of e-mail advertising and marketing. This post has some ideas as well as recommendations to assist you effectively make use of e-mail advertising.

A well-run e-mail advertising and marketing project could significantly enhance the effectiveness of your general advertising and marketing device. Straight calling your consumers is an exceptional method to construct the relationship you have to make the most of revenues. When you place these pointers to function in your very own advertising and marketing initiatives, acquire prepared for boosted feedbacks and also greater revenues.

Take a look at several of the spam you obtain to find out ways to prevent in your very own e-mail notifications. Obtain a complimentary e-mail address, placed it across the Web, as well as it will not be lengthy prior to your inbox is obstructed with spam.Learn from this spam to make e-mail projects correctly. Taking procedures to maintain you from spammers could increase the reliability of your brand name.

Acquire a complimentary e-mail address, placed it all over the Web, and also it will not be lengthy prior to your inbox is obstructed with spam.Learn from this spam to make e-mail projects correctly. The supreme objective of any type of e-mail advertising and marketing project is to develop your brand name and also create even more company. Your project for e-mail advertising project should confirm to be focus acquiring. A well-run e-mail advertising project could considerably enhance the efficiency of your total advertising equipment.

The supreme objective of any kind of e-mail advertising and marketing project is to develop your brand name and also create even more company. Do not take short-cuts, target the incorrect consumers, as well as keep away from any kind of strategies that might be thought about deceiving. The personality of your company goes to risk, also by e-mail.

Be specific that e-mail advertising and marketing efforts permit unsubscribing or pulling out. Much less costly compared to various other types of interaction, e-mail advertising and marketing mailings do set you back money.Not just that, yet you can also be obstructed by your carrier.

Bring in some individualized touch to your advertising and marketing e-mails. You could do far more compared to putting a recipient’s name right into a common notification. Make use of all the many things you understand about your visitors.

Your advocate e-mail advertising project need to show to be interest acquiring. This may take a little bit of experimentation. Also if a certain strategy does appear effective, do not forget to check brand-new strategies which could be discovered online or other place.

Having a easy-to-see web link where the individual could unsubscribe is a brilliant suggestion. Do not fall short to consist of one or hide it to ensure that it could not be located. You desire your viewers to really feel as though they are in power as well as not managing them.

You desire your e-mails appear as individual as you perhaps can. Just like various other sorts of advertising, folks are more probable to react if they really feel an individual link with you. If you are mindful of the factor that the individual chose to join your e-mail listing, bring in that factor in an e-mail to them.

Attempt mixing the layout to be a lot more individual. Attempt sending out a fundamental message e-mail as an alternative if your notifications in e-mail advertising are in HTML style.

It is an excellent concept to need folks that have an interest in obtaining e-mails to opt-in two times. This possibly feels like excessive, perhaps conserving your site from being closed down by your host over records that you’re sending unrequested e-mail.

Email Instruments Review

Did you know that the creator of Email Instruments, Ritoban Chakrabarti is one of Anik Singal’s top student? Find out how he went from not having any hope for the future to carving his own path to success with email marketing.

email instruments logoGet the latest updates in the article below.

Need Email Advertising Recommendations? You have actually Pertained to The Right Spot!

Take a look at some of the spam you obtain to learn how you can avoid in your very own email messages. Get a complimentary e-mail address, publish your brand-new email address in different places on the Internet, and see how much spam you receive. Gain from this spam to develop e-mail campaigns accordingly. Taking measures to attract attention from spammers can boost the credibility of your brand name’s reliability.

Stay clear of bombarding your receivers with words “Acquire now!” strategy. They recognize you want to market your items, you intend to have a good relationship with them and be taken into consideration a professional. Your customers will most definitely value this and also be a lot more suitable to purchase from you as a result of it.

The single purpose of constructing an email marketing’s utmost objective is marketing your products or services. Every e-mail you send need to lure the readers to intend to buy something from you.

Do not ever send more compared to once weekly. The majority of your consumer base possibly necessarilies have the tendency to several other e-mail messages each day and also don’t have time to review them all. Sending emails a week could ultimately result in individuals removing exactly what you send out without also taking an appropriate appearance and dismissing your clients will certainly quit reading.

Don’t send e-mails to customers without their approval. Some clients might also be annoyed to the point of choosing not to take care of you completely by bringing their business elsewhere.

Utilize a variety of different sources to learn every little thing that you figure out as long as feasible about e-mail advertising and marketing. You could discover a lot of valuable books online as well as in libraries. You need to additionally check out signing up with a course or a workshop about internet marketing in your location for appropriate neighborhood info.

This approach of e-mail marketing offers your customers a motivation to get involved and also they can likewise have the opportunity to refer buddies. If you desire to raise your client base, referral programs can be helpful.

Let the customer control how usually they want to get notifications from your business, just how frequently they want to get them, and also how much information they wish to reveal.

Make use of a number of various resources to find out every little thing that you locate out as much as feasible about email advertising and marketing. Obtain a complimentary e-mail address, upload your brand-new email address in various locations on the Internet, and also view how much spam you obtain. Some typically aren’t extremely sure just how the emails must be created when sending them out to the individuals on the email list.

While e-mail advertising is effective, there could be troubles you discover. Several companies have troubles constructing a client base. Some aren’t extremely certain how the e-mails need to be designed when sending them bent on the people on the e-mail listing. The recommendations that was given up this short article will certainly offer you some outstanding tips that can help you handle these kinds of issues. Utilizing this write-up is a great way to boost your advertising and marketing.

It is smart to include an opt-in button for individuals to join you. While it could seem like excessive, it hardens their interest in your emails, and will certainly avoid any type of issues with spam issues and problems.

Email advertising and marketing has actually been confirmed to be extremely effective means to disperse your products and promotions yet should be utilized correctly.You might ask yourself exactly how to acquire email addresses to use to start your project. Use the ideas to ensure that your e-mail advertising and marketing campaign is efficient.

Email advertising has been shown to be incredibly great means to disperse your products and promotions yet should be made use of correctly.You could ask on your own how to get email addresses to use to start your campaign. Use the pointers to guarantee that your email marketing project is great.