Kibo Eclipse Review – Best eCommerce Course 2022 + Traffic Bonus

The Kibo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton breaks the popular belief that eCommerce is hard and expensive.

Their method explores the idea of a new simpler and less expensive way to start an eCommerce store.

What is The Kibo Eclipse?

The Kibo Eclipse is an 8-week eCommerce training course with software and additional resources to create a fully profitable eCom store quicker and easier than using traditional methods.

Kibo eclipse review


 The “under the radar” eCommerce method:

  • Doesn't rely on Amazon
  • Doesn't rely on Facebook
  • Doesn't require inventory

It based on a Tokyo Store that is turning billions using best-selling products rather than focusing on a specific niche. As result, they can have quick winners and maximize profits for winning products while dropping the losing ones.

The method perfectly fits into the competitive online selling world and Aidan Booth as well as Steven Clayton has been using it for two years to make a fortune.

Scale Code: Easier Said Than Done?

The Kibo, which means Scale in Japanese, Code uses a simple method that focuses on best-selling products and removing the ones that don't sell. Hence, you can scale it quickly and profit greatly.

Make sense, you want to sell more after all.

What if I told you that most stores do it differently?

In fact, if you go into almost any retailer the thing you will see is either sale items or display ads, for the sale they are having. As a result, the first items you see are the ones that “must” go rather than are top sellers.

While that's not the case all the time, especially with seasonal items, but the idea stays the same. Retails need to sell things because it takes up space. Both the space on the selling floor and storage inventory that can be used for other items.

That's why sales, displays and other forms stores use to push merchandise are actually ways of them getting rid off of the unsold goods.

Why won't they focus on just selling the best sellers?

It's harder to do than it sounds, especially for brick and mortar stores. To do it successfully you would need to predict winners at a greater rate and take losses on the losers.

Most retailers are structured in a way that switching to this is nearly impossible. The Tokyo store is an exception.

The Kibo Eclipse: More Profitable Way To Do eCom

kibo eclipse by AIDAN BOOTH steven claytonWell, Aidan and Steven found a way to model an online store based on the Tokyo store in Japan, and it's totally crushing it for them.

Here are a few reasons why it works so well:

  • No Inventory – having no inventory means no need to be stuck with the losers, or try to make promotions/sales for them.
  • USA based Sellers – the code uses the USA drop shippers so your customers get items quickly and painlessly.
  • Smart logistics – you'll have all the information to pick products and make sure they are profitable quickly.

As you can see they solved the 3 major problems.

  1. Having inventory that doesn't sell – need to discount it
  2. Too long shipping – from China it's around 30 days
  3. Keeping it organized – easy to use dashboard

With that said, let's take a look inside.

eCommerce for 2021 Decade

There is no denying that the way we do shopping has changed dramatically in the last year or so. While some of us are itching to get out and go shopping, just to get out and do something different, we still do most of the shopping online these days.

To tell you the truth I did most of it, like millions of Americans, online even before the pandemic. It's just way more convenient and hassles free. That's more true than ever before and the demand is just going to increase.

The harsh reality is that it will take a long time, if ever if some politicians have their say, to get back to normal. Many of us thought it will be a month to 3 and we'll be back to our regular life I no time. Then 6 months passed, 9 months and we're close to a year and things are not getting better.

However, the honest truth is that most fortunes are made during a time of crisis. So, while we might be down and devasted it is time to rise up and get to the action. Do what is needed to get the ball rolling with the Kibo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

I mean it's not like things will change by themselves for you with no action? They only get worse that way. It just happens that this is the best time to get on it and do it right. Why? What's happening in the e-commerce industry now.

So, online shopping will only increase and the demand for a better experience and more items is constantly rising.  Is this the sign to jump on board? Or you still waiting for more? – What You Get?

You get all the training, coaching, support, community as well as software, storefront, product pages, product databases, and identification tools.

All of this is part of the control center that guides you through the entire process. I'm talking hand-holding at it's best.

However, you probably heard it all before. Doesn't every system offer this? The simple answer is no, they don't.

You see, the difference between Aidan Booth's and Steven Clayton's Kibo Eclipse and other systems is simple, they deliver on the promises.

One of the best indicators of this is the simple process you need to perform. There are no hidden loopholes or exploits. All you need to make it work is  5 things:

  • Good domain – the tool is included to find those
  • Storefront – a theme and all things you need
  • Profitable Products –  use software to find those
  • List products – start setting up them with ease
  • Instant Traffic – send untapped traffic to it
  • USA-Based Suppliers – make sales and they send it
  • Optimize – keep best sellers and drop the losers

That's all it takes to succeed with The Kibo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Kibo Eclipse Bonus

One of the best things you can get by getting Kibo Eclipse is my bonus. Sound awesome? It is because you see KC Quantum doesn't rely on Facebook traffic.

So, what is my bonus? Simple, more traffic that doesn't come from Facebook? In fact, it's going to be free organic traffic that builds upon the traffic you'll be getting from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Isn't organic traffic expensive and takes a long time?

Well, all forms of traffic can take a long time to work/test and could be expensive if you don't know what you're doing. I on the other hand got it down to a science.

I'll help you rank products that are already performing well and only need more visitors to sell even more. Sounds simple right?

The whole bonus is that I'll do 5 products for you and teach you the method. This means you get 5 campaigns for free and a way to learn it.

Why Kibo Eclipse?

2020 was a monumental year for eCommerce and there is no denying it. In fact, according to some sources, it has gained 30% to 50% more sales than in 2019.

However, if you thinking it's just an off year because of the pandemic you're forgetting the most important part what will make 2021 even bigger than 2020.

It's not only about sales. The sale part is obvious as people battle coronavirus they don't go out as much, but the demographic is the key to 2021 expansion.

It's a known fact that millennials love to buy stuff online, so do Gen X and new adults from Gen Z. However, older generations weren't so keen on the idea until we had a global pandemic.

That's the most important part. Did you know there are 69.56 million Baby Boomers in the US. That's 21.2% of the whole US population. The only other generation that has more people, 72.12 million is the Millennial generation.

Add another 20.87 million from the Silent Generation and the potential pool of buyers increases even further. Does that mean everyone from these generations started shopping online?

No, some already were, and while other might never buy online, but the amount of new online shoppers has increased tenfold and they are not going away even when the pandemic does.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab The Kibo Eclipse now.

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