7 Figure Cycle Review and Bonus Solution to eCom in 2018

Do you want to know why the 7-Figure Cycle is kind of a big deal? Try combining Amazon's 300 million buyers with over 5 billion items shipped in 2017. What do you get? Around $194 billion in sales, or 43% of the whole US retail eCommerce market.

Creators: Aidan Booth Steve Clayton
Official Site: Click Here
Price: 1 payment of $2497 or 3 payments of $997

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There is no denying that Amazon is huge, I mean they control almost half of the entire eCommerce market. That means combining the online sales of all of the biggest retailers in the world and all Shopify stores can barely match Amazon.

In fact, with Amazon is responsible for 53% of all eCommerce growth in the US. Which projects Amazon to control over half of the whole ecommerce market in the US by 2021. Are you going to get a piece of that $200+ billion pie?

Now before I tell you how Seven-Figures Cycles ties into all if this, I want to take a minute and talk about what makes Amazon such a powerhouse. However, you can skip it and go down to the 7-Figure Cycle review now if you like.

Amazon Fun Facts and Stats

  • Let's start with customer base:
    • 300 million Amazon accounts
    • 90 milllion US based Amazon prime
    • 64% of all US household have Amazon prime
    • 95% of current Prime subscribers say they’ll either “definitely” or “probably” renew
  • How about Sales:
    • Amazon did around $194 billion in sales in 2017
    • Amaozn shippsed over 5 billion items a year
    • 80% of us custiomes pruchase at least once a month
    • Amazon Prime subscribers spend $2,500 per year
    • $543 per year the average non-member spends
    • prime spend 4.6x more non prime
  • Search
    • 55% of onlie products searches begin with Amazon
      • reason given for this include variety of products, free shipping. betters deal, large number of reviews, great search capabilities.
    • 90% of customers will check Amazon even if they found items elsewhere
      • 78% of these shoppers do this “often” or “always”

As you can see above these numbrs are nothing to sneeze at. Now if you combine that with every growing prime subscribtion and and over half of US customer base starting their product search on Amazon, it will continue to take share of the U.S. retail market for the foreseeable future.

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Inside Look: 7-Figure Cycle Review

The basic explanation of the 7 figure cycle, is a system where you find opportunity products using Aidan's and Steve's private data software, sell them on Amazon for around 30% profit without creating a product, branding, drop-shipping or storing.

I'll get into the detail what you get and how it works below. For now, let's take a look at the member's area.

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What You Get With Seven-Figure Cycle

  • Overview of the eCommerce Model
    • This will allow you too have a clear bird-eye view of the entire model.  A one that allows you to take advantage of Amazon's massive buyers database and popularity without owning a product or dropshipping.
  • Training
    • Most of the training will be done live in weekly sessions.  This allows for everybody to move with the group and succeed together. There will be Q&A sessions as well as recordings of the training in the member's area, so no one will be left behind.
  • The “Profit Blaze” Software
    • This is Aidan's and Steve's private software that allows you to find data and products from pre-selected US vendors that no one else outside their group has access too. That is how they're able to pick highly converting products over and over again.
  • Private Network of Suppliers
    • As mentioned above you will access to wholesalers with millions of products based and shipped from the US.  No need to order from China.
  • Hassle-free Logistics
    • You'll get access to Aidan's and Steve's ecommerce infrastructure where their team will be able to store, prepare and ship your products.
  • Private Facebook Group
    • Inside this Facebook you'll be able to ask questions, meet Aidan, Steve and the whole team, share your progress as well as see others.
  • Hand-Picked Profit Product to get started
    • Finally, you'll get pre-selected product by Aidan's and Steve's team using the profit blaze software that is guaranteed to make you money.

In addition to this, you also get undisclosed live success summit, resources, bonuses, and extras. Click Here to get it all now.

How 7 Figure Cycle Works: 30% Profit a Cycle

Let's take a look at what consists of a cycle, how it works and how long it takes:

  1. Use the “Profit Blaze” software to find and buy products (can start with $100) from pre-selected US suppliers. No need to rebrand.
  2. Use the done-4-you logistics for hands-off storing, handling and shipping.
  3. Sell the products on Amazon in about 2 weeks for 30% profit

The whole thing works well because everything is connected. The Profit Blaze software helps you pick products that are backed up by data.  Which means there is demand for it in the amazon market place.

Once you have the product you can either use the done-4-you logistics or handle it yourself (I just use logistics, much easier).

Finally, the training teaches you how to list and sell those products on the Amazon marketplace that has over 300 million buyers and controls 43% of the online retail market. That's why you don't need outside traffic.

Once the cycle is complete, you can start another one with either the same product or new one.  This can be repeated up to 24 times per year.

Here's an example how a typical cycle would look:

As you can see above even investing a $100, and then reinvesting the profits until the 24th cycle, or a year, you could make $54,280. Not bad for an initial investment of just $100.

Naturally, if you increase the investment or even add unto it during cycles, your overall profit will increase.

Now, of course, I nor Aidan or Steve can't guarantee you'll make money as it depends if you follow the system. Oh wait, they actually do guarantee that the unique item pre-selected for you will make you money or they will give you 200% cash.

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One of my favorite parts of the seven figure cycle is that it differs from almost every other eCommerce system out there. With this one:

  • You don't need to create a product
  • You don't need to brand/rebrand a product
  • You don't need to use paid ads or traffic outside of Amazon
  • You don't need a website or hosting
  • You don't need customer support

Now look at that list and think of one, or more, that have stopped you from getting into ecommerce or prevented you to scale. I bet there is a few.

This is without doubt my favorite part despite the fact that I partnered up or created eCommerce on Shopify or self-hosted platforms.

The 7-figure Cycle type of eCommerce model doesn't require large capital (can start with $100), time (take a breeze to set up), and additional resources that are needed to run an online store (drop shipping, warehouses, handling, shipping, etc.).

This is why it is great for someone just getting started with eCommerce, that tried by didn't manage to succeed before, or someone that just wants another income stream that could become a full-time business.

So what are you waiting for? Get it before it closes

Automated Traffic: 7-Figure Cycle Bonus

What if I told you that you could grab another 30% to 35% of traffic searching for a product that you're selling on Amazon?  That's up to 90% of all traffic combined with the already 55% of buyers starting their search on Amazon.

30% to 35% is how much people start their product search with search engines like Google and Bing. With my bonus I'll show you how you can easily rank the product name or related term on a search engine without a website or paid advertising.

My bonus will allow you to easily grab up 35% of that traffic on every product you promote. Who wouldn't want 35% more targetted traffic?

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Recap of the Review and Final Score

Let's recap the review to see what we learned:

  • 7-Figure Cycle
    • allows you to sell product on Amazon for around 30% profit without a website, ads and/or product/brand.
    • includes live training, profit blaze software,wholesalers,done-4-you-logistics, private community, additional resources and bonuses.
    • 200% profit guaranteed product to get you started
  • Using it with Amazon
    • 300 million potential buyers and 80% of 90 million US-based prime members that purchase from Amazon at least once per month.
    • 55% of online buyers that start their product search on Amazon (add up to 35% using my bonus)
    • 43% of the entire eCommerce market and 53% of all eCommerce. Amazon will increase its eCommerce market dominance.

As you can see the combination of Amazon with 7-Figure Cycle is a great profit opportunity for 2018 and beyond.

We all know that eCommerce is not going anywhere, especially if you look at the trend for the past 7 years where eCommerce grew by 14% to 17% per year, which over half is Amazon, while retail sales only went up by 1% to 3% the same year.

So while this industry, and Amazon, will continue to grow you don't often get a rare opportunity to start like this. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have removed all the major roadblock that eCommerce by supplying the software/data for the product, platform to sell it on, and over half of all the search traffic without ads or work.

So what are you waiting for? Get 7 Figure Cycle using the link below and get my up to 35% more traffic bonus.

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