WorkHorse Review – SEO Plugin That Changes Everything?

If traffic is a bloodline of any online business than WorkHorse plugin is the one that can pump the most of it. Find out how this SEO WordPress plugin can drive thousands of targeting traffic to your website.

Alex Becker: Why A WorkHorse?

workhorseWhen I first heard about the the new SEO WordPress plugin Alex Becker is developing my first thought was why did he name it workhorse. However, after seeing it in action it made perfect sense.

Unlike other fancy plugins that supposedly not only improve your SEO but also bring in new visitors are usually bulky and not really effective. Workhorse on the other hand is a sleek WP plugin that is simple to use but packs an enormous punch behind the hood, and like a work horse, does all of the job for you.

So the name does fit, but how good of a workholic is it really?

Inside Work Horse WordPress Plugin

So let’s take look inside. At first glance the plugin looks a bit similar to other plugins in the similar marketing space. However, once I played around with it a bit more I can see that it is miles away from anything else on the marketplace.

work horse

As you can see above it has the ability build thousands of unique pages almost instantly. While most plugins lack the unique aspect and create tons of duoplicate content which is hard, if not impossible, to rank.

The page generation can be based on town, city, country as well zip codes. On top of that each page is optimized for that location automatically.

Another cool feature is the ability to get content to these pages without paying hundreds of dollars or using any third party software.

And if you’re worried about the content not being perfect, it doesn’t matter because the visitors will not see it only google. So while google will use the the generated content to rank your website, people will see only the offer or the page you’re ranking out.

How To Make Money With WorkHorse?

The plugin was mostly designed to be use getting pay-per-call leads or renting out pages (not complete websites) for a fix priced per month.

For example if you rank for Rhinoplasty, you can easily get $100 to $1000 per month for every page ranking. After all, Rhinoplasty surgery costs about $10,000 so if surgeon only get one client per month it will be worth it 10 times or more.

So what are you waiting for? Grab WorkHorse below now.


Page One Engine Review and Bonus

Find out how Dori Friend put 15 years of SEO experience into Page One Engine. The easy to follow yet powerful search engine optimization course that will allow you do get unlimited amount of targeted traffic at will.

What if I told you there is a way to get laser targeted traffic, we’re talking $20 per click advertising type kind of traffic for free? Welcome to organic traffic with SEO.

Creator: Dori Friend
Official Site:

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Is Organic Traffic Really Better and Free?

page one engineWhile I have nothing against paid traffic, in fact I sometimes use it myself to test stuff, it almost always lower quality than free organic traffic. Just think about this: if you’re searching for something do you want the best results or the advertised results?

Most people don’t even bother to look at ads because we are so used to them, or worse have ad-blockers installed. That is why organic traffic will always be better.

Now, is it really free? Most gurus and paid advertising advocates will argue that there is no such thing as free traffic. That in fact organic traffic takes time and money to acquire.  This is in fact true in some ways. It does take time and/or money to start getting organic traffic but once you are ranked it is 100% free.

These guys fail to mention that and skip over the fact that paid traffic doesn’t automatically create sales or is profitable at the start as well. If you ever tried paid traffic you know that it also takes time to research, set up everything and worse of all track/split test.You don’t simply buy an add and make it profitable without any previous work.

I see it this way. If you are building a website you either pay someone to do it or do it yourself.  You exchange time for money or money for time.  SEO and paid adverting is the same way.

The only major difference between them is that will paid traffic you will always be paying for every visit, lead or sale you get.  With SEO the traffic comes to you for free.

How To Do it: Review of Page One Engine

There are a lot of good and bad SEO courses or system out there right now. However, not many come close to Page One Engine by Dori Friend quality.

Inside you will find the top notch strategies that are working right now.  How Dori Friend was able to not only build an 7 figure SEO business but help others do the same.

On top of that Anik Singal is involved with the project and this guys is all about quality.

My Page One Engine Bonus

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