Amazing Selling Machine Review with Pros & Cons [ASM 11 2019 Bonus]

If you're earning or ever wanted to earn with Amazon the Amazing Selling Machine 11 is your best bet. After all, third-party sellers, like the ASM users, are outselling Amazon itself.

Creators: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback
Niche: Amazon FBA
Official Site:
Price: $4,997 or 6 payments of $997

Amazing Selling Machine Users + Other Seller Vs Amazon

amazing selling machine reviewNow, it's not secret that Amazon is dominating eCommerce in United States, and slowly the world.

I'm not going to bore you with 100 stats but here are 3 most important ones:

  • Amazon has $234.61 billion in sales in 2018 (44.8% of the total eCommerce market)
  • $136.07 billion of sales (58%) were made by third-party seller, including the amazing selling machine users.
  • It's projected Amazon will have 47% of total eCommerce sales in 2019. Which will equal $285.52 billion and third part sellers will get over half again.

Amazon Is Fine With Getting Outsold

It might come as a surprise to many that third-party seller, companies and people that sell on, are outselling Amazon itself.

However, is it really? I mean Amazing Selling Machine members are making a bank using Amazon FBA and it's only going to grow.

In fact, Jeff Bezos knows this and it's even written in this years annual report. Here's the quote from it “”third-party sellers are kicking our first party butt. Badly.”

However, they are totally fine with it as their profits have never been higher. Just look at the graph below.


The truth is that Amazon has the resources and technology to help you sell products with ease and have them fulfill it. This way you make money and they make money, win win situation.

Amazon + Amazing Selling Machine = $$$?

I always laugh when people say that eCommerce is finished because Amazon controls nearly 50%. Now don't get me wrong you can still make money in eCommerce outside of Amazon, but why?

Even established brands increase their sales by 30% to 60% using the Amazon FBA. If you're brand new you can ride Amazon's coattail all the way to the bank.

After all:

if you can't beat 'em, join 'em”

I say this half joking, because you can still sell on Amazon and on your own website, shopify or storefront. It doesn't have to be sold on Amazon exclusivity.

The Amazon Selling Machine

However, if don't have store, website or even an idea but still want to create a powerhouse earning you money online with eCommerce ASM 11 is your best bet.

I never saw a course that lays out what seems to be complicated series of processes so easily.

For example, I'm not an eCom experts, not even close. I consider myself a marketer or an entropenuer at best. I'm in it to become a brand like Nike or Rolex, no I'm in it to make the money.

If you're in the same boat, that's great! However, it doesn't matter if you want to take over the world with your ecom brand, or just want to make a good living selling things online, Amazing Selling Machine 11 is your ticket to do it.

Secret Why Amazon is the Selling Machine of the World

asm amazon amazing selling machine 11When you're browsing on Amazon do you ever notice that underneath the title it tell you by who it is sold? Like this:

As you can see those headphones are sold by beats yet they are on Amazon and include free 2 days shipping with prime.

This is because Amazon, aside from selling products themselves, is a marketplace that allows thirt-party sellers to use Amazon and their FBA (fufilled by Amazon) platform to sell things.

Which means the items sold on Amazon, getting the benefits of trust, authorirty, free shipping and handing Amazon offers, but without the items being sold by Amazon itself, seller gets most of the profits.

Yeah, but Amazon wouldn't allow their marketplace to be overruned by third-party sellers. Now would they?

Well, at of now 68% of all items sold on are from third-party sellers. Which means out of the Amazon's $258.22 projected slase in 2018, $175.59 billion will be made by third-party sellers.  Compared to $82.63 billion of Amazon's direct sales.

Best part? Amazon not only encourages it but makes the whole process of selling on Amazon both profitble and easy.

But why? It's just damn good business to them.

You see, by allowing third-party sellers Amazon can remain on dominating the eCommerce without the the need for extra logistics and management of outsourcing products.  They rather focus on fulffiling the others were they already have an army of robots at their dispossile.

So as you can see it's a win-win situation if you want to sell on Amazon.

You get to sell on the world's most popular markeplace to get maximum exposure, while Amazon get's their cut and remains the top dog.

Click Here to see it in action

Your Own Amazon Selling Machine

In the end, you can use Amazon to not only start selling online, but create an entire brand worth millions. Not possible?

The fact is that Amazon is filled with some of the fastest-growing private brands in US.

For exmaple here are just 3 from the top 50 retail companies on the Inc. 5000 list 2018.

  • eLuxurySupply, with the 23,620% 3-year growth and $18.2 millionm revenue this retailr of bed, bath and home accessories takes the 15 spot on the top. 5000
  • TATCHA, luxury skincare line takes the 21st place on the list with $12 million in revenue
  • Plant Therapy, one of the most popular brand of essential oils, aromatheraphy products an related accessories on ranks 31st with $8.1 millions.

Now that's only the top 50 from a list of 5000 that include companies in all industries and not only retail.  You can check out the full lsit on if you want.

It's also important to note that these are private companies, often started with an idea, plan and good startegy.

You're thinking smaller? Maybe $100k in revenue or a million? I think aiming for 6-figures with an Amazon FBA store is in your first year is good place to start. Who knows, maybe in few years your store will be featured on the INc. 5000 page.

As you can see it's not only possible to get started selling on Amazon but could be immensly profitable if you know what you're doing.

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Inside Review of Amazing Selling Machine 11 (ASM Course)

asm courseMatt Clark and Jason Katzenback are launching ASM for the 11th time since they started in in 2013.  By the way, you do get free member's upgrade to the new version every time one is released. So if you buy ASM11 you'll be NOT pay for any new releases and as the price increases while program evolves it's a something to consider.

Now while I believe it's already clear from hundreds of testimontials, including industry leaders and amazing sellers like Stefan James, who actually got started with FBA thanks to ASM course by Matt and Jason that Amazing Selling Machine is NOT as scam.

However, all reviews and testimonials are subjective in nature so let's look at another proof that ASM is not a scam. Scam, which is also as a fraud, would indicate ASM 11 and it's owner's are doing something illegal.

Which is clearly not the case as they been releasing it for almost 6 years under their own name and had thousands of students throught those years. If it was indeed a scam it would have been closed by now.

Are their bad ASM reviews? Sure, like everything else in life ASM course has it share of haters. However, I find that most who write those either didn't complete the course or simply trying to promote something else. You be the judge.

What is ASM?

On one side it's a system that allows you to start an Amazon FBA (fufilled by Amazon) business from scratch or take your existing one to the next level.

The whole package includes web classes with over 120 lessons, software suite, challeneges, live online group coaching, access to ASM mentors,  huge community/contacts and 3-Day Live “Hands-On” Workshop event.

However, that's only the freatures you get when you buy ASM 11. There is a whole other side that in my opinion is much more important to anyone that ever wanted, or even tried, to make it online.

It's the opportunity with necessary resources and support to start a legitimine business and build a business that will last your lifetime is you choose to.

This isn't just another course that highlights the flavor of the week, or what's trenidng this month and is gone the next. It's based on a basic human need to buy things. So unless people stop buying things online this will work.

What about Amazon?

I doubt anything will happen to Amazon for the next foseasble future. However, even so with ASM 11 you're building your brand awerness throught Amazon, but are not limited to selling just on there. You can create your own storefront and sell with both.

In fact, many companies do just that and where able to build their brands to millions of dollars thanks to

Click Here to watch the video that explains it futher

ASM Amazon Course Member's Area

Let's talk about the course a bit and the details on what you get.

  • 8-Module Web Class –  Main coirse on how to build FBA business
    • over 120 that will take you about 8 weeks to complete
    • free lifetime of upgrades to newer versions
  • Online Group Coaching Calls – webinar like series with Q&A
    • new coaching call every week for 8 weeks
    • histed by FBa specialists Mike McClary and Rich Henderson
  • ASM Mentor Program – access to people that already have success
    • each one is an exprienced Amazon seller with 1.8 million in sales
    • they can help you day and night
  • ASM Alliance Platinum Access – join the communit
    • get support from mentors and members alike
    • it's filled with success stories and tips from members
  • Private Resource Vault – connections and resources
    • contact information of the top vendors and providers
    • resources to build your business as well as exclusive discounts
  • Automation Tool Suite –  collections of software to help you
    • it includes toolsets to manage states, brand launchpad, and contornual sales system.
    • as well as ASM Business  dashboard and ultimate products and keyword research

As you can see, and as I said before you get everything you need to start your Fufilled by Amazon business model from scratch and build it to a million dolllar brand.

However, I  can't stress enough the opportunity ASM course is offerring. Anyone can start an online business, but having a guided plan and the knowlege that hundreds of people, if not thousands, has followed the same plan to success is priceless. On top of that you get the support of all the members and mentors cheering you on.

With that said, let's go over the pros and cos.

Amazon's ASM 11 Pros and Cons

As promised I'm going tsummerizer this review into bite-size pros and cons. If you haven't read the review please do it builds on each one of those.

  • Pros: What I really liked?
    • Complete – you really do get all the thinsg you need to get started
    • Detailed – with 120 lessons you have the compelte pictures of building FBA business
    • Time-tested – with 10 version and 6 years you know this is not a fluke
    • Support/Community – you're never left alone to figure out yourself
  • Cons: What I'm not a fan off
    • Cost  – it's expensive to get started
    • Work -it's a not a click a button and get rich program (let me know if you find one)

The truth is that if you have the means and will you will make it work. If fact, Matt and Jason are so sure of it that they are offering a way to get your whole investment (ASM 11 and up to $10,000 in inventory) back if you follow the program and don't get results.

However, you do need to actually do the work and complete the lessons to be eligible. Then again, why wouldn't you do the work if you want to make money with it.

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Become An Amazing Seller?

amazing selling machine 11 reviewTo become an amazing Amazon seller you need:

  1. Plan, or some kind of blueprint
  2. Brand or at least a product.
  3. Implemtation of it.

Matt and Jason has you covered on the plan part 100%. They also help you find the perfect product with their resources, tools and contacts.

Implementation of it all is up to you but with their support and ASM 11 community you're never trully alone.

Do you need anything else? Is there anything missing?

Yes, the vistors, or potential buyers to purchase the products you're selling and make you commissions. in other hand the bloodline of any online business.

If you're starting with Amazon, you're already ahead of any other form of ecommerce as 55% of all online shopper in the US start their search with Amazon.

Which means over half of all buyers will come to you so you don't need to chase them. ASM 11 has whole section on this and how to rank your products in less than 5 days on the Amazon algorithm.

However, would you like to get another 34% of the 45% traffic left for free?

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus: 34% More Traffic

It's a little known fact that Amazon sold on products are not only good for ranking on their marketplace but also search engines like Google. In fact, with a specific strategy you can rank specifing product listinsg (the ones that are yours for exmaple) right inside Google.

Which means you can attract up to 34% more visitors right from the search engines. That also means 34% potential buyers and commissions. How do you do it?

I'll do it for YOU as a bonus if you decided to get AmazingSellingMachine throught a link on this site. That's mean you will not have to do any additonal work to get 34% more.

In fact, I'll not rank 1 but 15 of your listings in total. However, this bonus will decrease as there is a limit on how many listing my team and i can rank for.

With that said, the first 10 people will get 15 listing rankings.

So what are you waiting for? You are getting an amazing system, a way to get all of your money back if it doesn't work out, and 34% more traffic with nop additional work.

Get Amazing Selling Machine using the link below before it closes for 2018.

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