Chris Record’s 90-Day CBD Challenge Review – Are you in?

So I just started the 90-Day CBD Challenge by Chris Record and Peter Sorenson and finally glad I'm getting into the game with some of the best online marketers in the last couple of years.

90-Day CBD Challenge and My Story

90-Day CBD ChallengeI'll be honest, when I first heard about this 90-day challenge I was taken aback. The truth is that it has been nearly 2 years since I first started looking into CBD. I remember the potential was definitly there. It was already praised by alternative doctors, althese and health fenatics. However, it alread was weighted down by ots bagged.

Is it safe? Is a drug? Is it addictive? And the quetions ranged on without a clear or authorative answers. The shady and overpried storefronts selling the oil, and FDA sending out them letters to seize has not helped the cause as well.

However, in the summer of 2017 I decide to start selling CBD oil. I had the name, domain, a nearly signed contract with a price label company, the money to get it started, basically the whole thing was ready to go. Did I do it?

No, and once I found about the challenege and read upon just how big CBD has gotten since the summer of 2017, I kicked myself so hard I nearly fell down. I mean I was close to getting started with it 1.5 years ago, and now what? I'm probably too late.

Despite being butthurt I decide to take up the challenge and do some more research. Now, I'm not going to say i'm glad I didn't get in earlier. Sure it was a lot riskier, and no one really knew if it will indeed take off, but the reward would have been steep.

Is It The Right Time To Promote CBD Oil?

Now that the risk has gone way down, even mroe so with the farm bill that just passed, is it still profitable?

Supringly, yes. I still think getting in earlier would be a wise choice but if you are risk sensetive this is actually the best time to get into it. You see, now that CBD is proclaimed as a miracle oil by celebrieties, TV doctors, andeven atheltles it is taking on steam.  Add the fact that the farm bill passes and FDA is backing off it's a great time to get started.

You know why? Because it will take years for big comapneis like Wallmart and Amazon to start selling it on a big scale. The beauty of being an online marketer is that we can jump on opportunities rather quickly. Most of as are 1 or a few persons team and ge timplement and excecutes things in days if not hours.

On the other hand, huge, and especially publicly traded, companies have to go throught a lot of red tape to do the same.

That's why I all in on this 90 day CBD oil challenge.  Are you with me?

90-Day CBD Challenge Bonus: SEO > All

Okay, I'm a bit bias when it comes to onlien traffic and wholeheartly believe organic traffic is simply the best. I mean let's get real, people searching for what they want in Google and finding your site is the definition of perfectly targetted vistors. You probably Google dozens of times a day without even realizing. How many times do you click on ads?

Which doesn't mean ads can't work, but with ads you need to work smarter and not harder. With SEO? You can work either smarter and use techniques to be on top or just harder. In fact, I can give you a startegy on how to bring hundreds if not thousands of highly targetted visitors without paying a dime for SEO services. It's a bit of work, but if you're on a budget or want to become an authoirty in CBD than this will work really well for you.

In fact, as a bonus I'm offering 2 stratgies that you can use seperatly, combine or do a bit of both. One is more technical but takes less time, the other requires ground work but works as well. With that said, I actually like yo combine those and get the benefits of both.

So if you're interested in joing the  90-Day CBD Challenge and getting my bonus please leave a comment below.

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