AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review and Bonus

I'll be honest, this will not be your typical review of AffiloJetpack. In fact, this article is more about affiliate marketing and and how the Affilo Jetpack 2.0 fits into all of it. So if you want to learn something something useful, keep reading.

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So Why Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketingDepends on who you ask, affiliate marketing is considered one of the best or worse ways to earn online. On one side you have the people that go on how it is affiliate marketing is the easiest to get started with because you don't need your own product or capital. On the other you have the gurus that claim that creating your own product is the only way.

The problem is that all vendors are also affiliates, but not all affiliates are vendors. What I'm trying to say is that you always need affiliates to promote your products.  Even if you're biggest guru online, you will still only do a small fraction of sales if you don't have affiliates.

How do you get top affiliates to promote you?

You might think that creating a kick-ass product would be enough, but that is not the case anymore. There are more than 50 product launches a week and at least 5 of them are major ones. Try competing with that.

The best way to get affiliates is to promote their stuff. Which goes back to the original saying that all vendors are also affiliates.  So unless you are some kind of super affiliate or know ways to sell your products without any,  you will want to become one.

Becoming An Affiliate With AffiloJetpack 2.0

Iaffilojetpack logon the recent years there have been a lot of changes in affiliate marketing. Some of it is because of competition, like parts of affiliate marketing have become over-saturated, but most are due to market changed. The evolution of the the internet and social media had the greatest impact out of everything.

Just a few years ago if you wanted to buy something or had a problem and needed a solution, a quick search was sufficient. There was no social media, 100s of reviews and consent stream of new information. People were just happy to find information they were looking for.

That is why direct linking, creating a simple opt-in page or slapping an add on your site was enough to bring in tons of commissions. Now on the other hand you need proof, social media, and well written content. It has got to the point that sometimes even  500 word reviews are not enough.

Mark Ling actually saw this coming and prepared for it wisely.  Instead of going the same route as everyone else of throwing traffic at squeeze pages or reviews and watching what will stick, he went one further. He started to create whole websites around the most profitable niches. This allowed him to  give out good quality information to his visitors while enticing them to input their emails.

This allows Mark to not only gain trust and authority because of his niche specific blog, but also unlimited amount of leads. Leads that can then can recommend products (based on the authority and trust) and make triple or quadrupedal what he would have made from a single sale.

If you want the exact 5 Step Formula Mark Ling uses you can download his free eBook by Clicking Here.

Where Does Affilo Jetpack Fit Into This?

If you download the eBook from above you will see that it takes a lot of time and effort to build such sites. While they are definitely worth the trouble, it can be overwhelming for many people just starting out.  Just take a look at what it takes to create 5 sites.

5 website with affilo jetpackAs you can see above it can take up to 6 months to create those 5 sites.  However, with AffiloJetpack it will take less than 6 days to do the same thing. Not only that but it will cost 3 times less as well.

That is why I recommend checking out the Affiliate Jetpack by Mark Ling. If you still want more information check out the free ebook or sign up for Mark Link's live showcase Here.

However, if you're an action take and know a good thing when you see one. You can grab AffiloJetpack 2.0 with my discount of $250 below.

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