Asigo System Review and Bonus: Winner of 2020?

Why The Asigo System by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz might just be the best product of 2020? Three reasons:

  1. Three complete strategies to earn (Affiliate, eCommerce and Local)
  2. Built-in Traffic system (no need to spend money on ads)
  3. Evergreen (strategies worked for years and will continue to work)

The Asigo System: My Wife's Best Friend

the asigo system

It's rare that I review a system that includes what I would call the trinity of marketing that include a proven strategy, own traffic source and suitability. Well, Asigo System has all 3 and let's go over each one now.

The Strategy: Three Ways To Earn

The first thing you will notice about Asigo is that it's not limited to just one way to earn. This has to do a lot with the built-in traffic source I'll talk about in the next one, but let's focus on the strategies themselves.

Affiliate Marketing: My Favorite Way To Earn

In my 10 years as a full time online earner most of my income has come from affiliate marketing. Which is simply promoting or “pre-selling” someone else's products or services for a fixed commission or a percentage of a sale.

Now these 5% to 15% of physical products and 40% to 90% commissions for digital products. What does that mean?

Let's say you're into Saltwater aquariums, great niche by the way, and decide to recommend/promote a certain water filtration system that costs $300.

Every time someone clicks from your link to buy it you get a percentage of a sale. If you contact the vendor directly it's often up to 15%, meaning you can earn $45 dollars per sale.

That might not seem a lot but seeing how just one of the filters I'm promoting that costs around $300 has 8k searches per month that ads up quickly.

Let's say you get 1k of those searches to go through your link (with Asigo and my bonus it would probably be around 2.5k) and 5% (low estimate for a specific physical product) of the people buy the filter.

That would equal around 50 sales per month. Which comes out to $11,250 a month from a single product that you get $45 for each sale. Now, I'm not saying you $11k on your first day, but just showing you what is possible.

the potential for digital products is even greater as you oven get 40%+ for each sale.  For example one of the high tickets products I promote has 6.7k searches per month and costs around $5,000.

Digital products usually have a higher competition and lower conversion rate. So, let's low ball this one and say you could get 1/10 of the traffic so around 670 visitors per month.

With a 1% conversation rate, again very conservative, you could 6 to 7 sales. Not much? Well, this products pays out 50% commission so just 6 sales would mean a potential $15,000 per month.

Now you see why I love affiliate so much?

eCommerce: Own Your Brand Store

My second favorite way to earn is eCommerce. In a way it's similar to affiliate, after all you sell other people's products, but it's more about the sale than promotion/pre-selling.

In affiliate you focus on framing the lead to buy and in eCommerce you focus on the sale. You can combine those both strategies, but about that later.

However, the 2 differences is that your profit margin with eCommerce are bigger (up to 50%) but you also have more work. After all, you need to manage your store and focus on the customers, where in affiliate you send them off to the vendor.

The neat thing about Asigo System as well as Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz is that they found a way to simplified eCommerce where it almost feels like an affiliate with a brand.

You see, while you still handle the front end of the sale, fulfillment and shipping is done by someone else.

There is a lot of money in eCommerce.

Local SEO: Get Help For Helping Out Business

Finally, my third favorite way to earn online is focusing on small/local business and giving them the exposure they deserve.

I'll be honest, the only reason this is not higher is because I don't like to deal with clients that much. However, I keep going back to it because of how much money there could be made from local clients.

These days every brand, store or mom and pop's store wants to have an online presents, or rather they need to have one, to stay relevant in 2020 and beyond.

With local SEO you can help them get more costumers and make a loads of money.

However, what fuels all of these?

First Rate Built-In Traffic Source

What is the bloodline of any business? Traffic, AKA visitors going to your offer. It's frustrating to see so many system fail because they either had a great strategy but no traffic, or traffic but no way to use it properly.

It's like having a greatest store in the middle of no where without any signs. It might be amazing, but if no one there to see it the store will fail.

The no or weak strategy is less problematic, but can seriously hurt your profits if you don't use the traffic properly. It's just like leaving money on a table.

Well, Asigo System solves both of these problems and traffic system is probably the best in the business. However, my bonus will make it even better.

Why Asigo System Is Beloved By My Wife?

My wife is also a marketer and what she truly loves about Asigo is how it's sustainable and evergreen.

You see, my wife likes to focus on things that bring in money month in and month out. That's why she's not interested in fly0by systems or trends and loopholes.

No, she want's a system that will work now and into the foreseeable future. Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz created such system based on their own experience and thousands of their students.

The Asigo System Bonus

The bonus I've been talking about,but unfortunately you need to wait to find out exactly what it is. All I'm going to say it's going to be epic.

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