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Jason Hartman is an inspiring and motivational entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the business world. Through his hard work, dedication and resilience, he has achieved success beyond what many would have thought possible. He is someone we can all look up to as an example of how far determination and ambition can take you. His story gives us hope that with enough effort our dreams are attainable too.

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Hartman started out as a humble real estate agent but soon worked his way up to become one of the most sought-after investors in the industry. Alongside this, he founded several successful companies which paved the way for him to establish The Jason Hartman Foundation; a charity dedicated to helping those less fortunate than himself across the globe. It’s this kind of selfless endeavor that really sets Hartman apart from other entrepreneurs – it shows just how much he cares about making lasting positive changes in people’s lives.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, over recent years Hartman has also become an acclaimed author, publishing two books which offer advice on financial literacy and investing strategies for budding entrepreneurs looking to make their mark on the world. With such an extensive portfolio already under his belt at only 41 years old there’s no doubt that Jason Hartman will continue doing great things well into the future!


Jason Hartman is a renowned real estate investor, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has been in the business for over two decades and is best known for his achievements as founder of The Platinum Properties Investor Network. His success story began when he started investing in rental properties while still an undergraduate student at Indiana University. After graduating with honors from college, Jason went on to become one of the top producing Realtors® in Orange County, California.

His passion for real estate eventually led him to found The Platinum Properties Investor Network – a complete turnkey solution for residential real estate investors that allows them to invest remotely across the country without ever having to leave their homes. Through this successful enterprise, he provides educational resources, market analysis tools, investment strategies and mentoring services designed to help people achieve financial freedom through smart real estate investing.

Armed with decades of experience and knowledge under his belt, Jason now takes great pleasure in sharing his insights into the world of real estate investing with others. With enthusiasm and dedication, he works hard every day to educate aspiring investors how they can create long-term wealth by making wise decisions about their investments. And it’s clear that these efforts are paying off; today’s rising tide of property owners owes much credit to Jason Hartman’s inspiring guidance and leadership. Onward we go towards exploring the exciting possibilities available through savvy real estate investing!

Real Estate Investing

Following his success in real estate investing, Jason Hartman has become a nationally recognized speaker and investment expert. He’s passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom through sound investments, as he believes everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy their journey towards wealth. His knowledge is well-respected by many within the industry, making him an authority on all things related to real estate.

Jason offers both online classes and live seminars to help people start or advance their real estate careers. From basic tips for getting started to more advanced strategies for creating large portfolios of rental properties, Jason provides valuable insight that helps investors make informed decisions when it comes to buying and selling property. He also shares his experience with other investors through podcasts, books, and articles – offering invaluable advice every step of the way.

As part of his mission to empower individuals financially, Jason founded the Jason Hartman Foundation. The foundation focuses on providing access to education and resources to those who need them most – from at-risk youth looking for career opportunities after high school graduation to families struggling with everyday costs like food insecurity and medical bills. Through this work, Jason hopes to create a better future for generations ahead and inspire others along their own paths toward economic independence.

The Jason Hartman Foundation

Over the past 10 years, The Jason Hartman Foundation has been instrumental in providing over $1.5 million to charitable organizations around the world. This impressive statistic demonstrates the dedication of this foundation towards making a positive impact in communities everywhere.

The Jason Hartman Foundation provides both financial support and volunteer opportunities for those looking to make a difference in their local community. Through its programs, it empowers individuals to work directly with youth-oriented charities and promote educational advancement through social and economic development initiatives. Additionally, they provide scholarships and mentorship opportunities for college students who are committed to achieving success beyond academics.

By giving back to society, The Jason Hartman Foundation is helping shape future generations into responsible citizens who will help create positive change within their communities. Through their tireless efforts, thousands of people have benefited from being able to access resources and skills that allow them to reach their full potential. With such an inspiring mission at heart, it’s no wonder why so many have chosen to join forces with The Jason Hartman Foundation and become part of something greater than themselves. Transitioning now into discussing podcasts and books associated with the organization…

Podcasts And Books

Building on the work of The Jason Hartman Foundation, one can also get to know Jason better by listening to his podcasts and reading his books. His podcast series consists of nearly 400 episodes that cover topics like real estate investing and personal development. They provide an inside look into how he got started in business and offer advice for those looking to build their own wealth. Plus, they’re entertaining enough so you don’t feel like you’re just being lectured!

What’s more is that many of these episodes are available as part of a book package. This allows readers to dive deeper into specific aspects of Jason’s life and learn from some of the best minds in the industry. From investment strategies to lifestyle philosophies, there’s something here for everyone who wants to find success. With each new volume, it becomes easier to understand what drives this successful entrepreneur – making him worth every penny invested in his products or services.

Jason Hartman Net Worth

It’s no secret that Jason Hartman has made a name for himself as one of the most successful real estate investors in the country. With his net worth estimated at over $50 million, it’s easy to understand why people are interested in him and what makes him so successful. But is there more to this success than just having a great business acumen? It turns out that many of Jason Hartman’s successes have been attributed to his ability to network with others and capitalize on opportunities he finds within these networks.

Jason Hartman knows how to find potential investments through networking with other well-connected individuals who may be able to give advice or suggest possible deals. He also understands how important it is to build relationships with those around him, both inside and outside the industry. By making connections and forming partnerships, he can tap into resources that will help grow his portfolio faster than if he acted alone. This strategy has served him well throughout his career as an investor, allowing him to make better decisions when considering investments and increasing his chances of success overall.

In addition to being savvy about networking opportunities, Jason Hartman is also very adept at leveraging existing contacts by pitching ideas or finding joint venture partners for future projects. His ability to identify win-win situations helps ensure that all parties involved get something out of any deal they do together – whether it’s money, knowledge, or access to new markets or customers. As such, networking has become an integral part of Jason Hartman’s investment process which has ultimately contributed greatly towards his high net worth today. These networking strategies have allowed him not only to stay ahead of trends but also take advantage of opportunities before anyone else does – thereby helping drive his impressive wealth further upwards. Moving forward into the next section then: How can we learn from Jason Hartman’s methods and apply them ourselves in order maximize our own networking opportunities?

Networking Opportunities

No matter where you are in your business career, one of the best ways to further it is to network with other professionals. Jason Hartman understands this and offers many networking opportunities for his clients.

One such opportunity is The Meetup Group created by Jason himself. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people who share similar goals or interests. You can find events hosted by Jason as well as local meetups held in cities around the world. Networking through these events can be invaluable when it comes to learning new strategies, getting advice from experienced investors, and finding potential business partners.

By attending these types of gatherings, you’ll build relationships that will help you succeed in the long run – whether it’s connecting with mentors or making deals within your industry. Taking advantage of all the available resources helps create a strong foundation for success and growth; something Jason knows firsthand from his own experience. As he likes to say: “Networking doesn’t just get you contacts – it gets you respect.” With those words in mind, let’s look at how investment strategies and advice can give shape to that idea of success.

Investment Strategies And Advice

Now that you have the networking tools to build relationships and make connections, it’s time to turn your attention to investment strategies. Investing can be a great way to secure passive income streams, but there are some essential rules of investing that must be understood before taking action. To get started, analyze the market in which you’re interested in investing, understand what type of risk is associated with each opportunity and choose an appropriate strategy or combination of strategies based on your goals and financial situation.

When evaluating potential investments, pay close attention to liquidity, diversification and fees. Liquidity means how easy it is for you to convert assets into cash if needed – this should always be taken into account when making decisions about where to invest. Diversification involves spreading out your money across different types of investments so that any losses in one area won’t significantly impact your overall portfolio. And lastly, keep an eye on the fees associated with specific investments; these often include commissions or maintenance costs that may eat away at returns over time.

With these tips in mind as well as researching additional resources like professional advisors or online courses, investors can gain confidence in their ability to approach potential opportunities with greater understanding and insight. With such knowledge and guidance from industry experts, it’s possible to confidently embark upon various real estate-related activities like property management services.

Property Management Services

At Jason Hartman, we understand that property management can be a daunting task. This is why our team of professionals offer comprehensive services to help take the worry out of managing your rental properties. From handling tenant relations and lease agreements to collecting rent payments and arranging for maintenance or repairs, we are here every step of the way to ensure you have a successful investment experience.

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients through professionalism and reliability. Our commitment to quality customer service includes creating transparency between landlords and tenants, providing timely responses to all inquiries, and ensuring everyone involved feels secure about their investments. With Jason Hartman’s experienced property managers on your side, you can rest assured knowing that your real estate portfolio will remain profitable year after year!

With this strong foundation in place, it’s now time to explore entrepreneurial ventures that will increase profits while minimizing risk factors.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Taking the next step in real estate investing is something that Jason Hartman has always been passionate about. His entrepreneurial ventures have allowed him to succeed and help others do the same. From launching his own podcast network, The Creating Wealth Show, to creating a variety of online courses and educational resources for aspiring investors, he’s dedicated himself to helping people become financially independent through real estate.

His success as an entrepreneur led to many media appearances on networks such as FOX News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV. In addition to providing valuable information about investments, Jason has also shared his expertise with publications such as Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Investor Business Daily. He’s helped countless individuals understand how they can use real estate investment opportunities to create wealth or supplement their income.

With these experiences under his belt and a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in this industry, Jason continues to offer guidance and support for anyone looking for financial freedom through property investment. Transitioning into media appearances calls for further exploration into how Jason has used his platform to inspire action amongst other entrepreneurs across the world.

Media Appearances

Jason Hartman is no stranger to the media. He has been featured in numerous publications, from magazines such as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine, to television shows like CNBC’s Power Lunch and Fox Business News. His expertise on real estate investing and wealth-building strategies have made him a sought after guest by outlets around the world.

Not only does Jason share his knowledge through interviews, but he also produces content of his own. He hosts two popular podcasts – The Creating Wealth Show and Travel with Jason – both of which provide invaluable insight into success building tactics. With these platforms, Jason shares his unique perspective that has helped thousands achieve their financial dreams.

Ready to explore how Jason puts his success toward good use? Let’s delve into his philanthropic endeavors!

Philanthropic Endeavors

The world-renowned entrepreneur, Jason Hartman, is one of the most philanthropic people you’ll ever meet. Known for his generous donations to numerous charities and causes, he’s always looking for ways to help those in need. From providing basic necessities like food or clothing to supporting educational initiatives around the globe, Jason has made a significant impact on countless lives.

He believes that it’s important to give back and make a difference wherever possible. He knows that by doing so, we can create meaningful change and provide opportunities for others who may otherwise not have them. With each donation he makes, Jason is helping build up communities and empower individuals across the world – something he deeply values as an influential leader himself.


I. Conclusion
In conclusion, Jason Hartman is a remarkable example of what can be achieved with hard work and resilience. He has built an impressive portfolio in real estate investing and his Property Management Services are sought after by many investors looking to make the most out of their investments. His podcasts, books, and other entrepreneurial ventures have been incredibly successful, making him one of the leading voices in this industry. In addition to all these accomplishments, he has also made significant contributions to philanthropic endeavors through The Jason Hartman Foundation.

II. Real-World Example
For instance, the foundation recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity to provide much needed housing materials for those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. This project was funded by donations from individuals as well as companies such as Amazon and Lowe’s Home Improvement who provided building supplies at discounted rates or donated outright. Through his charitable activities, Jason Hartman has shown himself to not only be an astute businessman but also someone dedicated to helping others achieve financial success too.

III. Final Thoughts
The life story of Jason Hartman shows that anyone willing to put forth the effort and dedication necessary can turn their dreams into reality – no matter how ambitious they may appear on first glance! He serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere who seek success both financially and personally while keeping sight of giving back to society along the way.

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