Digital Worth Academy Review – Rank and Bank like it’s 2010 in 2019?

What if I told you there STILL is a way to set up online property, work at it a few hours a week and generate full time income? Digital Worth Academy by Andrew Hansen and Sara Young offers you that chance.

Digital Worth Academy Creators: Andrew Hansen and Sara Young
Niche: Affiliate SEO
Price: $1997 or cost of 3 payments of $797
Click Here: Official Site

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Digital Worth Academy: Back To The Past?

When I started going through the Digital Worth course and inplementing what I've learn, it felt a like a blast from the past. You see, when I started online all I did was build websites, or assets, get them into Google and profit.

Simple, right?

What if I told you, that these days are back? Or better yet, they never went away.

The truth is that a proper SEO strategy, one that doesn't try to game the search engine using shady tactics,  has workrf and continues to work all this time.

Proper SEO with Digital Worth

Digital Worth Academy a course complete with a software suite that focuses on proper SEO to create onlien asssets that produce results and a steady income for moths or years to come.

Like I said before, despite what you might have heard or have been taught in the past, SEO and organic traffic from sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo has not gone anywhere.

In matter of fact, it has only has increased with the mobile revolution. Some people that never used search engines are now searching using only their voice. This means voice command searches are a big part of the results.

That’s why small web properties has been my number one source of income for the past five years. After all, you most likely found this site by typing in one of the search engines Digital Worth Academy or a similar keyword. Yes, it works.

Review inside Digital Worth Academy

DW Academy is broken down into seven sections, which includes over 30 modules and 150 videos on how to start from scratch and build a 6- figure or even 7-figure business.

Also comes with a software that will help you identify profitable niches and keyword as well as build the those web properties from ground up.

On top of that you get at 10 weeks if coaching with Sara, Andrew and their team. This is to assure you get the necessary help each step of the way. If needed they will take you by the hand into profits . It’s done with live webinars, 1 on 1 chats, support desk and forum.

Finally, you will become part of the family of like-minded people in the Facebook group.

All in all, I think it’s great time to get started and profit with small blog sites. The time is now.

Why SEO Has The Best ROI

seo academyI always laugh when I hear top online marketers bad mouthing SEO. After all, how can you get more targeted traffic than someone typing in, or saying, what they want and your page shows up for that phrase. It doesn’t get more targeted than this.

For example if somebody is looking for a “best drone for under $50” that person is ready to buy a drone for $50. You simply will never get that kind of targeting with Facebook ads or even Google ads. Why?

For one, as they’re usually not that specific, but most importantly people that know what they want don’t click on ads. Just think about it yourself, when you search on my for something specific do you click on ads?

I didn’t think so, you most likely click one of the results. Therefore it’s so powerful, but most online marketers hate it because they don’t know how to do it. On the other hand, with courses and ads you are always spending money.

With SEO you can scale without any more money, or even without that much more effort. In fact, once create your first profitable web property you will finally understand how easy it is. After that you can build as many as you want.

The key is to have a strong foundation. Once you build it up with DW Academy it is smooth sailing from there.That is why I think SEO is not only the most targeted traffic, but it is also the best in the best and most profitable.

As you scale you do not need to spend more money to get more traffic. In fact once you lay down the foundation and continue to update your website you traffic would just increase with no extra work.

Digital Worth Academy Bonus: Organic Traffic Done-4-You

bonusWhat if I told you that I will rank your first web property for you, at no extra cost or work for you. That means you can now get started with Sarah and Angela even quicker than before.

As I’ve said before, search engine optimization has been my main source of income for over five years. Now let me take those years and put it to good use on your bonus. In fact, I will show you how to do it yourself.

I think this is a much better bonus than some e-book or software that you don’t really need. I’m talking about having a professional SEO do it for you for free. That’s a $3,000 value.

However it all starts which YOU

You see even if you get the best course, system, or someone that will do the SCO for you (like me with the bonus) you still must be the person that takes first action. No one can do that for you and while I know it’s hard, think about what you are losing by not acting.

I started earning a full-time income online five years ago. And while it seems it took a year to do that, the truth is it actually took 5 years. You see I that started first got started back in 2007, but after trying one system that could have worked if Iy id what I was told. I simply gave up and called it a scam.

5 years later I decided to give it another go and despite of some four-year with pretty much no income I knew it was no longer scam. Now it’s your turn.

If you really want to make money online, and based on this review and what you have learned about Digital worth Academy you should know if it’s right for you or not.

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