Marketing INC. 3.0 Review and Bonus – A Must See for 2017

What happens if you combine Glen Allsopp (ViperChill) and Dirk Diggy (SerpShaker)? Two guys with cool names and one of the most kick-ass marketing courses of 2017, Marketing Inc. 3.0.

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No BS Review of Marketing Inc

marketing inc 2Now I decided to do this a little different than most reviews out there. I want to show you the bigger picture and why I'm dropping my SEO service to start doing niche marketing service immediately.

You see my SEO service consist of offering a wide range of of search engine optimization services in a NYC. Sounds great? The only problem is there are thousands of similar services like mine in New York city.  Out of that there are hundreds of big agencies both local and nation wide targeting the same thing.

Services-NYC1Are you seeing the trend here? Despite the large number of businesses in NYC it is almost impossible for the little guy to grab any piece of the pie. It is like opening a mom and pop's grocery store in a place populated by Wall-Marts, K-marts and all the other marts out there.

Can we agree on the fact that it wouldn't be a smart idea to do so? That is how I feel about offering marketing services in NYC.

However, the whole goal of Marketing Inc 3.0 is something completely different. Something that despite being all around me I have never saw as an opportunity.  That is offering marketing service in specific niches.

ViperChill goes on how some of the top Inc. 500 companies are offering such services but it didn't fully click with me until I realized that it is much bigger than that. Almost every high successful small business does the same exact thing.

coffee storeThink about all those niche specif shops popping up all over the world.  I'm talking about shops that are offering 20 or 50 different types of coffees. Nothing else just coffee.

Now if you never tasted coffee before and wanted to make sure you get the best one. Would you go to any supermarket and pick-up the generic coffee found on the shelves? Or would rather go to a shop that specializes in coffees?

I would definitely go the the coffee shop because I would know these guys are the experts. That is the whole point of Marking Inc. 3.0 and niche specific markets. By focusing on a niche you will have two huge advantages over all the other marketing firms.

  • Instant trust and authority (if you sell only coffee you have to know about coffee)
  • Ability to chose your clients as an expert

Niche marketing gives us, the little guy, the ability to compete and win clients in specific niches without the manpower and budgets of ad agencies.

So What Do You Get?

The Marketing Inc. 3.0 comes complete with online training to get you started fast. It is all web based and doesn't require downloading anything. It also comes complete with 8 week live training and Rob Kassner case study as a binus.

The training covers all the basics of offering niche specific service as well as the mindset behind it.  Which is just as important considering you will learn to work smarter and not harder.

One of the best parallel profits reviews is mine on here.

The Training – All The Pieces of the puzzle

puzzle-pieceOne of the problem with earning online, or any form of internet marketing is that year by year it's getting more complicated. Note that I didn't say harder, which can be argued either way, but complicated.

There are more moving parts like social media, different forms advertising, SEO and more.  Basically the puzzle is growing rapidly and unless you know where each piece goes it is hard to make anything work longterm

That is why systems like Marketing Inc. 3.0 are a great way to either get started with online business or grow your existing one. Unlike other products where you only get pieces of the puzzle, and have to keep buying new ones that might or might not fit, with Marking Inc. you get it all.

Not only that but you actually learn to put it all together to your business a long term success. I think both Glen Allsopp and Dirk Diggy are great at what they do and Marketing Inc. 3.0 will be a great success.

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