Rich Jerk Review and RJ Style Bonus

While the Rich Jerk might not like you, he can definitely make you rich. Find out what the original internet marketing bad-ass has been up to and if he still got it in the review below.

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The Rich Jerk Returns

rich jerk 2015

If you’ve been online for more than 7 years you most likely heard about The Rich Jerk. The smack talking, self-loving, online millioniare that thinks he is better than you and everyone else.

So while his persona might be a bit off putting and repulsive, there is no denying that his stuff works. If there is one thing the  Rich Jerk is good at, its making money.

In fact, many of the top online entrepreneurs of today got started making money using RJ back in the mid to late 2000s. It was also the best selling system of its time. Just check out what they had to say about it.

rich jerk facebook

rj facebook

Even I jumped on the bang wagon and bought a copy. The best part is that I got into it because of how ridicules yet compelling RJ seemed. I mean, the guy looks like Larry Laffer with a spray tan on. How can I take that guy seriously? Still, even I secretly wanted to be rich like him.

So in the end it was the Rich Jerk’s attitude and unconventional methods that got me started on a path to online income and freedom. Not the know it all, hold your hand, get in touch with your feeling BS gurus that are everywhere.

Stick to the original internet guru and bonefide badass and get RJ’s course by clicking here.

Review of Rich Jerk

ruchjerk.comYou want to know what is inside the course? I have snap peak and overview of the 4 part system right here.

First of all, the course is BS free. That means no touchy feelings, or 5 hour webinar on how you should follow your dream. Just pure value and startegies that you can start using today to make money on the top 3 websites in the world

1: Google

There are two parts that deal directly and indirectly with Google, the number 1 source of free traffic in the world.

SEO – Learn about the best ways to rank and bank with affiliate sites. These are small sites that you build, rank and leave alone to make money on autopilot for you. No need for clients or lead generation.

Launch Jacking – Discover the hidden tricks of cashing on some of the biggest launches in the world. This strategy alone will get you in the 6 figure a year zone.

2: Facebook

Second biggest site in the world and one that let’s you handpick your targets. That means if you want to advertise to women that are 65+, love cats and Mario Lopez, you can! I don’t know why you would want to but I’m not here to judge.

Stop learning the improper ways of doing FB marketing that yield crappy results. Now you can learn from a guy that is earning $400k from it.

3: Amazon

You probably heard about all those Amazon millionaires, well they are real and one owes Rich Jerk a favor. This way you can learn from certified Amazon master that made over 10 millions using these strategies.

I focused on the 3 above but RJ includes more bonuses on how to cash in with tshirts and email as well. That is 5 ways to start earning big bucks starting today.

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I found out that Inbox Blueprint is really interesting.

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