Best Place To Sell Costume Jewelry Online?

Looking to turn your treasure trove of costume jewelry into cold, hard cash? Well, buckle up because the online world is your oyster, and there are countless platforms waiting for you to showcase your sparkly wares.

From the bustling marketplace of Etsy to the auction frenzy on eBay, and the stylish landscape of Poshmark, the options can be overwhelming. But fear not, because we're about to dive into the glittering sea of online commerce to find the best place for you to showcase your baubles and bling.

So, grab your magnifying glass and get ready to discover the perfect platform to showcase your shimmering collection!

Key Takeaways

  • Etsy, eBay, Poshmark, and Ruby Lane are some of the best online marketplaces for selling costume jewelry.
  • High-quality product photos and detailed descriptions are crucial for attracting buyers on these platforms.
  • Tradesy allows sellers to set their own prices and provides guidance on pricing decisions.
  • Understanding the target audience and highlighting the distinctiveness of the costume jewelry can help tailor listings and attract potential buyers.


If you're looking to sell your costume jewelry online, Etsy offers a vibrant marketplace to showcase your unique pieces to a worldwide audience of jewelry enthusiasts. Setting up your shop on Etsy is a breeze, and you can customize it to reflect your brand's personality.

When it comes to shop recommendations, it's essential to invest time in creating high-quality product photos and writing detailed descriptions to entice potential buyers. Additionally, joining relevant Etsy teams and participating in community forums can help boost your shop's visibility and attract more customers.

Pricing strategies on Etsy can vary, but it's crucial to consider factors such as material costs, labor, and market demand when setting your prices. You may also want to keep an eye on your competitors to ensure your pricing remains competitive. Offering promotions and discounts can be a great way to entice customers and drive sales, especially during peak shopping seasons.

Etsy provides a range of tools and resources to help you manage your shop effectively, from analytics to marketing tips. Don't forget to leverage social media to promote your Etsy shop and engage with potential buyers. With the right approach, Etsy can be a fantastic platform to sell your costume jewelry and connect with a thriving community of jewelry lovers.


Exploring the vibrant world of selling on Ebay, you'll discover a bustling marketplace teeming with opportunities to showcase and sell your costume jewelry to a diverse audience of potential buyers. The selling process on Ebay is relatively straightforward. To maximize your sales, ensure your listings are visually appealing and provide detailed descriptions. Use high-quality images that showcase the intricate details of your costume jewelry. Include relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions to make it easier for potential buyers to find your items. Pricing your costume jewelry competitively can also attract more buyers.

When it comes to customer outreach, strategies such as offering promotions or discounts for multiple purchases can entice buyers to add more of your items to their carts. Additionally, providing exceptional customer service and promptly responding to inquiries can help build trust and encourage repeat purchases. Ebay's messaging system allows you to communicate directly with potential buyers, so be proactive in addressing any questions or concerns they may have.


Dive into the dynamic world of selling costume jewelry on Poshmark, where you can tap into a thriving community of fashion-forward individuals eager to discover and purchase unique pieces. If you're looking to do a closet cleanout and make some extra cash, Poshmark is the place to be.

The platform is perfect for selling your trendy accessories and reaching a wide audience of potential buyers. Poshmark provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to showcase your costume jewelry in the best light. You can easily upload photos, write compelling descriptions, and interact with potential buyers to make the selling process more engaging.

The platform's social aspect fosters a sense of community, making it feel like you're selling to friends rather than strangers. When it comes to selling costume jewelry, Poshmark offers a great opportunity to turn your unwanted pieces into cash. Whether you're looking to refresh your collection or simply declutter, Poshmark is the go-to platform for reaching fashion-savvy buyers who are on the hunt for unique and stylish accessories.

Ruby Lane

Step into the vibrant marketplace of Ruby Lane, where antique and vintage costume jewelry finds a new audience eager to discover its timeless allure. Ruby Lane isn't just a marketplace; it's an online community of vintage enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and history behind each piece.

This is the place where your vintage treasures can truly shine, attracting buyers who understand and value their uniqueness. The online community at Ruby Lane is filled with individuals who are passionate about preserving the stories and artistry of vintage costume jewelry. Here, you can engage with like-minded collectors, share your knowledge, and connect with people who truly appreciate the beauty of these timeless pieces.

The platform provides a perfect environment for your vintage costume jewelry to be appreciated and cherished by those who understand its value. So, if you're looking for a place where your vintage treasures will be celebrated and sought after, Ruby Lane is the ideal destination to showcase and sell your collection.

Facebook Marketplace

As you move from showcasing your vintage costume jewelry on Ruby Lane to exploring a broader online audience, the vibrant and dynamic world of Facebook Marketplace awaits, offering a lively platform to connect with potential buyers.

Facebook Marketplace isn't just a place to list your items; it's a bustling community where you can engage with local buyers and sellers. The beauty of this platform lies in its ability to facilitate local meetups, making it convenient for both parties to inspect the jewelry and complete the transaction.

You can leverage the power of online promotion by posting captivating photos of your costume jewelry, accompanied by compelling descriptions that highlight their unique qualities. Engage with potential buyers by promptly responding to inquiries and messages, and don't forget to join relevant groups where you can share your listings.

With Facebook Marketplace, you have the opportunity to tap into a vast network of potential buyers while also enjoying the convenience of local interactions. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to showcase your dazzling collection to the world!


If you're ready to expand your reach and tap into a new audience for selling your costume jewelry, Mercari offers an exciting platform to showcase your stunning pieces and connect with eager buyers. Mercari has gained popularity as a go-to online marketplace for selling a variety of items, including costume jewelry.

One of the key advantages of using Mercari is its large and diverse customer base. With millions of users actively browsing and purchasing items on the platform, you have the opportunity to reach potential buyers who are specifically interested in costume jewelry.

When it comes to fees, Mercari keeps it simple. They charge a flat 10% selling fee on completed transactions, making it easy to calculate your potential earnings. This transparent fee structure allows you to price your costume jewelry competitively while factoring in the selling fee.

Additionally, Mercari provides a user-friendly interface for listing and selling your items, streamlining the process and helping you effectively showcase your costume jewelry to interested buyers.

With Mercari's wide customer base and straightforward fee system, you can confidently venture into selling your costume jewelry online, knowing that you have access to a large pool of potential buyers and a clear understanding of the associated fees.


Ready to explore another exciting platform for selling your costume jewelry online? Let's introduce you to Tradesy, where you can showcase your stunning pieces and connect with eager buyers in a whole new way.

When it comes to pricing strategies, Tradesy offers a unique approach. You have the flexibility to set your prices, and Tradesy provides guidance on pricing to help you make informed decisions. This can be particularly useful when selling costume jewelry, as the pricing can vary widely based on factors like brand, condition, and style.

Tradesy's target audience consists of fashion-forward individuals who appreciate the value of high-quality, unique jewelry pieces. These buyers are often looking for something special to complement their outfits and express their personal style. By understanding this target audience, you can tailor your listings to highlight the distinctiveness and appeal of your costume jewelry.

Emphasizing the craftsmanship, materials, and design details can help attract the attention of potential buyers who appreciate the artistry behind your pieces. With the right pricing strategies and a focus on reaching the target audience, Tradesy can be an excellent platform for selling your costume jewelry and connecting with buyers who truly value your offerings.

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