Million Dollar Business Secrets Review

So what is T. Harv Eker’s Million Dollar Business Secrets all about? Well, unlike most systems or courses that focus on a specific forms of profiting, MDBS teaches you how to succeed in any business.

Million Dollar Business Secrets

Create Wealth In Any Business?

What if I told you that the niche, style, or business you choose has no control of how successful you’ll be? You’ll probably think I’m  pulling your leg, and in a way you’re right.

However, what most people don’t realize, including me a few years ago, the actual business is not the most important part of being a successful businessman. Think about it. I can tell you that weight loss is a great market, but does that mean everyone will be successful in it?

The key, which I learned way too late, is the mentality, strategy and actual work that determines success. And while some businesses are easier to get into than others, all of them work.

So if you already have a business, or thinking about one don’t try to fit it into any of the cookie-cutter systems out there. Take a look at Million Dollars Business Secrets and have the strategy fit the business and not the other way around.

If you have no idea what you want to do online than that’;s fine too. I’ve been there and done that. The T, Har Eker staff will help you out and as bonus I’ll do the same.

Inside Million Dollar Business Secrets

So while my full review will be posted on April 11th, let me give you as glispe of what I’ve already learned from R. Gar Eker.  It is all about planning. You just don’t wake up one day and have a successful business, but you laos don’t have to slave for 10 year to get no where.

Work smarter and not harder. If that sound something that could interested stay tuned for the full review of Inside Million Dollar Business coming next week.

ConnectLeads Review – Connecting Lead Ads

Do you remember the time when Facebook ads were great? Well, Wilco de Kreij found a way to make them great again with ConnectLeads. Take a look at my review to find out.

Official Site:

Paid Traffic Sucks?

If you ever read my blog you know that I’m not a big fan of paid traffic, especially Facebook.  That doesn’t mean the ad platform sucks, in fact FB has the best targeting out of everyone, but paying $1+ for clicks and $5 for leads is just not my things anymore.  The days of cheap leads, crazy targeting hacks and exploits are over. Now we are left with gurus peddling the same crap over and over again.

That is why when I first heard of Lead Ads on Facebook I wasn’t too existed.  The idea seemed like a good one, being able to gather emails easier, but it was more FB business oriented and not marketing. The lack of flexibility and connectivity made it not worth it for me. I mean if I’m unable to use a autoresponder for the list I build, what’s the point?

However, then Wilco de Kreij comes along and creates ConnectLeads. A nifty way to solve the lack of connectivity of lead ads with autorepsonders.  Now by that I don’t mean one of those crazy redirects or iframe solution where the user still has to enter they email address on an outside page.  No, with Connect Leads you actually able to interrogate with Leads Ads with yuor favorite auto-ponderer and have the leads send to it directly.


Which is huge if you’re doing any Facebook marketing  (both FREE and paid).  Let me put this into perspective. Why connectleads with lead ads is such a killer combo?

  • People will be able to subscribe you with one click without ever leaving Facebook
  • That means users don’t need to type anything in (great for mobile advertising)
  • Cheaper leads by utilizing mobile (over 0.5 billion people use FB only on mobile)
  • The email and name used to subscribe will be their FB one (verified by Facebook)
  • No need to take user out of FB or to a third party website
  • This means instant authority and trust

If that wasn’t enough, with Connect Leads you’ll be able to get leads for a little as $0.11 each. Sound too good to be true?  Grab your copy below and I’ll send it to you as a bonus.

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iPro Academy Review

Does iPro Academy solve the constant lack of quality traffic on demand? A one that can be acquired in hours, or even minutes and not weeks or months? Find out as I take you through my journey of Fred Lam’s flagship product.

iPRo Academy is Closing TODAY, March 18th!

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Why You Need More Than Just One Pillar

5-pillarsCan you image your house, or apartment building on a single pillar? Your entire home, with everything in it resting on a one beam?

That would not make a safe or stable home, and a one I would not want to live in. However, even if we take out the obvious health hazards, something about having the entire thing you build supported by a singularity is unsettling to say the least.

After all, one source of traffic doesn’t have to eliminate the other. In matter of fact, some of them actually complement each. For example having Facebook likes and share only increase your traffic from FB but increases your brand awareness. In addition to that you can actually stack sources on top of each other. This will make you business not only more profitable, if you know what you’re doing, but indestructible. If for some reason you don’t like a source or it is not working for you, simply remove it or exchange it.

However,  iPro Academy is not just another advertising course. In fact, the training teaches a complete business model that has not only been proven to work by Fred Lam and his mutiple 8 figure business, but by hundreds of others.

The simple truth is this, very online business, no matter how big or small, need traffic to survive. The main difference why 97% of all internet business that fail and Fred Lam’s as well as his students succeed is  that you can have more than one lifeline for a business.

Inside the iPro Academy and My Bonus

ipro academy logoThe iPro Academy system shows you a path that 3% of online business owners take to make it.  In result it becomes much more than just a great way to get cheap traffic from some of the tier 1 platforms like Google, Facebook and Bong.

That is why the complete training found in the course includes:

7 Modules of Video Training

These include everything from creating a foundation of your business to mastering traffic generation in 30 days.

On top of that assignment based training will make sure you are constantly making progress without feeling lost of overwhelmed.  Thanks to it you will have a business before you even realize it.


Live Training and Open Office Hours

One of the best ways to learn is live. Inside the iPro Academy you will get weekly training with Fred Lam as well as other experts live on call.  So you can get feedback and ask any questions you like.

If you need even more there will be open office hours that will consists of live Q&A sessions.

Case Studies and Masterminding

Learning from live example is one of the best ways you can learn. Inside these you will be able to watch Fred Lam build a whole $50,000 campaign live.

On top of that you will be able to network and mastermind with other like minded people. This is where great ideas come to together.

So you’re not only getting a lifetime access to the exact step by step system to create a profitable business online with unlimited amount of traffic, but the iPro Academy Community as well.  Between the coaching, masterminding and the Facebook group there is an answer for every question or problem you will have.

That is why recommend iPro Academy to anyone that ever wanted to create a profitable online business.

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So how about my insane bonus?

How about another source of traffic that is not inside the course ? If you end up getting iPro Acadey and use one of my links to do so I’ll personally create an SEO campaign to your business worth at least $3,000.

This way you will have another traffic source or pillar to assure your business is a success. Best part is? I’ll cover all the costs of creating such SEO campaign.  So grab iPro Academy now.