Mage Omega X Review – How Greg Jacobs succeeded were most failed?

Did you know that 4 out of 5 eCommerce stores go bankrupt within the first 18 months? Find out the main reasons why that happens and how you can flip those odds in your favor with Mage Omega by Greg Jacobs.

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Why is eCommerce the Future?

There is no question that eCommerce is booming. Just a look at the latest statistics confirms this. For example:

  • Online sales reached $394.86 in 2016
  • That is 15.6% increased compared to 2015
  • In fact, online sales represented 11.7% of all retail sales in 2016

mage omega ecommerce

When you look at the steady increase in both online sales and share of total retail sales, it is clear that online retailers are on the rise and slowly taking over traditional stores. These increases are not surprising considering:

  • 51% of Americans prefer to buy online
  • 95% of Americans have made an online purchase this year
  • 80% of Americans have made an online purchase in the last month

However, even these don't tell the whole story because they don't look at in demographics. For example:

  • 56% of Gen Xers (35 to 55-year-olds) prefer to buy online
  • 67% of Millennials (18 to 34-year-olds) prefer to buy online
  • Millennials and Gen Xers spend around 6 hours per week shopping online

This is significantly more than both Baby Boomers and Seniors.

eCommerce Trap: Why 4 out of 5 stores fail

mageomegax ecom fail Despite the steady growth of eCommerce and the increase of younger generations buying more online, most stores still fail. Why?

Based on my research, testimonials from owners and my personal experience it' s mostly because of:

  • No Plan – While most people starting an online store have a general idea of how their store should look, modeling it on big retailers, not many have a real plan or clear vision.

In result, most just add as many products as they can without any research or testing and hope something sells. Which leads to more problems and fewer sales.Which creates more problems than gensales.

  • Bad Products – Problem with bad products is not only that they don't sell, but they also dilute your brand, decrease sales of other products and make your store hard to market.

We would all love to create a new Amazon, which started as just an online bookstore before becoming a giant it is today. So start small.

  • No Time – Which takes me to time. Let's face it, time is money, and most of us don't have it enough of it to create and manage a whole online store.

That's why many people simply give up on eCommerce before their store is even complete. There is a big difference between managing a store with 1000 products and 1 product.

What I like about Mage Omega is that they focus on one product or service and run with it. You can do the same with local lead generation. Read my Parallel Profits Review – Best way to earn in 2019? or a Bust? to know more.

Mage Omega: One Product Funnel

mage omega x So what if I told you that there is a way you can get started with eCommerce and reap all the benefits of it without the above problems?

You probably think I'm crazy, or that I discovered some loophole. I wish, but the truth is that this method, based on scientific research, was created by the mad genius Greg Jacobs.

Despite having multiple eCommerce stores and other online businesses, Greg wanted to find a simpler way. A one product funnel that you can create, deploy and earn from all in a single day.

This method right away eliminates 2 main reasons why so many stores fail. With Greg Jacob's MageOmega one product funnel you don't need a plan, after all, you only need to select 1 product. It means you also don't need to spend weeks or months building an online store and testing products before you can earn anything.

In fact, it takes about an hour or so to build the entire funnel from the templates Greg gives you. Which includes choosing a product. Which brings me to the last reason most eCom stores fail, bad products.

The truth is that not all products are winners. In fact, only about 1 in 5 products are clear winners. That's why it makes sense why 4 in 5 eCommerce stores fail. So what can you do to increase your chances

mageomegaxThere are ways to test a product before you try to sell it and you can learn those inside Greg Jacobs training on how to pick the perfect product inside MageOmegaX system.

However, with Mage Omega X one product funnel you don't even have to worry about bad products as much as you would with a large eCommerce. Unlike big eCommerce stores with one product funnel you only need a few hours to test if a product is a winner or not, and not months.

So even if you end up picking a bad product, you will not lose your business over it.

Inside Look: MageOmegaX by Greg Jacobs

mage omega x members area

Now that you know the benefits of ecommerce and its obstacles. Let's the closer look at the solution.

As you already know Mage Omega is not an average A to Z eCommerce course. However, that doesn't mean Greg took any shortcuts when it comes to training. In fact, the training is better than some of the $5,000 eCom courses I've tried.

Done-4-You Mage Omega Bonus

mage omega bonusHow would you like an eCommerce veteran to do the product research for you? With it, you can have winning products turn into your 1-product funnels before you finish the course.

However, this is time limited bonus that will give you 5 hand-picked product ideas based on the niche of your choice. Best part? If for some reason even 1 is not a winner, you'll find one that is to replace it.

Are you ready to start earning with Omega Mage X?

Having your 1-product funnel creates 2 things that no other ecommerce system can.

  1. mage omega reviewAn eCommerce income in a day instead of months.
  2. Automation of winning products for hand-off profits.

These two are the game changers that tap into the huge $394.9 billion eCommerce industry. Whichnow you can be a part of.

Greg Jacobs literally give you Done-4-You funnels that can be deployed and profited from in a day. Create 5 of those, with the help of my bonus, and you can have $1,000 a day in funnels. That's $356k per year income.

What you have here is a rare opportunity that will change the way you think of eCommerce. However, if you want takes advantage of it you need to act now.

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