Incredible Dream Machines Review and Bonus

You're telling me there is a way to start a 7 figure online business without a investing the money yourself with Incredible Dream Machines? I take a closer look at Greg Jacobs new crowdfunding business starter in the review below.

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Starting An Online Business With Crowdfunding

incredibleddreammachines logoIs Greg Jacobs crazy, or onto something big? That was my initial thought when I heard about the Incredible Dream Machines system.

It is a well know fact that starting an online business is cheaper and easier than a brick and mortar one. The gurus have been saying that for years as there is no need for a dedicate location, staff, or mortgaging your house to get it going. In fact, all you really need is a couple of hundreds for a website (or you can go DIY way) to get started.

The only thing gurus don't tell you is that an online store, unlike like brick and mortar, is marketing intensive. So without any form of marketing, that can easily add up to thousands of dollars per month, your online business will be like physical store in a middle of nowhere. There is no foot traffic or people simply passing by in the online world.

That is why unless you fancy your chances of being one of those sites that naturally get popular, you have a better chance getting struck by lighting, you will have to do some kind of marketing. Which isn't a bad thing if you know what you're doing or/and have thousands of dollars to burn, but it is also why 98% of online businesses fail.

Another important factor to point out is that if you want a 7 figure business, you will need to have a product or at least your own stock. Which increases the need for capital tremendously.  So while online businesses can be extremely profitable, you still need invest a lot of money to fail.

How about the Incredible Dream Machines way?

Once while talking to a business owner, who went from rags to riches and was the only guy to have a cellphone back in the day, told me how you never invest your own money into a business.  I'm just sorry that it took me so long to figure out how to apply this in 2015 to an online world.

As I pointed out earlier the cost of starting an online business adds up quickly and can make you fail before you even started. However, what if I told you that you can start 7-figure business for free with Incredible Dream Machines and crowdfunding?

Wait, isn't crowdfunding just for new ideas? That's exactly what I thought before I heard Greg Jacobs talking about it. Now I know that only 5% of crowdfunding projects are new ideas. So if you have one of those, Incredible Dream Machines can definitely make that happen, but it also works wonders for the rest of us, the 95%, who just want better way to make an income.

That is why it is important to see the Incredible Dream Machines for what it truly is, an online business opportunity for the future. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but a legit way to start a online with a multi-million dollar potential. How would that change your life?

If you're like me, or any online entrepreneurs, you most likely imaged yourself rich and successful. Maybe owning a big house, a exotic cars or traveling the world. However, do ever image the process you went through to get what you wanted? If you're not sure, think where you will be in in 5 or 10 years if you continue doing exactly what you have been doing so far.

The problem is that most of us, myself included, focus on what we want and not how to get it. It is like waiting a slice of a pie, you might picture it vividly and even image how it tastes but it will not appear from thin air.  You need some kind of action to place that slice in your hands.

That is why I think Incredible Dream Machine is the complete package. It doesn't just tell you how simple it is to start an online business, but shows you all the steps to get started.

Overview of The IDM Course

Incredible Dream Machines flowAs you can see about Incredible Dream Machines is all about:

  1. Finding a market/niche with people ready to buy.
  2. Finding the right product for it.
  3. Launching a a crowdfunding campaign.
  4. Delivering the product.
  5. Scaling up.

It only takes those 5 steps to start a campaign that can generate thousands or even millions of dollars online with crowdfunding. It is like being paid upfront to start your own online business. A true dream come true, won't you say?

Ok, this is all great but let's get to the Incredible Dream Machines system itself. What's inside?

The Dreamers Path – an 8 weeks training that will help you understand and mater the process of starting a business with crowdfunding.

This includes niche research, lead generation, sourcing, launching, delivering and doing it over.

Software –  sick and tired of old school niche research? Well, I know I was because I always seem to make a mistake doing it. However, Greg Jacobs has mastered it to a science and the software does it for you.

Achievement Tree – Between the dreamers path and software you have everything to start a successful crowdfunding campaign.  However, if you're anything like me sometimes you just lose focus.

If that ever happened to you than fear not, Increadible Dream Machine features achievement tree that tracks your progress automatically. So you know exactly what you have done and what else needs doing.  This is a great motivators.

Incredible University in Las Vegas – how does a 3 day live event sound? With IMD you get a special invite to attend the now famous event in Vegas. This is worth it alone.

Vegas Shark Tank –  inside the Vegas event you will have a ability to pitch your idea/business to wealthy investors. So your crowdfunding business can turn into a 9 figure enterprise.

Greg's Rolodex – Greg Jacobs has been in a game for a while and has access to the people that can put your product into thousands of stores fast. Imagine having that kind of connection.

Community Anchors – last but not least is the Incredible Dream Machines community of mentors and like-minded people.

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My Personal Incredible Dream Machines Bonus

What is the one thing that every business needs, and can never have enough off? That is the main thing that I focused on when deciding an bonus to a complete system like Incredible Dream Machines.  Do you know what it is?

Traffic!It doesn't matter if you are a small online store or a multi-billion company like Amazon, you will always need visitors. That is why I decided to offer a way that gives you an unlimited amount of free traffic.

Unlike other bonuses I will not simply give you a eBook or bunch of resources, but do a full year of search engine optimization and branding. This will not only allow you do get traffic from search engines like Google and Bing based on your keywords, but increase your brand knowledge and awareness for free.

I can't imagine a better Incredible Dream Machines bonus than that. However, if you do find one please leave name it in the comments below.

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