Messenger Ad Lab Review – Alex Shelton’s Marketing Course

Did Facebook ads just get a lot better with Messenger Ad Lab by Alex Shelton?

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Messenger Ads: The Best Next Thing?

messenger ad lab

Now, while messenger ads are not exactly new, been around for 2 years or so, it's one of the more exciting ways to advertise on Facebook. Especially, if you don't have a huge budget and want to get more personal with your advertising.

But what is it? The way messenger ads works is instead of having people simply clicking your ad and being redirected to a landing page, or even Facebook fanpage, they initiate a text conversation.

I'll be honest, at first, I was like it's just a gimmick. It's a not way to differentiate yourself a bit, but not something that can be sustained, right?

Well, no. In fact, the more I learn and try the ads the more I'm blown away by the power of it.

Facebook Is The Internet's Biggest Echo Chamber?

I remember when I started advertising on Facebook back in 2014, I was told I need to send them to the Facebook fan page instead of an outside landing page. Why? Two reasons:

  • Facebook prefers if send users to a destination on FB (easier approval)
  • People on Facebook don't like leaving Facebook.

Now, a lot has changed in the 5 years but people still tend to want to stay on FB rather than click at some ad. Just think about the last time you clicked on the FB ad?

Chances are that it was either something really amazing, or some you knew or at least known or heard about. Basically, some kind of connection that ties you together.

It's one of the main reasons why FB ads have been on top for big brands and marketers for so many years. It uses the echo chamber to its advantage.

Unlike Google, where you basically go and search to find other websites or even other social networks, Facebook has everything from news and weather to your friends and cat videos.

That's why it would be hard to make messenger ads work on sites like Google. It would like having one of those annoying shop assistants that won't leave you alone when you're just searching for some underwear.

Facebook, on the other hand, is quite different as you're already in a social state. And while you don't want to bother by just anyone, when you see something you like, it's a different mentality.

So, why messenger ads? They just feel less like ads, and more like conversation starters. In fact, I myself have caught myself responding to messenger ads a lot more than just clicking.

Now, that might not be the case for most people. As clicking on a “message” seems a bigger step than simply clicking on an ad, but it also means more commitment.

I mean let's be serious, how many times did you click-and-run? It's when you click on the ad and close it right away without taking any action. Messenging, on the other hand, is engaging.

If done correctly it wide your circle, get subscribers, engage potential clients and customers, and most importantly they will get to interact with you or your business even if you're not a guru.

However, crafting a good and engaging messenger ad is a different story.  That's why I want to talk about some that mastered it, Alex Shelton.

Review of Alex Shelton's Messenger Ad Lab

messenger ad lab review

After doing my research I have to say into those type of ads, Alex has really caught my eye. He's one of the few people I found that takes Messenger Ads to the next level.

In fact, he made a whole business out of it and he's teaching others on how to do the same in 30 days with messenger marketing.

So, if you already have an online business, that's great, you can start generating leads with Alex Shelton's system in no time. However, if you don't, or never even tried to have one, you still can in 30 days or less.

Now, it's a big promise but Alex backs it up with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This way you have double the time, but let's talk about what you get with it.

6 Modules of Messenger Ad Lab

  • Laying The Foundations: Here it's all about identifying your audience and creating that irresistible offer. Alex makes it look easy.
  • Winning Funnel Deployment: Learn a selling model that is already working for Alex using messenger ads and funnels.
  • Messenger Bot Engineering: Start assembling your automated Messenger Bot and learn clever strategies to do so.
  • Conversational Selling Playbook: Messenger marketing is often about building trust and relationships and this is how it's done.
  • Messenger Ad Mastery: Alex now has this down to the science and will show you strategies on how to launch campaigns that work.
  • Scaling Alchemy: Finally as you grow your business and identify the best audience it's time to scale it to the moon.

As you, Alex offers full A to Z blueprint to either start a new business or take your existing one using Messenger marketing.

Messenger Marketing Bonus

Let me say this, messenger marketing is already a big thing and is only about to get bigger. Which means more traditional advertising and even marketing will take a hit.

You can have the one, without the other. The question is on what side do you want to be? Maybe your ads are already not performing as well, or you never tried any because of the competition.

Either way, make sure to try Messenger Ad Lab by Alex Shelton before dismiss messenger marketing.

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