Incredible Dream Machines Review and Bonus

You’re telling me there is a way to start a 7 figure online business without a investing the money yourself with Incredible Dream Machines? I take a closer look at Greg Jacobs new crowdfunding business starter in the review below.

Warning! The offer is closing in Today and Midnight. You have only:

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Starting An Online Business With Crowdfunding

incredibleddreammachines logoIs Greg Jacobs crazy, or onto something big? That was my initial thought when I heard about the Incredible Dream Machines system.

It is a well know fact that starting an online business is cheaper and easier than a brick and mortar one. The gurus have been saying that for years as there is no need for a dedicate location, staff, or mortgaging your house to get it going. In fact, all you really need is a couple of hundreds for a website (or you can go DIY way) to get started.

The only thing gurus don’t tell you is that an online store, unlike like brick and mortar, is marketing intensive. So without any form of marketing, that can easily add up to thousands of dollars per month, your online business will be like physical store in a middle of nowhere. There is no foot traffic or people simply passing by in the online world.

That is why unless you fancy your chances of being one of those sites that naturally get popular, you have a better chance getting struck by lighting, you will have to do some kind of marketing. Which isn’t a bad thing if you know what you’re doing or/and have thousands of dollars to burn, but it is also why 98% of online businesses fail.

Another important factor to point out is that if you want a 7 figure business, you will need to have a product or at least your own stock. Which increases the need for capital tremendously.  So while online businesses can be extremely profitable, you still need invest a lot of money to fail.

How about the Incredible Dream Machines way?

Once while talking to a business owner, who went from rags to riches and was the only guy to have a cellphone back in the day, told me how you never invest your own money into a business.  I’m just sorry that it took me so long to figure out how to apply this in 2015 to an online world.

As I pointed out earlier the cost of starting an online business adds up quickly and can make you fail before you even started. However, what if I told you that you can start 7-figure business for free with Incredible Dream Machines and crowdfunding?

Wait, isn’t crowdfunding just for new ideas? That’s exactly what I thought before I heard Greg Jacobs talking about it. Now I know that only 5% of crowdfunding projects are new ideas. So if you have one of those, Incredible Dream Machines can definitely make that happen, but it also works wonders for the rest of us, the 95%, who just want better way to make an income.

That is why it is important to see the Incredible Dream Machines for what it truly is, an online business opportunity for the future. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but a legit way to start a online with a multi-million dollar potential. How would that change your life?

If you’re like me, or any online entrepreneurs, you most likely imaged yourself rich and successful. Maybe owning a big house, a exotic cars or traveling the world. However, do ever image the process you went through to get what you wanted? If you’re not sure, think where you will be in in 5 or 10 years if you continue doing exactly what you have been doing so far.

The problem is that most of us, myself included, focus on what we want and not how to get it. It is like waiting a slice of a pie, you might picture it vividly and even image how it tastes but it will not appear from thin air.  You need some kind of action to place that slice in your hands.

That is why I think Incredible Dream Machine is the complete package. It doesn’t just tell you how simple it is to start an online business, but shows you all the steps to get started.

Overview of The IDM Course

Incredible Dream Machines flowAs you can see about Incredible Dream Machines is all about:

  1. Finding a market/niche with people ready to buy.
  2. Finding the right product for it.
  3. Launching a a crowdfunding campaign.
  4. Delivering the product.
  5. Scaling up.

It only takes those 5 steps to start a campaign that can generate thousands or even millions of dollars online with crowdfunding. It is like being paid upfront to start your own online business. A true dream come true, won’t you say?

Ok, this is all great but let’s get to the Incredible Dream Machines system itself. What’s inside?

The Dreamers Path – an 8 weeks training that will help you understand and mater the process of starting a business with crowdfunding.

This includes niche research, lead generation, sourcing, launching, delivering and doing it over.

Software –  sick and tired of old school niche research? Well, I know I was because I always seem to make a mistake doing it. However, Greg Jacobs has mastered it to a science and the software does it for you.

Achievement Tree – Between the dreamers path and software you have everything to start a successful crowdfunding campaign.  However, if you’re anything like me sometimes you just lose focus.

If that ever happened to you than fear not, Increadible Dream Machine features achievement tree that tracks your progress automatically. So you know exactly what you have done and what else needs doing.  This is a great motivators.

Incredible University in Las Vegas – how does a 3 day live event sound? With IMD you get a special invite to attend the now famous event in Vegas. This is worth it alone.

Vegas Shark Tank –  inside the Vegas event you will have a ability to pitch your idea/business to wealthy investors. So your crowdfunding business can turn into a 9 figure enterprise.

Greg’s Rolodex – Greg Jacobs has been in a game for a while and has access to the people that can put your product into thousands of stores fast. Imagine having that kind of connection.

Community Anchors – last but not least is the Incredible Dream Machines community of mentors and like-minded people.

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My Personal Incredible Dream Machines Bonus

What is the one thing that every business needs, and can never have enough off? That is the main thing that I focused on when deciding an bonus to a complete system like Incredible Dream Machines.  Do you know what it is?

Traffic!It doesn’t matter if you are a small online store or a multi-billion company like Amazon, you will always need visitors. That is why I decided to offer a way that gives you an unlimited amount of free traffic.

Unlike other bonuses I will not simply give you a eBook or bunch of resources, but do a full year of search engine optimization and branding. This will not only allow you do get traffic from search engines like Google and Bing based on your keywords, but increase your brand knowledge and awareness for free.

I can’t imagine a better Incredible Dream Machines bonus than that. However, if you do find one please leave name it in the comments below.

Click Animate Review and Bonus

Hey! Do you want to animate your site with Click Animate by Josh Ratta? As random as that might sound, ClickAnimate WordPress Plugin does exactly that.

Want to get it right now? Click here for the official site!

Why Would You Want To Animate?

wplogo1When I first head about this new plugin that can animate any element on the any page on your WordPress, I was not sold. After all, it seemed like one of those gimmicky products that only a certain group would use. Especially people that like to make their site flash and in your face.

I personally prefer a more clean and simplistic style. Still, considering I respect Josh Ratta and enjoyed his products so far, I decided to try it out. So I chose one of mys sites that could work with bit more animated style and got Click Animate to do the work for me. I have to say the set up and individual animation set up was as easy installing a anti spam plugin.

In fact to animate anything, where it is a text, image, video or any other element, on your site all you have to do is click it and choose the animation you like from the ClickAnimate menu.  It is done right on your site/page and works with every WordPress theme and builder.

I have to say, after I was done the site looked pretty cool and I thought that was it. However, what happened in the next few days shocked  me.

The Power of ClickAnimate

Click animateI used Click Animate on a a costume niche website. So aside from Halloween it doesn’t really get that many searches. However, just few days after with the new animated images and button I noticed a lot of more user interaction.

Not only where the visitors staying longer on my site, but they were more engaging by clicking images and my animated links a lot more. This means my bounce rate will go down, I’ll have more clicks and more sales. On top of that I’m getting tons of great user signals which the search engines loves.

So this little WordPres plugin called Click Animate, that  was able to aniamte a whole site with in under an hour, did all of that? I was even more shocked than you.

It wasn’t until that moment that i understood how powerful this the plugin can be. But does it work on more serious sites? That what I wanted to know as well.

It actually does! It depends on the subject matter and what are you going with by even animating one crucial element on your site can make all the difference. Do you have a ad, video, button or any element that you need visitors to see? Animating it will greatly increase the chances of that.

So as you see, Click Animate is not only a fun visual plugin to play around with, but a serious way to increase engagement, opt-ins and commissions. It as plugin that every internet marketer should have.

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AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review and Bonus

I’ll be honest, this will not be your typical review of AffiloJetpack. In fact, this article is more about affiliate marketing and and how the Affilo Jetpack 2.0 fits into all of it. So if you want to learn something something useful, keep reading. Or if you just want the discount Click Here now

So Why Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketingDepends on who you ask, affiliate marketing is considered one of the best or worse ways to earn online. On one side you have the people that go on how it is affiliate marketing is the easiest to get started with because you don’t need your own product or capital. On the other you have the gurus that claim that creating your own product is the only way.

The problem is that all vendors are also affiliates, but not all affiliates are vendors. What I’m trying to say is that you always need affiliates to promote your products.  Even if you’re biggest guru online, you will still only do a small fraction of sales if you don’t have affiliates.

How do you get top affiliates to promote you?

You might think that creating a kick-ass product would be enough, but that is not the case anymore. There are more than 50 product launches a week and at least 5 of them are major ones. Try competing with that.

The best way to get affiliates is to promote their stuff. Which goes back to the original saying that all vendors are also affiliates.  So unless you are some kind of super affiliate or know ways to sell your products without any,  you will want to become one.

Becoming An Affiliate With AffiloJetpack 2.0

Iaffilojetpack logon the recent years there have been a lot of changes in affiliate marketing. Some of it is because of competition, like parts of affiliate marketing have become over-saturated, but most are due to market changed. The evolution of the the internet and social media had the greatest impact out of everything.

Just a few years ago if you wanted to buy something or had a problem and needed a solution, a quick search was sufficient. There was no social media, 100s of reviews and consent stream of new information. People were just happy to find information they were looking for.

That is why direct linking, creating a simple opt-in page or slapping an add on your site was enough to bring in tons of commissions. Now on the other hand you need proof, social media, and well written content. It has got to the point that sometimes even  500 word reviews are not enough.

Mark Ling actually saw this coming and prepared for it wisely.  Instead of going the same route as everyone else of throwing traffic at squeeze pages or reviews and watching what will stick, he went one further. He started to create whole websites around the most profitable niches. This allowed him to  give out good quality information to his visitors while enticing them to input their emails.

This allows Mark to not only gain trust and authority because of his niche specific blog, but also unlimited amount of leads. Leads that can then can recommend products (based on the authority and trust) and make triple or quadrupedal what he would have made from a single sale.

If you want the exact 5 Step Formula Mark Ling uses you can download his free eBook by Clicking Here.

Where Does Affilo Jetpack Fit Into This?

If you download the eBook from above you will see that it takes a lot of time and effort to build such sites. While they are definitely worth the trouble, it can be overwhelming for many people just starting out.  Just take a look at what it takes to create 5 sites.

5 website with affilo jetpackAs you can see above it can take up to 6 months to create those 5 sites.  However, with AffiloJetpack it will take less than 6 days to do the same thing. Not only that but it will cost 3 times less as well.

That is why I recommend checking out the Affiliate Jetpack by Mark Ling. If you still want more information check out the free ebook or sign up for Mark Link’s live showcase Here.

However, if you’re an action take and know a good thing when you see one. You can grab AffiloJetpack 2.0 with my discount of $250 below.

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DNA Inner Core Review – Wealth Blueprint 2.0

How does learning business from a guy that did $68 millions last year sound? Welcome to the review of DNA Inner Core from the guys, Peter Parks and Andrew fox, that brought you DNA Wealth Blueprint 2.0.

Official Site:

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The $25,000 DNA Blueprint Master Mind

dna wealth blueprint mastermindThe idea for DNA Inner Core came from the yacht mastermind hosted by Andrew Fox, Peter Parks and featured Com Mirza (net worth $550 million). Each of the attendee had to pay a whooping $25,000 entree fee to spend 3 days with these guys.

However, it is one thing to host a mastermind of such caliber it is another to deliver on the promise.  So how did they do? You can watch the video to find out Here, but in short everyone can’t wait for the next year mastermind.

DNA Wealth Blueprint Inner Core

dnd inner core logoAfter realizing how much of massive success the mastermind was these guys decided to form a inner core, or inner circle if you like. A private community filled with members like Andrew Fox, Peter Parks, the mastermind attendees, and top some of the top online entrepreneurs in the world.

DNA Inner Core is a membership website that features the newest and greatest marketing trends, best traffics sources, conversions tips, sales gunnels and launching products info you can find.

As of now, August 2015, DNA Wealth Blueprint Inner Core includes 6 modules the forum and some sick bonuses.

Module 1:  – “The Six Figure Funnelizer – 7 Juicy ‘Step by Step’ videos how to crank out $10 – $25 k a month from 8 leads.

This one is all about VSL’s and how to land leads, sales and clients the right away.

Module 2: “A Player Magic”- Scaling your business to $10,000,00 leveraging other peoples talent By Peter Parks

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to leverage other peoples talent and scale your business.

Module 2: “A Player Magic”- Scaling your business to $10,000,00 leveraging other peoples talent By Peter Parks

Do you want thousands of leads for just couple of hundred bucks? Peter Parker, I mean Peter Parks (sorry couldn’t help myself not including a Spider-man into the mix) shows you how.

Module 4: “Maxium Outsource Ouput” Grow to 7 and 8 figures fast By Peter Parks

Learn from the best entrepreneurs how to build outsourcing workforce to 7 and mutiple 8 figures.  the exactly blueprints with software and training is inside the DNA Inner Core.

Module 5: “Recurring Revenue Animal” Launching Zapable – $789,453.26 Recurring Revenueand reverse engineering your way to a $50 million exit (1 hour 9 mins Recorded LIVE from $25,000.00 yacht mastermind)

This one speaks for itself.

Module 6 – “Million Dollar Product Launch Copy” – Breakdown of the $1.42 Million Dollar Easy Sketch Pro Sales Copy (1 hour 28 minutes taken from $5,000 per person San Deigo workshop)

Would you like to write a mutiple million copy for as little as $100? Now that is what I call a good ROI.

Make sure to check back on August 11th for the full review when Wealth Blueprint DNA Inner Core launches. Click here to watch the videos.

InstantAzon Review

Can you really build an Amazon affiliate site in just a minute with InstantAzon? Well, let’s find out in the review below

Official Site:

The Possibilities of Instant Azon

instant azon box

Amazon Associates is without a doubt biggest affiliate program, over 2 million sellers, for physical products out there.  It has over 250 million produ

cts ready to promote and after you sign up creating affiliate links take seconds. That means no more signing up for each offer or being approved like with other programs or CPA offers.

With so many product there is very little to no competition yet the demand for psychical products is constantly growing.  After all everyone buys the stuff online anyway. So what’s the problem?

Well, despite making some good money on Amazon I never really got into it that much because I’m quite lazy. The whole i

dea of building niche related stores, I’ll say why these are the best in a minute,  was just too tedious and time consuming for my taste.

You have to build the site, write content/review and keep adding products one by one. I’ve tried a few system and software to automate them but most did a crappy job to be honest. Some would take as much time as doing it manually and others looked like a website from the

90’s. Not to mention the limitations of using the systems themes and specific plugins.

It was all too much for me and I decide to set aside Amazon until I found something that would work for me. Now it seems that the time has come with Instant Azon.

Building Niche Stores with Instant Azon


InstantAzon logo

Now I’m not going to say how InstantAzon is greatest Amazon system ever, or how it will make you a millionaire in a days. However, it does hat it was designed to, populate your site with Amazon ads, in fast and simple way.

This means every time someone clicks on any of the ads/products on your site and buys it from amazon you will get a commissions. This is a great way to earn money from amazon without having to write reviews or hard sell anything.

This brings me to the crucial point of niche based stores/sites.  Unlike stores that have a little bit of everything a niche based store offers only specific products in a niche or market.  This gives you instant:

  • Authority – if you have a whole store about something you know a thing or two about it
  • Trust – would you prefer to buy from a specialist or someone random?
  • Target Audience –  these people are ready to buy and not just browsing
  • Sales –  You give people what they want to buy anyway.

That is why I decided to only build niche related stores and not big eCommerce websites.  Don’t get me wrong eCommerce can be great, but it is time a full time business where a lot of money and time has to go in before you see results.

On the other hand InstantAzon let’s you create tiny sites that are to start generating sales and commissions instantly.  Grab your copy below and get my bonus on how to get unlimited traffic to your store.

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UpViral Review and Traffic Bonus

Is UpViral the missing link in your marketing? If you’re not doing virtual marketing than you might want to read on.

Official Site:
Creator: Wilco De Kreij

Don’t Change, Grow

That is how I feel about UpViral to me honest. Unlike most software out there that only confuse with new strategies or keep repeating the same information you already know, it doesn’t.

UpViral helps you grown any form of internet marketing you are running. Doesn’t matter if it is email, affiliate, social media, or any other form of marketing. That is because it simply helps any content go viral and spread like wildfire.

Once that happens visitors, leads and sales come in naturally. What also surprised me on how much my conversions went up as well. It seems that people generally trust much more the recommendations of their friends and family than blunt advertising.

Missing Viral Link: UpViral Software

upviral logoSo how does it exactly work?

Considering that Up Viral is a cloud based software so all you have to do is:


  1. Create: You can create squeeze pages, split tests, contests, sweepstakes and much more.
  2. Integrate: UpViral  integrates with wordpress as well as other popular platforms and much more.
  3. Publish: Once it is publish sit back and relax visors will bring more visors to you automatically.

Click Here to get it now

Free Traffic UpViral Bonus

The best way to start the cycle of visitors is with some of the most effective free traffic strategies.

As my bonus find out how I was able to get hundreds of opt-ins using UpViral and one free traffic source.

Why did it work so well? Because of the viral aspect of being able to get/win something for free.

Thanks again visiting IMToWin UpViral review. If you have any questions just fill the form on left.

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Continuity Master Academy Review

What sparked my interest about Continuity Master Academy by Jeff Baxter is it uniqueness.  This course is supposed to be about product creation, membership site creation and general affiliate.

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That is an interesting combination considering that you either pick any of them or do them in steps. For example if you’re just starting out and don’t have to create products or membership sites. You can just promote other people’s products and build upon that. Then continue doing that and move to creating your own.

Continuity Master University systemOne of the most important things in Internet Marketing is movement and momentum. It is good to experiment and try out different things, when and if time permits to do so. I know many people, myself included, often gets stuck with something that they are familiar with and just run with it.

However, that doesn’t mean you should try everything out there and hope something works. In fact, best way to do it is slowly expand and move into bigger things over time.

With that said if you’re ready to start creating your own membership sites and product than Jeff Baxter is the guy to learn from.

Inside The Continuity Master Academy and Bonus

The product is launching soon and I’ll have a lot more information once I get inside but so far it looks like these.

Section 1: Quick Start Continuity

This is where you want to start if you’re not ready or simply don’t want to start creating your own products or sites.

The software include will get you started in as little as 20 minutes and then all you have to do is drive traffic.

Section 2: Membership Site Creation

This is where you’ll be able to take a new membership site and get 1,000 of paying subscribers fast.  Learn and see how Jeff Baxter and his students have been doing just that over and over again.

That is all I know for now. Once Continuity Master Academy is released I’ll write more.

Get the free model now



iPro Academy Review

Does iPro Academy solve the constant lack of quality traffic on demand? A one that can be acquired in hours, or even minutes and not weeks or months? Find out as I take you through my journey of Fred Lam’s flagship product.

iPRo Academy is Closing TODAY, March 18th!

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Why You Need More Than Just One Pillar

5-pillarsCan you image your house, or apartment building on a single pillar? Your entire home, with everything in it resting on a one beam?

That would not make a safe or stable home, and a one I would not want to live in. However, even if we take out the obvious health hazards, something about having the entire thing you build supported by a singularity is unsettling to say the least.

After all, one source of traffic doesn’t have to eliminate the other. In matter of fact, some of them actually complement each. For example having Facebook likes and share only increase your traffic from FB but increases your brand awareness. In addition to that you can actually stack sources on top of each other. This will make you business not only more profitable, if you know what you’re doing, but indestructible. If for some reason you don’t like a source or it is not working for you, simply remove it or exchange it.

However,  iPro Academy is not just another advertising course. In fact, the training teaches a complete business model that has not only been proven to work by Fred Lam and his mutiple 8 figure business, but by hundreds of others.

The simple truth is this, very online business, no matter how big or small, need traffic to survive. The main difference why 97% of all internet business that fail and Fred Lam’s as well as his students succeed is  that you can have more than one lifeline for a business.

Inside the iPro Academy and My Bonus

ipro academy logoThe iPro Academy system shows you a path that 3% of online business owners take to make it.  In result it becomes much more than just a great way to get cheap traffic from some of the tier 1 platforms like Google, Facebook and Bong.

That is why the complete training found in the course includes:

7 Modules of Video Training

These include everything from creating a foundation of your business to mastering traffic generation in 30 days.

On top of that assignment based training will make sure you are constantly making progress without feeling lost of overwhelmed.  Thanks to it you will have a business before you even realize it.


Live Training and Open Office Hours

One of the best ways to learn is live. Inside the iPro Academy you will get weekly training with Fred Lam as well as other experts live on call.  So you can get feedback and ask any questions you like.

If you need even more there will be open office hours that will consists of live Q&A sessions.

Case Studies and Masterminding

Learning from live example is one of the best ways you can learn. Inside these you will be able to watch Fred Lam build a whole $50,000 campaign live.

On top of that you will be able to network and mastermind with other like minded people. This is where great ideas come to together.

So you’re not only getting a lifetime access to the exact step by step system to create a profitable business online with unlimited amount of traffic, but the iPro Academy Community as well.  Between the coaching, masterminding and the Facebook group there is an answer for every question or problem you will have.

That is why recommend iPro Academy to anyone that ever wanted to create a profitable online business.

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So how about my insane bonus?

How about another source of traffic that is not inside the course ? If you end up getting iPro Acadey and use one of my links to do so I’ll personally create an SEO campaign to your business worth at least $3,000.

This way you will have another traffic source or pillar to assure your business is a success. Best part is? I’ll cover all the costs of creating such SEO campaign.  So grab iPro Academy now.


List Academy Review and Bonus

An email list all by itself is pretty much useless.  It is the how you use it that makes the difference and List Academy by Anik Signal is all about that.

Free Training Find out Anik Singal’s 4 favorite traffic source that let him build an email list of over $1 million. Click here to reserve you seat for free.


Build Your List and Then What?

confused-face1So you just build your list, or maybe had one for a while, and now what? Most gurus would tell you you can send an email and make couple of hundreds or even thousands easily.  That was maybe true few years ago, not it is a whole different ballgame. You no longer can send how many email you want and promoting anything you want just to make a quick buck.

In fact, there is a lot of things to consider before you you start interacting with your list. You might have heard how you have to build a relationship with your list and just send an promotion every 3 or so emails. Some of that is true, but  the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper.

For example inside ListAcademy Anik singal dives in how even removing subscribers can help you increase your conversions, open rates and most importantly not landing in the spam folder.

It is no longer only about open and click-through rates. Now you have to worry about no duplicating messages (sending the same one as everyone else), not over promoting, unsubscribe rates and complaints.  Not only will these cause your messages to land in spam or be undelivered, but you will get kicked from the auto-responder as well.

Best Email Marketing Practices from List Academy

list academy logo2However, don’t worry email marketing is still one of the most profitable and best ways to either earn a full-time income or increase the one you already have.

It doesn’t even matter if you are brand new or been using email marketing for a while now. The list academy by Anik Singal, who has been the top email marketers for years, will easily triple your income.

Just applying few of his tricks I was able to increase my open rates by 20% and click rate by 15% all across my email broadcasts. I can’t wait to try out all the other methods.  Now you can earn from List Academy free training as well. Just click the link below

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Video Rankr Review

The Kings of YouTube marketing, Joshua Zamora and Han Fan, finally let out their secrets.  This is why Video Rankr is much more than just a way to get to the top of page one.

You can get it now HERE

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Much More Than Just Ranking Software?

rank-your-videoAt first glance of VideoRankr, hence the name, seems like just another YouTube video ranking software. Something has populated the internet space for the last year or so. In fact, it seems like there is being launched or so.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Depends how you look at it. For one Google algorithms have made it so that ranking  videos is much easier than ranking brand new site (Check out my Page One Eugine review for detailed SEO course).  This is mostly due to high authority and trustworthy of  YouTube (plus the huge factor that Google owns YouTube)

Another reason is that you can get started with video marketing a lot easier. There is no hosting required, no 100s of pages filled with content, and strict rules you most follow.

On the other hand the constant launches of software, guides and course about YouTube marketing have become blurry for someone just starting out.

How many times did you buy or test a software that promised to do everything. Just to find out you had no idea what to do with it? All the features and sites to link to means nothing if you have no idea what the heck you are doing.

That is where Video Rankr differs from every other video ranking software I’ve seen before.

No BS Review of VideoRankr

video rankr logoIf you want to run successful video marketing campaigns you don’t want spend 90% of time on finding links, creating accounts (even if they are automated you still need some of it), and building link after link. You probably just want to make money, or change the world, either one.

With Video Ranker by Joshua Zamora you scratch that off. The whole system works on syndicating your content on their network/website and so on. So you don’t build any links or worry if they are good enough to start ranking.

If fact, Video Rankr syndicates your content to:

  • Video sharing sites
  • Social bookmarks
  • Video blogging sites
  • Over 300 directories
  • Over redirects sites
  • URL shorters

The whole thing works on credits you get witch the version you buy. I strongly suggest getting the Video Rankr Professional with 2000 credits and all the other features now before they make the price $97. You can do that by Clicking Here.

This really allows push button ranking as all you have to do si:

  1. Name the taks/project
  2. Insert YouTube URL of your video
  3. Enter keywords
  4. Write a short descriptions of what your video is about
  5. Select the speed

Check it out in action below

After that Video Ranker takes care of the rest. While you relax and read my blog, or not.

Cool, but what do I rank?

confused-face1It seems like most software and course forget to mention two other that are crucial for any video marketing campaigns.

How to make the video and about what.

Now unless you just want to have crazy amount of views on your personal videos, or cute kitties, this is crucial. Luckily you have plenty of options in both department.

First you have tons of great and simple to use video creating software, like the once mentioned inside VideoRanker. Another is you can simply pay someone $5 on Fiverr to do ti for you.

Or my new favorite one is using the YouTube video editor. Like Joshua Zamora points out can use, edit and mash-up other YouTube videos (creative commons videos) to create your own.  This is great for new products coming out or annoucments.

Which take me to the second part of explaining what you can make the videos about. Making videos about things that will launch soon is a great way to ride the wave and make a serious buck. Why?

  • You can rank easier for stuff that is not out yet (no competition)
  • Once it is released people will go crazy to find out more information about it and you get sales.

The Bottom line:  Is It Worth It?

Let’s see, Video Rankr:

  • Rank videos on first page? Yes
  • Teaches you how/where to get videos? Yes
  • Teaches you how to monetize video? Yes
  • Will make you a superstar? errr maybe?

In the end this is a great software for people that want to focus on results (commissions) and not link building.  That is why if you ever wanted to rank video on YouTube and Google this is a software I would recommend.

This doesn’t happen often but Video Rankr is one of those Youtube software that is a complete package. Grab it using the link below before the price goes up.

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