ConnectLeads Review – Connecting Lead Ads

Do you remember the time when Facebook ads were great? Well, Wilco de Kreij found a way to make them great again with ConnectLeads. Take a look at my review to find out.

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Paid Traffic Sucks?

If you ever read my blog you know that I’m not a big fan of paid traffic, especially Facebook.  That doesn’t mean the ad platform sucks, in fact FB has the best targeting out of everyone, but paying $1+ for clicks and $5 for leads is just not my things anymore.  The days of cheap leads, crazy targeting hacks and exploits are over. Now we are left with gurus peddling the same crap over and over again.

That is why when I first heard of Lead Ads on Facebook I wasn’t too existed.  The idea seemed like a good one, being able to gather emails easier, but it was more FB business oriented and not marketing. The lack of flexibility and connectivity made it not worth it for me. I mean if I’m unable to use a autoresponder for the list I build, what’s the point?

However, then Wilco de Kreij comes along and creates ConnectLeads. A nifty way to solve the lack of connectivity of lead ads with autorepsonders.  Now by that I don’t mean one of those crazy redirects or iframe solution where the user still has to enter they email address on an outside page.  No, with Connect Leads you actually able to interrogate with Leads Ads with yuor favorite auto-ponderer and have the leads send to it directly.


Which is huge if you’re doing any Facebook marketing  (both FREE and paid).  Let me put this into perspective. Why connectleads with lead ads is such a killer combo?

  • People will be able to subscribe you with one click without ever leaving Facebook
  • That means users don’t need to type anything in (great for mobile advertising)
  • Cheaper leads by utilizing mobile (over 0.5 billion people use FB only on mobile)
  • The email and name used to subscribe will be their FB one (verified by Facebook)
  • No need to take user out of FB or to a third party website
  • This means instant authority and trust

If that wasn’t enough, with Connect Leads you’ll be able to get leads for a little as $0.11 each. Sound too good to be true?  Grab your copy below and I’ll send it to you as a bonus.

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eCom Edge Review

Every wanted to become Amazon super seller without having to buy $1,000+ eCom course? Then eCom Edge by Ryan Martin and Joshua Zamora is something that you should definitely check out.

ecom-edge-logoInside eCom Edge

The offers a step by step system that allowed Ryan Martin, a Amazon selling machine, generate over $350k in cold cash. Now if you ever wanted to take advantage of such a powerful platform like Amazon FBA without spending an arm and a leg this is definitely worth checking out.

Why Amazon FBA?

The beauty of Amazon FBA program, which simply mean fulfillment by Amazon, is the ease of use. Unlike drop shipping, which I’ve talk about in a second, all you really have to do is send it to the warehouse. After that Amazon takes care of everytning, including handling, shipping and returns.

However, there is one more big plus about the FBA program that no one seems to be talking about. You see, starting your own eCommerce or even using drop-shipping to sell on Amazon you’re missing on one of the most important factors in all eCommerce. That is trust and/or authority.

Just think about when you’re trying to buy something online. What is one of the first places you look? I bet it is Amazon, or one of the other big eCommerce stores. No one really likes to buy stuff on stores that have no brand or recognition.

Now if you’re using drop shipping on Amazon it is a bit better but the lack of fulfillment by Amazon means there is no free shipping for order $25 plus or prime members and those stores also look a bit iffy. On top of the all problems with drop shipping like lost packages, wrong items/items not in stock and so on.

In fact, I helped a friend of mine run his 1000+ plus drop shipping store for a while and said never again. It is just a pain in the butt, and considering and there is always someone who has it cheaper on Amazon.

That is why Amazon FBA with eCom Edge is the best option for eCommerce right now.

Overview of eComEdge

The course is broken down into 4 modules.

Module 1: Niches & Products – As the name states this is all about selecting a niche and products within it that will sell like hot cakes.

Module 2: Suppliers – One of the most intimidating part of having an Amazon store is dealing with suppliers, but this module makes it straight forward. You don’t have to be a sales man to get great deals with the suppliers.

Module 3: Setting up your listing – Knowing how to present your product is often the key that will make what you’re selling stand out. This is where internet marking comes into play

Module 4: Ranking your product – With a good copy on your listing it will be time to clime the Amazon search ranks. Ryan goes into great detail how to do that in a simple and legit matter.

How about OTO?There are 2 fairly interesting ones.

In the first one you get list of products that are likely to do well on Amazon. AMZ kit software that tracks your or any other selling on Amazon  and helps with ranking. Last but not least is the Interviews with popular and successful sellers.

The second is a Done-For-You kinda of upgrade. It includes product selection, where the team behind eCom Edge will choose a product for you based on your preference and 50 reviews.

Final Word

I’m personally enjoying eCom Edge and see how I can turn this to another $100k or so per year income stream. One of the things that really appeal to me about the Amazon FBA program is how hand free it is. Unlike other forms of eCommerce, this is similar to affiliate marketing which I’m already doing full time.

So again, if you want to make good commissions with ecommerce but don’t want to spend tons of money and time on managing it all, eCom Edge is just a thing you need. Grab it below now.

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Easy Video Payday 2.0 Review

Wait a minute, there a a YouTube video course that costs less then $20? Check out review of  Easy Video Payday 2.0 to see how sometimes big things come in little packages.

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Easy Way To Earn With YouTube Videos

Now you probably have heard how easy it is to earn with YouTube. All you have to do is slap it on YT and watch the gravy train steamroll the commissions into your account. However, that never seems to be the case in real life.

The problem is that most YouTube training courses spend way too much time focusing  on hundred different things that don’t even matter or simply don’t work. Then again the creator do have to stuff their products so they can charge a hefty price for it.  Easy Video Payday 2.0 doesn’t seem to follow this path, instead it gives you only what you need.

Inside Easy Video Payday 2.0

easy video pay 2.0

As you can see above this is not one of those courses with 10 modules and 20 sub-modules.  Which is an actually an advantage for a YT course as you don’t need an information overload like with other types of SEO.  The main coutse is broken down into 3 modules:

  • Find a Product – keyword and over the shoulder training on how to find profitable keyword without crazy competition. There are some private affiliate network information with good product as well.
  • Make Your Video – Paul seems to have innovative ways to make videos that boost both authority and conversions. One way that impressed me is how he leverage other reviews for his videos.
  • Rank Your Video – EVP 2.0 offers some nice ways to start ranking your videos cheaply, but this seems to be the weakest part of the course.  The upgraded list does help, but check out my bonus for more.

Upgrade/Upsale – There is an secret list upgrade for this course where Paul adds additional video training and the top ranking gigs he uses. This in my opinion is defintily worth it if you don’t want to spend money and time on testing different methods.

Easy Video Payday 2.0 Bonus and Final Word

All in all it EVP 2.0 by Paul Venables is small but powerful and simple to follow course to make quick money with YouTube.  The only downside is rather small ranking module (without the upgrade).

However, I decided to add some of my ranking strategies that ciombines with Paul’s will definitely rank your videos for low and even medium competition keywords.  Just great Easy Video Payday 2.0 below and leave me a comment once you do to get my strategy.

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Elliott Wave DNA Review

Find out how Elliott Wave DNA changed everything I thought I knew about FOREX trading inside by review below.

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Who Is This Review For?

I’ll be honest, I’m no FOREX expert or even a full time trader. I did dabble a bit with it a for 2 months or so before venturing into Internet marketing but that’s about it.  So if you’re a professional trader or FOREX enthusiast than this reveiw isn’t for you.

In fact, if you’re into FOREX you probably already know about Elliott Wave Principle and the FX genius Nicola Delic. If so I suggest click the link above and grab it fast before the price goes up. For everyone else continue reading how trading with Elliott Wave DNA can become your full time source of income or at least supplement it.

Elliott Wave Principle

elliott wave dnaThe principal that Elliot Wave DNA system is based on is one of the oldest and most widely used in trading. In fact, every since its discovery by Ralph Nelson Elliott, professional account,  in the 1930s it has been a standard for most high profit traders.   The reason for that is that the principal analyzes financial market cycles and forecast market trends by identifying extremes in investor psychology, highs and lows in prices, and other collective factors

The only problem with this principal is that it takes time time and dedication to learn and use with great precision. Something that a beginner trader, or even a seasoned one, might ability to do. So Nicola Delic decided to simply everything with the Elliott Wave DNA Forex system?

What’s Inside

As you can see above you will get everything you need to start trading and being profitable with FOREX. The video course includes 6 DVDs that cover everything from basic terminology of FX like pip, margins, candlestick and so on to real-time trading examples and sessions with people that learned form Nicola Delic before.

Best part? You can start making money before even learning the complete system by checking out best potential moves in the Watch List.

Back To Forex?

Like previously states I did dabble in foreign exchange market but never made any significant money with it. The whole thing this just seemed too random and confusing.   Or maybe that was just my impression because I was constantly loosing.

Which ever it might be, I thought I’ll never get back to it. However, hearing about Elliott Wave DNA and Elliott Wave Principle in general I was intrigued.  The idea of having an investor psychology as decisive factor in making trading decisions was very interesting.

So how well does it work? Let’s just say that from now I’m back to Forex part time and increasing my total income by a big chunk. In my opinion the Elliott Wave DNA system is one of the most profitable forex training out there for both beginners and  advanced users. Basically, if you want to start trading FX like the big boys you need this in your arsenal.

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Niche Profit Full Control Review

Find out how Niche Profit Full Control by Adam Short puts you back in control of your online destiny. The review below exposes riches in niches.

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The Uncertainty In Internet Marketing

niche full profit controlDespite of what most gurus say when selling you something, not everything has guarantees in the online world. A single change in on add platform can cut off an income for thousands of affiliates, like it happened with AdWords back in 2006. Or a simple algorithm change can make or break a multi-million  dollar site overnight.

However, despite all of this one thing remains the same, there are riches in the niches. After reading all of the success stories and doing my own research it is clear that most internet success stories are from not from massive blogs or eCom stores, but simple niches.

But what is a niche exactly? Simply saying it is a sub-category of a market that targets a specific group of people. For example a niche in a weight loss market can be losing weight after pregnancy.  By narrowing your target audience you can be more specific, have higher conversion and most importantly make more money by spending less.

Power Of Niche Profit Full Control

So now that we established that niche marketing is great, how does one go around of doing it? A quick search online reveals many sources and articles that deal with online niches, but if you look at the dates most of them outdated and can actually harm your business.

One of the people that has been on top of niche marketing for the past 10 years is ADam Short, the creator of Niche Profit Full Control. Aside from doing niche business himself, Adam also has showed hundred of students to do the same using his niche profit classrooms.  So what are you waiting for?

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Scale Social Review

Finally a way to get real shares, likes and views? Find out if Scale Social is all it’s cracked up to be.  All the info you need in the  review below.

Social Signals: Yay or Nay?

Love ’em or hate ’em, social signals are here to stay and there is little we can do about it. Let’s face it, if you wanted social signals you eitehr had to

  • buy them and see them disappear the next day (fake)
  • beg all your Facebook, Twitter and G+ plus friends for it
  • install a bunch of plugins that would force them to share (doesn’t work on videos)

Now you can argue that great content get’s shared naturally. But tell me the last time internet marketing piece of content that went viral? No, going viral is only reserved for news, funny videos and someone getting owned…

So while I’m not a fan of social signals, I am a big fan of the ranking boost it supplies, especially to YouTube videos. So it is definitively a yay for me.

scalesocial-product-coversYouTube and Social Scale

Scale Social works great on blog posts, and other web properties but it really shines on YouTube video. Why is that? Because YouTube has high authority, trust and is owned by Google.  So the big G trust the videos (unlike new blogs) enough to rank them with just social proof.

That is how it is possible to rank brand new videos with just scale social signals in hours. Howe awesome is that?

Ok, but how does it work?

Social Scale, unlike buying social signals or begging for them, works by exchanging signals.  So your content, videos or that joke that was supposed to be funny  get’s shared by real people in real time.  No fakes or empty accounts.

That is why you should grab Social Scale below and get started right away.


eCom Empire Review

Thinking of making some extra cash? Find out how eCom Empire is changing the eCommerce game.

Click here for the official site of eCom Empire and massive discount.

The eCommerce Game Changer

eCommerce is by now mean a new concept and has been been around in one or another form since the beginning of the internet. However, to get into the ecom game you had to have:

  1. An established brand
  2. Big (really big) budget.
  3. A 24/7 team working on it

So unless you had at least 1 (more like all 3) of the above, you would mostly likely end up like most of the dot-com-bubble startups. That is out of business within a year.

With that said, there is a silver lining to all of this. In recent years the eCom game has been shifting to be more friend to the little guy. There now services and even themes that help you create and manage an eCommerice business without a massive team and establish brand.

However, most of the still need a big (not as big as before) upfront investment to get started with. That’s not something most people are interested in. But what if there was an easier way?

Introducing eCom Empire

ecom empireThe eCom Empire is, as far as I know, the first and only complete eCom System that helps you create an Shopify store and earn as much as $30,000 your first month with minimal investment.

We’re talking a 6 module course, complete with over the shoulder style training, taking you step by step to create a store from nothing to full time income online.

The best part is that there is no coding needed. In fact, unlike the old days you don’t even need to have any prior skills or experience to benefit from this. The eCom Empire blueprint is design in a way so all you have to do is copy and paste.

So check out eCom Empire for yourself and click below the get discount right now.

Recode DNA For Wealth Review

Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Well, check out my review of ReCode DNA For Wealth and find out how you can.

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Recoding Your DNA Made Easy

recoding your dna

I don’t always review courses like RECODE DNA, but this one sparked my interested. After all, having the ability to recode your DNA for wealth does sound awesome!

But what does that mean?

To recode your DNA means getting rid of limitations that plague you and prevent you from unlocking your true potential.Or, simply put,living your life to the fullest.

Sounds great, but is there a catch?

The catch is that most of us don’t think it’s possible for us. We dwell on the fact that our life’s success is somehow predetermined and there is nothing we can do about it. That simply isn’t true. While some might have it easier than others, we’re all responsible for our own success. That is why it’s not your fault if you’re still not living life to the fullest, but it is your responsibility to try your damned hardest to so.

The good news is that Dawn Clark’s research, which is backed up by scientific proof, led to the creation of the Recode DNA for Wealth system, which allows you to take the shortcut to success. You no longer have to go through the slow and often painful process of unlocking your potential through years of trial and error.

Dawn Clark’s work was able to help thousands, including famous and successful peoplelike Beth Beloff, Bobby Muller, Nathalie Lussier and Anik Singal, to name a few. However, the most inspiring story comes from Dawn herself. As a single mother of 3 and without any means of income she was able to transform her life, which became the basis for Recode DNA for Wealth.

Just imagine what life without wealth limitations could mean to you. No more worrying about savings, financial debts, rent, mortgage, job or money in general. That is the true financial freedom we all crave.

My Own Experience With RECodeDNAForWealth

At first I thought this would just be another course about generating an income online. A simple blueprint to follow, maybe a few video training sessions and that’s it. However, Recode DNA for Wealth is much more than just a step-by-step action plan. It is a complete 6-module system that letsyou transform your life into whatever you want.

Listen, I’ve reviewed a lot of great courses and studied under people making millions, but I’ve never seen anything like this. This is the secret sauce that separates the people making $100 per month online from those making $100,000 per month.

I can show youhow to make money online, and inmy bonus I will, but I can’t help you unlock your true potential. For that you need to get Recode DNA for Wealth.


Click Here to grab it now and as a bonus I’ll work with you

Breakdowns of ReCode DNA Wealth

recode dna go

The main course is broken down into 6 detailed modules. Each of the modules have 9 to 13 sub-modules each. The main modules are:

  1.  Unlocking Your Untapped Wealth Potential and Activating  Your Brain-Field Connection
  2. Decoding Junk DNA Imprints related to Opportunity, Pioneering and Entrepreneurialism.
  3. Overcoming Imprint of Scarcity and Loss & The Power of Core Fractals
  4. Mapping The Impact of Origin and Hotpots From Critical Life Events.
  5. Deciphering Imprints from Culture, Media and Dogma
  6. Getting Your Personalized Tools, Quantum Monogamy and Power Apps

Don’t worry if these don’t make much sense now. Everything will start making perfect sense once you get on with the course. In fact, one of the highlights of the training is how customizable it is to your own personal needs. There is ‘no one size fits all’ when it comes to personal development. You’re even able to “choose your own adventure” as you go through the course.

If that wasn’t enough Dawn Clark is giving away free bonuses if you get it today. These include:

  1. recode dna wealthLive Group Coaching with Dawn Clark
  2. Wealth Encoding While You Sleep
  3. Choose Your Own Adventure
  4. Target Recoding for Success
  5. Upgrade Anything Now Framework
  6. Wormholing
  7. Transformational Linguistic

The Verdict and My Recode DNA For Wealth Bonus

The great thing about this course is that it’s much more thanjust a system to get financially wealthy. In fact, you can use it to get wealth in all aspects of your life, including family, friends, job (if you like yours), hobby and passions.It’s an all-around life improvement system.

However, if your main aim is financial wealth, I’ve got a special bonus for you. As a Recode DNA for Wealth bonus I’ll work with you personally to help you get online wealth. Think of it as freepersonal coaching or mentorship. My only requirement is that you get it using the link below and go throughthe course to unlock your true potential.


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Publish Academy Review and Bonus

Would you rather learn how to earn $10,000 in a month with fake gurus or $10,000 in a day with Anik Singal and Publish Academy?

The full review is coming soon. I still need to go through the whole course to review it properly.

Why You Earning Goal Is Too Low

publish academy logoBack when I started online my main goal was to earn $250 per week. At the time it seemed like ti would be perfect considering I was going back to school and it seemed like enough to get me by until I finish school and find a real job.

Can you spot the problem with that?

I was thinking about the whole make money online in a wrong way and paid for it dearly. It took me nearly 2 years to realized that it wasn’t beer money I was after but true and life changing income online.

That is why if you’re thinking about just making a $100 or so per week, Publish Academy is definitely not for you. There are hundreds of products and even services that will allow to scrape a $100 per week or so.

However, before you go and search for them let me tell you that the amount of effort and time they take, you could start a whole online business with Publish Academy. The only thing standing in your way is you.

It is not often an opportunity like Publish Academy by Anik Singal, a guy that did over 100 million in sales of digital products in the last 12 years (that is around $10,000 per day in profit), come along.

But in the end the choice is yours. Would you rather spend another year, two or ten searching for a push button software or a simple way to make some extra cash. Or a simple to follow blueprint to start your own online business with Publish Academy? The choice is yours.

Incredible Dream Machines Review and Bonus

You’re telling me there is a way to start a 7 figure online business without a investing the money yourself with Incredible Dream Machines? I take a closer look at Greg Jacobs new crowdfunding business starter in the review below.

Warning! The offer is closing in Today and Midnight. You have only:

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Click Here to get the IncredibleDreamMachines, Incredible University in Las Vegas (while it lasts) and my bonus all in one.

Watch free live training about the 1.9 billion dollar marketplace that allowed Greg to raise $110,000 in just 24 hours below (just click the video)1.9 billion market palce video

Starting An Online Business With Crowdfunding

incredibleddreammachines logoIs Greg Jacobs crazy, or onto something big? That was my initial thought when I heard about the Incredible Dream Machines system.

It is a well know fact that starting an online business is cheaper and easier than a brick and mortar one. The gurus have been saying that for years as there is no need for a dedicate location, staff, or mortgaging your house to get it going. In fact, all you really need is a couple of hundreds for a website (or you can go DIY way) to get started.

The only thing gurus don’t tell you is that an online store, unlike like brick and mortar, is marketing intensive. So without any form of marketing, that can easily add up to thousands of dollars per month, your online business will be like physical store in a middle of nowhere. There is no foot traffic or people simply passing by in the online world.

That is why unless you fancy your chances of being one of those sites that naturally get popular, you have a better chance getting struck by lighting, you will have to do some kind of marketing. Which isn’t a bad thing if you know what you’re doing or/and have thousands of dollars to burn, but it is also why 98% of online businesses fail.

Another important factor to point out is that if you want a 7 figure business, you will need to have a product or at least your own stock. Which increases the need for capital tremendously.  So while online businesses can be extremely profitable, you still need invest a lot of money to fail.

How about the Incredible Dream Machines way?

Once while talking to a business owner, who went from rags to riches and was the only guy to have a cellphone back in the day, told me how you never invest your own money into a business.  I’m just sorry that it took me so long to figure out how to apply this in 2015 to an online world.

As I pointed out earlier the cost of starting an online business adds up quickly and can make you fail before you even started. However, what if I told you that you can start 7-figure business for free with Incredible Dream Machines and crowdfunding?

Wait, isn’t crowdfunding just for new ideas? That’s exactly what I thought before I heard Greg Jacobs talking about it. Now I know that only 5% of crowdfunding projects are new ideas. So if you have one of those, Incredible Dream Machines can definitely make that happen, but it also works wonders for the rest of us, the 95%, who just want better way to make an income.

That is why it is important to see the Incredible Dream Machines for what it truly is, an online business opportunity for the future. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but a legit way to start a online with a multi-million dollar potential. How would that change your life?

If you’re like me, or any online entrepreneurs, you most likely imaged yourself rich and successful. Maybe owning a big house, a exotic cars or traveling the world. However, do ever image the process you went through to get what you wanted? If you’re not sure, think where you will be in in 5 or 10 years if you continue doing exactly what you have been doing so far.

The problem is that most of us, myself included, focus on what we want and not how to get it. It is like waiting a slice of a pie, you might picture it vividly and even image how it tastes but it will not appear from thin air.  You need some kind of action to place that slice in your hands.

That is why I think Incredible Dream Machine is the complete package. It doesn’t just tell you how simple it is to start an online business, but shows you all the steps to get started.

Overview of The IDM Course

Incredible Dream Machines flowAs you can see about Incredible Dream Machines is all about:

  1. Finding a market/niche with people ready to buy.
  2. Finding the right product for it.
  3. Launching a a crowdfunding campaign.
  4. Delivering the product.
  5. Scaling up.

It only takes those 5 steps to start a campaign that can generate thousands or even millions of dollars online with crowdfunding. It is like being paid upfront to start your own online business. A true dream come true, won’t you say?

Ok, this is all great but let’s get to the Incredible Dream Machines system itself. What’s inside?

The Dreamers Path – an 8 weeks training that will help you understand and mater the process of starting a business with crowdfunding.

This includes niche research, lead generation, sourcing, launching, delivering and doing it over.

Software –  sick and tired of old school niche research? Well, I know I was because I always seem to make a mistake doing it. However, Greg Jacobs has mastered it to a science and the software does it for you.

Achievement Tree – Between the dreamers path and software you have everything to start a successful crowdfunding campaign.  However, if you’re anything like me sometimes you just lose focus.

If that ever happened to you than fear not, Increadible Dream Machine features achievement tree that tracks your progress automatically. So you know exactly what you have done and what else needs doing.  This is a great motivators.

Incredible University in Las Vegas – how does a 3 day live event sound? With IMD you get a special invite to attend the now famous event in Vegas. This is worth it alone.

Vegas Shark Tank –  inside the Vegas event you will have a ability to pitch your idea/business to wealthy investors. So your crowdfunding business can turn into a 9 figure enterprise.

Greg’s Rolodex – Greg Jacobs has been in a game for a while and has access to the people that can put your product into thousands of stores fast. Imagine having that kind of connection.

Community Anchors – last but not least is the Incredible Dream Machines community of mentors and like-minded people.

Think the IDM might be fore you? Click Below to get started.

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My Personal Incredible Dream Machines Bonus

What is the one thing that every business needs, and can never have enough off? That is the main thing that I focused on when deciding an bonus to a complete system like Incredible Dream Machines.  Do you know what it is?

Traffic!It doesn’t matter if you are a small online store or a multi-billion company like Amazon, you will always need visitors. That is why I decided to offer a way that gives you an unlimited amount of free traffic.

Unlike other bonuses I will not simply give you a eBook or bunch of resources, but do a full year of search engine optimization and branding. This will not only allow you do get traffic from search engines like Google and Bing based on your keywords, but increase your brand knowledge and awareness for free.

I can’t imagine a better Incredible Dream Machines bonus than that. However, if you do find one please leave name it in the comments below.