Mindmint Software Review – KBB Course Made Easy?

The Mindmint software takes Knowledge Broker Blueprint to the next level by combining everything you learn from the KBB Course and automating most of the manual work.

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How easy is it? Fellow member of the KBB Course, Chadi, said “a trained monkey could start a banana peeling mastermind with the course and tool” easy.

Now, I don't know about a monkey but my 6-year-old was impressed and said he would start a Lego mastermind for kids.

All jokes aside, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi had Mindmint created from the ground up to use as their own in-house event building and managing software.

So, while the monkey debate ranges on know for sure that when you used Mindmint Software you're in good company. Especially considering it costed close to $1 million to developed, update and manage.

Spending that much on a tool makes sense as Tony and Dean run events from $10,000 to $250,000. It's not like they would use a $30 List-manager to deal with it. Plus ton of KBB course members are running Mindmint to host variously priced online and in-person events as well as course sales, books and other promos

Inside-look: Mindmint Review

I started creating an event to show you how it looks

mindmint review

Mindmint Event creator is divided in 7 parts:

  1. Overview – The snapshot of your event which includes the idea and concept
  2. Attendees – Lists where you can see who signed up, who paid and who didn't and so on.
  3. Event Builder – The simple point-and-click builder and a checklist to organize everything.
  4. Agenda – Build out the agenda for your event with the simple but effective drag-and-drop builder.
  5. Funnel – Create funnels or use pre-existing by Tony, Dean, and Russell.
  6. Payments – Here you can collect all payments using stripe.
  7. Survey – Need help with agenda? Survey will extract it from you in no time.

I really enjoy how organized everything is inside the software. It allows you to unclog everything and get things done. It's like Dena says, a not to do list is as important as to do list.

With that let's take a closer look at the Event Builde

Manage event building 5 Stages with Mindmint Software

Here you have a to-do list for each stage and you can directly click on each part to go to it.

mintmind software
  • Concept – putting idea to action
  • Draft – creating agenda and survey
  • Promote – build funnel, test and publish
  • Plan – invitations, emails and details
  • Live – go live!

With just those 5 steps you can any event, workshop or mastermind ready in minutes, maybe an hour tops. 

Why I Love The Mind Mint Software

Now, I considered myself a well-organized person. At least, when it comes to my business with hundreds of Excel files alone. However, even that gets hard to handle at times.

Mind mint doesn't suffer from that same problem. I know, Tony and Dean spent close to a million on this thing, and plan to spend as much more. But it's still pretty impressive piece of software.

It takes care of probably 90% of the work of creating and managing an event from you. All you do is drag and drop when needed and fill in the blanks.

For example, if you want to create an online event you select that, follow a few steps and you're ready to start sending it to your followers or promote it to anyone you want. 

MindMint Software Also Build Websites and Funnels

I've talked about event creation and building your agenda but what about the promotion?

You're in luck Tony and Dean included website/funnel builders right inside the Mindmint Software. I found it interesting that it's much easier to use than any other software I've tried. Including word-press, wix, weebly or popular funnel builders.

Another cool features is that you can build landing pages, order pages, thank you pages and interlink everything from a simple dashboard.

In fact, here's what the monkey was able to do in about 5 minutes

mindmint software reviews

Boom! That monkey is about to make millions.

Best Part? It's free with KBB

For a very limited time only, you get a full year of the Mindmint software when buying Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

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