DNA Inner Core Review – Wealth Blueprint 2.0

How does learning business from a guy that did $68 millions last year sound? Welcome to the review of DNA Inner Core from the guys, Peter Parks and Andrew fox, that brought you DNA Wealth Blueprint 2.0.

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The $25,000 DNA Blueprint Master Mind

dna wealth blueprint mastermindThe idea for DNA Inner Core came from the yacht mastermind hosted by Andrew Fox, Peter Parks and featured Com Mirza (net worth $550 million). Each of the attendee had to pay a whooping $25,000 entree fee to spend 3 days with these guys.

However, it is one thing to host a mastermind of such caliber it is another to deliver on the promise.  So how did they do? You can watch the video to find out Here, but in short everyone can't wait for the next year mastermind.

DNA Wealth Blueprint Inner Core

dnd inner core logoAfter realizing how much of massive success the mastermind was these guys decided to form a inner core, or inner circle if you like. A private community filled with members like Andrew Fox, Peter Parks, the mastermind attendees, and top some of the top online entrepreneurs in the world.

DNA Inner Core is a membership website that features the newest and greatest marketing trends, best traffics sources, conversions tips, sales gunnels and launching products info you can find.

As of now, August 2015, DNA Wealth Blueprint Inner Core includes 6 modules the forum and some sick bonuses.

Module 1:  – “The Six Figure Funnelizer – 7 Juicy ‘Step by Step' videos how to crank out $10 – $25 k a month from 8 leads.

This one is all about VSL's and how to land leads, sales and clients the right away.

Module 2: “A Player Magic”- Scaling your business to $10,000,00 leveraging other peoples talent By Peter Parks

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to leverage other peoples talent and scale your business.

Module 2: “A Player Magic”- Scaling your business to $10,000,00 leveraging other peoples talent By Peter Parks

Do you want thousands of leads for just couple of hundred bucks? Peter Parker, I mean Peter Parks (sorry couldn't help myself not including a Spider-man into the mix) shows you how.

Module 4: “Maxium Outsource Ouput” Grow to 7 and 8 figures fast By Peter Parks

Learn from the best entrepreneurs how to build outsourcing workforce to 7 and mutiple 8 figures.  the exactly blueprints with software and training is inside the DNA Inner Core.

Module 5: “Recurring Revenue Animal” Launching Zapable – $789,453.26 Recurring Revenueand reverse engineering your way to a $50 million exit (1 hour 9 mins Recorded LIVE from $25,000.00 yacht mastermind)

This one speaks for itself.

Module 6 – “Million Dollar Product Launch Copy” – Breakdown of the $1.42 Million Dollar Easy Sketch Pro Sales Copy (1 hour 28 minutes taken from $5,000 per person San Deigo workshop)

Would you like to write a mutiple million copy for as little as $100? Now that is what I call a good ROI.

Make sure to check back on August 11th for the full review when Wealth Blueprint DNA Inner Core launches. Click here to watch the videos.

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