7 Figure Cycle Review and Bonus Solution to eCom in 2018

If you’re waiting for the next best thing to hit the eCommerce market than 7 Figure Cycle by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton is something you need to see. Inside the review I’ll show you the groundbreaking eCom strategy that can have you profiting within hours of set up.

Creators: Aidan Booth Steve Clayton
Official Site: 7figurecycle.com

Old eCommerce With a New Model?

aidan booth steve claytonThere has been a lot of eCommerce courses in the past year or so. Some of them were good, some total crap, but base model was the same for all of them.

Each one either used Shopify for drop shipping or Amazon FBA for your own or wholesale products. Both still work great. However, increasing competition and online changes make it difficult for someone new to start making money.

That’s why if you’re new to eCommerce or just had no luck with the Shopify or FBA models Seven Figure Cycle might just be for you.

The 7 Figure Cycle System

7 figure cycleYou see, Aidan Booth and Steve didn’t try to re-invent the wheel. After all, eCommerce does over $500 billion in sales per year, so all you need is to grab a piece of that pie.

Instead, they took what works, and tried to remove any roadblocks most people have with eCommerce. Because unlike other product creators Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton don’t try to feed you BS about eCommerce.

You know the type, the ones that just tell you to pick a product that looks good and dump in $1,000 in ads to see if it sells. If not, just try another one.

In 7 Figure Cycle you get the kind of data and tools the pros use to know if a product will sell or not. This includes:

• Software that analyzes real data to filter lucrative products
• Done for you Logistics
• No need to sign contract with wholesalers (done for you)
• 3 million unique products to chose from or add your own
• Whole blueprint from A to Z

With 7-Figure Cycle you’ll be able to pinpoint the probability of any product. Which is arguably the hardest part, but it does something more.

It also leverages Amazon so you can start selling and profiting without having to pay for ads. This is because Amazon controls nearly 50% of all ecommerce sales in the United States. So your products will not only show up on the Amazon search both anywhere Amazon products are shown.

Unfortunately, you don’t get this with other platforms. Which means until now it was utilized only by the biggest eCommerce out there. Seven-Figurers Cycle changes this.

Why is eCommerce Is Best Business Model?

7-Figure Cycle ReviewsIf you look at charts, trends, or predictions you would see that eCommerce has been reining king for the past 8+ years. With a steady growth of over 15% per year and $500 billion in sales its hard to see anything stopping it.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and look at some facts.

  • 81% shoppers research their product online before purchasing.
  • 61% will read product reviews before making any purchase.
  • 71% of online shoppers believe that will get better value than shopping in the high street.
  • Visitors are more likely to abandon their shopping cart if free shipping is not offered.
  • Shoppers aged 18 to 34, spend more money online than other age groups.

There is no denying that we simply buy more and more stuff online. You can argue that we simply buy more stuff in general and not necessary online, right? Yes, but retail sales grow 1% to 3% per year while eCommerce goes up 14% to 17%.

Which clear indicates a shift, and who can blame us. While buying online you have:

  • More information about the product
  • Reviews from real user
  • Usually a better price
  • Ability to purchase at your own will
  • Free shipping and free returns (at least with amazon)

That’s why everyone seems to be jumping on the online shopping bandwagon. However, one of the most crucial statistic is that younger generation buy even more than older. Which is a great indication the ecommerce will just continue to grow.

What Is 7-Figure Cycle Price and When It Comes Out?

I only had a glipse of the true potential of Seven Figure system by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. My complete review with cost, detail overview, benefits and potential will come out once I have my hand on the complete system.

Please come back on January 23rd, 2017 for full review of 7 Figure Cycle.

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Mage Omega X Review – How Greg Jacobs succeeded were most failed?

Did you know that 4 out of 5 eCommerce stores go bankrupt within the first 18 months? Find out the main reasons why that happens and how you can flip those odds in your favor with Mage Omega by Greg Jacobs.

Creator: Greg Jacobs
Official Site: MageOmega.com

Important: Please sign up for the webinar on Sunday (on the right) to see it in action and ask any questions you might have.

Why is eCommerce the Future?

There is no question that eCommerce is booming. Just a look at the latest statistics confirms this. For example:

  • Online sales reached $394.86 in 2016
  • That is 15.6% increased compared to 2015
  • In fact, online sales represented 11.7% of all retail sales in 2016

mage omega ecommerce

When you look at the steady increase in both online sales and share of total retail sales, it is clear that online retailers are on the rise and slowly taking over traditional stores. These increases are not surprising considering:

  • 51% of Americans prefer to buy online
  • 95% of Americans have made an online purchase this year
  • 80% of Americans have made an online purchase in the last month

However, even these don’t tell the whole story because they don’t look at in demographics. For example:

  • 56% of Gen Xers (35 to 55-year-olds) prefer to buy online
  • 67% of Millennials (18 to 34-year-olds) prefer to buy online
  • Millennials and Gen Xers spend around 6 hours per week shopping online

This is significantly more than both Baby Boomers and Seniors.

eCommerce Trap: Why 4 out of 5 stores fail

mageomegax ecom fail Despite the steady growth of eCommerce and the increase of younger generations buying more online, most stores still fail. Why?

Based on my research, testimonials from owners and my personal experience it’ s mostly because of:

  • No Plan – While most people starting an online store have a general idea of how their store should look, modeling it on big retailers, not many have a real plan or clear vision.

In result, most just add as many products as they can without any research or testing and hope something sells. Which leads to more problems and fewer sales.Which creates more problems than gensales.

  • Bad Products – Problem with bad products is not only that they don’t sell, but they also dilute your brand, decrease sales of other products and make your store hard to market.

We would all love to create a new Amazon, which started as just an online bookstore before becoming a giant it is today. So start small.

  • No Time – Which takes me to time. Let’s face it, time is money, and most of us don’t have it enough of it to create and manage a whole online store.

That’s why many people simply give up on eCommerce before their store is even complete. There is a big difference between managing a store with 1000 products and 1 product.

Mage Omega: One Product Funnel

mage omega x So what if I told you that there is a way you can get started with eCommerce and reap all the benefits of it without the above problems?

You probably think I’m crazy, or that I discovered some loophole. I wish, but the truth is that this method, based on scientific research, was created by the mad genius Greg Jacobs.

Despite having multiple eCommerce stores and other online businesses, Greg wanted to find a simpler way. A one product funnel that you can create, deploy and earn from all in a single day.

This method right away eliminates 2 main reasons why so many stores fail. With Greg Jacob’s MageOmega one product funnel you don’t need a plan, after all, you only need to select 1 product. It means you also don’t need to spend weeks or months building an online store and testing products before you can earn anything.

In fact, it takes about an hour or so to build the entire funnel from the templates Greg gives you. Which includes choosing a product. Which brings me to the last reason most eCom stores fail, bad products.

The truth is that not all products are winners. In fact, only about 1 in 5 products are clear winners. That’s why it makes sense why 4 in 5 eCommerce stores fail. So what can you do to increase your chances

mageomegaxThere are ways to test a product before you try to sell it and you can learn those inside Greg Jacobs training on how to pick the perfect product inside MageOmegaX system.

However, with Mage Omega X one product funnel you don’t even have to worry about bad products as much as you would with a large eCommerce. Unlike big eCommerce stores with one product funnel you only need a few hours to test if a product is a winner or not, and not months.

So even if you end up picking a bad product, you will not lose your business over it.

Inside Look: MageOmegaX by Greg Jacobs

mage omega x members area

Now that you know the benefits of ecommerce and its obstacles. Let’s the closer look at the solution.

As you already know Mage Omega is not an average A to Z eCommerce course. However, that doesn’t mean Greg took any shortcuts when it comes to training. In fact, the training is better than some of the $5,000 eCom courses I’ve tried.

So let’s take a look what Greg Jacobs’ Mage Omega X includes:

  • Setting Up The Machine: a 6 step set up a process that will get everything ready for the one product funnel creation. You can also choose to have this done for you by Greg’s team.
  • MageFunnels DONE FOR YOU: 4 done for you master funnels. This includes the retail, free + shipping, viral, and funded today funnel. As well as the psychology and a case study for each one.
  • The Technical Chops: training on how to clone/setup your own funnel, pricing and pixel usage. As well as other resources.
  • MageWave: 16 training modules about getting traffic from Facebook that is better than most FB courses. Inside it, you’ll learn everything from getting free traffic from your Fan Page to advanced re-targeting mastering.
  • Abandoned Checkout with Johannes: a 3 part series on how to create a recovery funnel for those people that left cart before buying = more money.
  • Get Your First Sale Sessions: 4 part series on how to get started from scratch. Includes research, setup, PPE and WC ads.
  • How to Fulfill Customers Orders: a module that teaches you how to fulfill an order so you customer gets the product. A cool part here is that once you making money you can easily outsource this to a Virtual Assistant for just a few dollars.
  • Why Funnels Vs Traditional eCom? Greg Jacobs explains why he prefers 1 product funnels vs regular eCommerce stores.
  • Product Research: in-depth training on research, niche selection and picking the perfect product to sell.
  • Graduate and Scale: methods on how to scale your business by hiring virtual assistants and buying wholesale.
  • Live Webinars Recordings: recording of other students case-studies, training and scaling.
  • Over The Shoulder Series: video training that shows you, Greg, researching a niche, products and setting up the traffic.
  • Crowdfunding Dream Bonus: an interesting mage omega bonus that will teach you how to create your own product and launch it.

Done-4-You Mage Omega Bonus

mage omega bonusHow would you like an eCommerce veteran to do the product research for you? With it, you can have winning products turn into your 1-product funnels before you finish the course.

However, this is time limited bonus that will give you 5 hand-picked product ideas based on the niche of your choice. Best part? If for some reason even 1 is not a winner, you’ll find one that is to replace it.

Are you ready to start earning with Omega Mage X?

Having your 1-product funnel creates 2 things that no other ecommerce system can.

  1. mage omega reviewAn eCommerce income in a day instead of months.
  2. Automation of winning products for hand-off profits.

These two are the game changers that tap into the huge $394.9 billion eCommerce industry. Whichnow you can be a part of.

Greg Jacobs literally give you Done-4-You funnels that can be deployed and profited from in a day. Create 5 of those, with the help of my bonus, and you can have $1,000 a day in funnels. That’s $356k per year income.

What you have here is a rare opportunity that will change the way you think of eCommerce. However, if you want takes advantage of it you need to act now.

Don’t let this go to waste. Click below to get Mage Omega now.

Click Here To Buy It Now


100K Factory Revolution Review Exposing The $500 Billion Market

Did you know that eCom sales will reach nearly $500 billion by 2018? Find how you can have a piece of that with 100K Factory Revolution by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Creators: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
Official Site: 100kfactory.com/go
Price: $2,497 (or 3 payments of $997)

Deciphering eCommerce And The Future

100k factoryThere is no denying that eCom is one of the biggest driving forces of online economy. In fact, last year alone eCommerce reached $394.86 Billion in sales and represented 11.7% of all total retail sales.

Which means that more than 1 out of 10 of all purchases in the United States was made online. Just look below at the chart below for actual numbers for the past 4 years

reviewAs you can see the growth of online sales has been steadily increasing by a over 15% for the past 4 years. Which aligns exactly with marketing predictions.


As you can see eMarketer Projections are almost spot on compared to actual sales. For example they predicted $392.5 billion in sales for 2016, and the actual number was $394.96.

However, that’s just the sales for this year. Current projection estimates $491.86 Billion in sales and around 14% of market share in 2018 and over a trillion dollars by 2030 and 25% market share of all retail.  As you can see there is a lot of money in eCommerce.

How To Get Into The eCom Game

100k factory reviewIf someone asks me what is the best way to make money online my answer in both 2016 and now in 2017 is eCommerce. It is not only one of the most profitable ventures, but also the safest one.

There are many good, okay and bad online opportunities, but most of them come and go, or at least slowly fade away. However, eCommerce has not only been a staple throughout out internet history but also have the best projection for the future.  It can be based on three things.

  • Opportunity -with thousands of difference products to sell in hundreds of niches you’ll always have something to offer. This means you don’t have to fight with hundreds of other marketers selling the same thing.
  • Profitability – while profit potential with eCommerce has been always big, it also required a hefty upfront investment. However, with drop-shipping and special 100k Factory fulfillment (which I’ll talk about in a moment) this is no longer the case.
  • Stability – as you can see the eCom market is a pretty stable one. Which makes sense as more and more people buy things online and will continue to do that on daily basis. So unlike internet trends and loopholes, you know this will last.

So if you want a business that is both profitable and sustainable, then you can’t go wrong with eCommerce. Especially if you’re using a tested system like the 100K Factory Revolution.

Which paves the way to profits by taking care of the things like: logistics, product selection, store creation, finding buyers, and even creating an evergreen funnel among other things.

Inside Review of 100K Factory Revolution


The first thing I noticed about 100k Factory Revolution is that it’s a lot different than most online products out there. Unlike other courses where the product creator just slaps a few videos together and calls it a day, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton actually seem to go out of their way to make sure you succeed.

100K factory Revolution This is even evident in the structure of the systems. Inside the 100K Factory Revolution you will start building your business along with Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton and other 100k Factory members.

This is done with regular training videos, weekly live training, resources (which includes tons of Done-For-You items) and software tools that you will not find anywhere else.

All of this is specially tailored to get you to the run rate of $100k per year in profit within 8 weeks with only 2 products to sell (or more if you like).  That means earning at least $274 a day after just 8 weeks of training.

So what are the 7 Steps it takes to create $100k?

  1. Choose Product – based on Aidan and Steve recommended niches.
  2. Test Profitability – with the new software suite you’ll be able to test any product to make sure it is a winner. No more guess work.
  3. Engage Your Demographic – using the the new guidelines and technology you’ll be able to focus only on the buyers.
  4. Activate Your Shopping Cart – use 100K software to kickstart your sales the minute you go live.
  5. Initiate Traffic Machine – the combination of Aidan and Steve own traffic getting strategies, as well as 100k Factory students they were able to build a software that does it for you.
  6. Optimize Conversions – Once that is done you can start testing and tweaking to maximize profits and scale.
  7. Rinse & Repeat –  it usually takes 2 to 4 products like this to go from 0 to $100k per year. However, you can go for $200k or even more.

That’s not all, like I previously said Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton seem to really care about feedback and in 100K Factory Revolution they tackled 3 major issues eCommercer’s have.

  • Done-For-You for Push Button Solution – with this release each of the 7 steps has either done for you option or a software solution. This means you will not get stock on any step.
  • Faster, Easier and More Profitable Marketing – finally a fool-proof software that eliminates confusion and tactical errors. Meaning your ROI will always be on the + side.
  • Warehouse Connection – for the first time you can use Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton own network of internationally located warehouses. This means that you don’t have to use drop-shipping from China, and can send items directly from buyers country like the US. Even if you’re not located in that country.

100k Factory Revolution Bonus: Unlimited Organic Traffic

100k factory bonusWithout a doubt one of the best sources of online visitors is organic traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo. Just remember all the times you search online for something using any of these search engines. In fact, you most likely found this review  by searching for 100K Factory Revolution or related term.

However, it is also one of the hardest to get. That is why I decided to offer a bonus no one else dare to. That is provide you with SEO service for up to 4 of your stores for a year at ZERO cost. That means on top of the the traffic sources you get inside the course, you will also keep getting free unlimited organic traffic from the search engines.

Why 100K Factory Revolution?

100kfactory.com/goWould you like an slice of the $394.86 Billion eCommerce pie? The truth is that in this day and age anyone can create an online store and profit 100k or more from it.

However, most will never do that because they are never presented with such opportunity. No one will take them by the hand and help them create over 6 figures income online.

You on the other hand have that rare opportunity. Aidan Booth’s and Steve Clayton’s 100k Factory Revolution gives you all you need to create your own future. Click below to get started now.

Click Here To Get My Bonuses And Get Started

eCom Edge Review

Every wanted to become Amazon super seller without having to buy $1,000+ eCom course? Then eCom Edge by Ryan Martin and Joshua Zamora is something that you should definitely check out.

ecom-edge-logoInside eCom Edge

The eComEdge.com offers a step by step system that allowed Ryan Martin, a Amazon selling machine, generate over $350k in cold cash. Now if you ever wanted to take advantage of such a powerful platform like Amazon FBA without spending an arm and a leg this is definitely worth checking out.

Why Amazon FBA?

The beauty of Amazon FBA program, which simply mean fulfillment by Amazon, is the ease of use. Unlike drop shipping, which I’ve talk about in a second, all you really have to do is send it to the warehouse. After that Amazon takes care of everytning, including handling, shipping and returns.

However, there is one more big plus about the FBA program that no one seems to be talking about. You see, starting your own eCommerce or even using drop-shipping to sell on Amazon you’re missing on one of the most important factors in all eCommerce. That is trust and/or authority.

Just think about when you’re trying to buy something online. What is one of the first places you look? I bet it is Amazon, or one of the other big eCommerce stores. No one really likes to buy stuff on stores that have no brand or recognition.

Now if you’re using drop shipping on Amazon it is a bit better but the lack of fulfillment by Amazon means there is no free shipping for order $25 plus or prime members and those stores also look a bit iffy. On top of the all problems with drop shipping like lost packages, wrong items/items not in stock and so on.

In fact, I helped a friend of mine run his 1000+ plus drop shipping store for a while and said never again. It is just a pain in the butt, and considering and there is always someone who has it cheaper on Amazon.

That is why Amazon FBA with eCom Edge is the best option for eCommerce right now.

Overview of eComEdge

The course is broken down into 4 modules.

Module 1: Niches & Products – As the name states this is all about selecting a niche and products within it that will sell like hot cakes.

Module 2: Suppliers – One of the most intimidating part of having an Amazon store is dealing with suppliers, but this module makes it straight forward. You don’t have to be a sales man to get great deals with the suppliers.

Module 3: Setting up your listing – Knowing how to present your product is often the key that will make what you’re selling stand out. This is where internet marking comes into play

Module 4: Ranking your product – With a good copy on your listing it will be time to clime the Amazon search ranks. Ryan goes into great detail how to do that in a simple and legit matter.

How about OTO?There are 2 fairly interesting ones.

In the first one you get list of products that are likely to do well on Amazon. AMZ kit software that tracks your or any other selling on Amazon  and helps with ranking. Last but not least is the Interviews with popular and successful sellers.

The second is a Done-For-You kinda of upgrade. It includes product selection, where the team behind eCom Edge will choose a product for you based on your preference and 50 reviews.

Final Word

I’m personally enjoying eCom Edge and see how I can turn this to another $100k or so per year income stream. One of the things that really appeal to me about the Amazon FBA program is how hand free it is. Unlike other forms of eCommerce, this is similar to affiliate marketing which I’m already doing full time.

So again, if you want to make good commissions with ecommerce but don’t want to spend tons of money and time on managing it all, eCom Edge is just a thing you need. Grab it below now.

Click Here To Get It Now

eCom Empire Review

Thinking of making some extra cash? Find out how eCom Empire is changing the eCommerce game.

Click here for the official site of eCom Empire and massive discount.

The eCommerce Game Changer

eCommerce is by now mean a new concept and has been been around in one or another form since the beginning of the internet. However, to get into the ecom game you had to have:

  1. An established brand
  2. Big (really big) budget.
  3. A 24/7 team working on it

So unless you had at least 1 (more like all 3) of the above, you would mostly likely end up like most of the dot-com-bubble startups. That is out of business within a year.

With that said, there is a silver lining to all of this. In recent years the eCom game has been shifting to be more friend to the little guy. There now services and even themes that help you create and manage an eCommerice business without a massive team and establish brand.

However, most of the still need a big (not as big as before) upfront investment to get started with. That’s not something most people are interested in. But what if there was an easier way?

Introducing eCom Empire

ecom empireThe eCom Empire is, as far as I know, the first and only complete eCom System that helps you create an Shopify store and earn as much as $30,000 your first month with minimal investment.

We’re talking a 6 module course, complete with over the shoulder style training, taking you step by step to create a store from nothing to full time income online.

The best part is that there is no coding needed. In fact, unlike the old days you don’t even need to have any prior skills or experience to benefit from this. The eCom Empire blueprint is design in a way so all you have to do is copy and paste.

So check out eCom Empire for yourself and click below the get discount right now.