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Can you really build an Amazon affiliate site in just a minute with InstantAzon? Well, let's find out in the review below

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The Possibilities of Instant Azon

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Amazon Associates is without a doubt biggest affiliate program, over 2 million sellers, for physical products out there.  It has over 250 million produ

cts ready to promote and after you sign up creating affiliate links take seconds. That means no more signing up for each offer or being approved like with other programs or CPA offers.

With so many product there is very little to no competition yet the demand for psychical products is constantly growing.  After all everyone buys the stuff online anyway. So what's the problem?

Well, despite making some good money on Amazon I never really got into it that much because I'm quite lazy. The whole i

dea of building niche related stores, I'll say why these are the best in a minute,  was just too tedious and time consuming for my taste.

You have to build the site, write content/review and keep adding products one by one. I've tried a few system and software to automate them but most did a crappy job to be honest. Some would take as much time as doing it manually and others looked like a website from the

90's. Not to mention the limitations of using the systems themes and specific plugins.

It was all too much for me and I decide to set aside Amazon until I found something that would work for me. Now it seems that the time has come with Instant Azon.

Building Niche Stores with Instant Azon

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Now I'm not going to say how InstantAzon is greatest Amazon system ever, or how it will make you a millionaire in a days. However, it does hat it was designed to, populate your site with Amazon ads, in fast and simple way.

This means every time someone clicks on any of the ads/products on your site and buys it from amazon you will get a commissions. This is a great way to earn money from amazon without having to write reviews or hard sell anything.

This brings me to the crucial point of niche based stores/sites.  Unlike stores that have a little bit of everything a niche based store offers only specific products in a niche or market.  This gives you instant:

  • Authority – if you have a whole store about something you know a thing or two about it
  • Trust – would you prefer to buy from a specialist or someone random?
  • Target Audience –  these people are ready to buy and not just browsing
  • Sales –  You give people what they want to buy anyway.

That is why I decided to only build niche related stores and not big eCommerce websites.  Don't get me wrong eCommerce can be great, but it is time a full time business where a lot of money and time has to go in before you see results.

On the other hand InstantAzon let's you create tiny sites that are to start generating sales and commissions instantly.  Grab your copy below and get my bonus on how to get unlimited traffic to your store.

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