Mindmint Software Review – KBB Method Made Easy?

One of the tools that makes all of Knowlege Business Blueprint come together to get rid of 90% of the manual work is the Mindmint software.

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Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi had Mindmint build from the ground up to use as their own in-house event building and managing software. So, if you get Knowledge Business Blueprint you’ll be using what the masters use to build their event.

A software that costed almost a half a million to develop alone, and Dean says they’re not done making it better. No wonder why they say it’s going to be Gold Standard for events.

Inside-look: Mindmint Review

I started creating an event to show you how it looks

mindmint review

Mindmint Event creator is divided in 7 parts:

  1. Overview – The snapshot of your event which includes the idea and concept
  2. Attendees – Lists where you can see who signed up, who paid and who didn’t and so on.
  3. Event Builder – The simple point-and-click builder and a checklist to organize everything.
  4. Agenda – Build out the agenda for your event with the simple but effective drag-and-drop builder.
  5. Funnel – Create funnels or use pre-existing by Tony, Dean, and Russell.
  6. Payments – Here you can collect all payments using stripe.
  7. Survey – Need help with agenda? Survey will extract it from you in no time.

I really enjoy how organized everything is inside the software. It allows you to unclog everything and get things done. It’s like Dena says, a not to do list is as important as to do list.

With that let’s take a closer look at the Event Builde

Manage event building 5 Stages with Mindmint Software

Here you have a to-do list for each stage and you can directly click on each part to go to it.

mintmind software
  • Concept – putting idea to action
  • Draft – creating agenda and survey
  • Promote – build funnel, test and publish
  • Plan – invitations, emails and details
  • Live – go live!

With just those 5 steps you can any event, workshop or mastermind ready in minutes, maybe an hour tops. 

Why I Love The Mind Mint Software

Now, I considered myself a well-organized person. At least, when it comes to my business with hundreds of Excel files alone. However, even that gets hard to handle at times.

Mind mint doesn’t suffer from that same problem. I know, Tony and Dean spent half a million on this thing, and plan to spend as much more. But it’s still pretty impressive piece of software.

It takes care of probably 90% of the work of creating and managing an event from you. All you do is drag and drop when needed and fill in the blanks.

For example, if you want to create an online event you select that, follow a few steps and you’re ready to start sending it to your followers or promote it to anyone you want. 

Best Part? It’s free with KBB

For a very limited time only, you get a full year of the mindmint software when buying Knowledge Business Blueprint. After that, it’s $97 per month.

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