Click Animate Review and Bonus

Hey! Do you want to animate your site with Click Animate by Josh Ratta? As random as that might sound, ClickAnimate WordPress Plugin does exactly that.

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Why Would You Want To Animate?

wplogo1When I first head about this new plugin that can animate any element on the any page on your WordPress, I was not sold. After all, it seemed like one of those gimmicky products that only a certain group would use. Especially people that like to make their site flash and in your face.

I personally prefer a more clean and simplistic style. Still, considering I respect Josh Ratta and enjoyed his products so far, I decided to try it out. So I chose one of mys sites that could work with bit more animated style and got Click Animate to do the work for me. I have to say the set up and individual animation set up was as easy installing a anti spam plugin.

In fact to animate anything, where it is a text, image, video or any other element, on your site all you have to do is click it and choose the animation you like from the ClickAnimate menu.  It is done right on your site/page and works with every WordPress theme and builder.

I have to say, after I was done the site looked pretty cool and I thought that was it. However, what happened in the next few days shocked  me.

The Power of ClickAnimate

Click animateI used Click Animate on a a costume niche website. So aside from Halloween it doesn't really get that many searches. However, just few days after with the new animated images and button I noticed a lot of more user interaction.

Not only where the visitors staying longer on my site, but they were more engaging by clicking images and my animated links a lot more. This means my bounce rate will go down, I'll have more clicks and more sales. On top of that I'm getting tons of great user signals which the search engines loves.

So this little WordPres plugin called Click Animate, that  was able to aniamte a whole site with in under an hour, did all of that? I was even more shocked than you.

It wasn't until that moment that i understood how powerful this the plugin can be. But does it work on more serious sites? That what I wanted to know as well.

It actually does! It depends on the subject matter and what are you going with by even animating one crucial element on your site can make all the difference. Do you have a ad, video, button or any element that you need visitors to see? Animating it will greatly increase the chances of that.

So as you see, Click Animate is not only a fun visual plugin to play around with, but a serious way to increase engagement, opt-ins and commissions. It as plugin that every internet marketer should have.

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