MyDailyChoice Review and How I Hated MLM For The 8 Past Years

Welcome to the review of MyDailyChoice and how it's the first MLM I've used in the past 8 years. Find out what I did to make it work.

First, What's MyDailyChoice?

mydailychoice review

In short, My Daily Choice is a network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM) company that has several brands under it including HempWorx, Mantra, and High Life Travel.

Once you're an affiliate of MyDailyChoice you'll be able to promote each one of them for commissions, different types of bonuses and even selling their products directly. I'll go over it in more detail later, but first….

Why I Hate (Hated) MLM for The Past 8 Years

I'll be honest, I to say it lightly dislike multi-level marketing because of several factors:

  • It's limiting in promotion of brands/products
    • you need to promote “their” products and “their” brand to make it work.
  • Often relies on the “fake it 'till you make it” mentality
    • Users were often encouraged to promote it as the ultimate money maker but they were making 0 themselves
  • Offers little to no real value
    • MLM training, even priced at $10k, often isn't worth it or not event that groundbreaking
  • In many cases, it's a scheme to just get people under you
    • More people you have the more you make, right?
  • Last, but definitely not least needs a huge investment to get started. I mean buying a monthly plan and then packages/upgrades of up to $10k or even $25k was the reason I quit MLM before even getting started.

Now, if you love network marketing or think I'm totally wrong that's fine, I many have built great communities and meaningful businesses out of MLM.  However, the reasons for me were enough to stay away from since a brief encounter with it in 2012.

Can you blame me? At least half of the things I said above could be applied to most MLM programs back then. One I was part of included all of it. No wonder why so many people view network marketing as “shady.”

Which brings me to My Daily Choice

MyDailyChoice Comeback?

I first heard about MDC somewhere around 2017 while researching CBD oils. It's was around the time when CBD movement was picking up momentum and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

In my research I narrowed it down to 3 options:

  1. Become an affiliate of a CBD company
  2. Start my own store and use dropshipping (third party shipper)
  3. Start my own store and buy supplies in bulk/wholesale

Out of those three, only the 3rd option was my favorite, as it seemed to be the most profitable but also included the biggest risks. Affiliate on the other hand seemed like a safer alternative.

When exploring the affiliate side I stumbled upon My Daily Choice and despite being intrigued by their business model, that could be a combo of affiliate/seller I wrote it off the first second I learned it was network marketing.

With that said, I ended up dropping the CBD project altogether because at the time it was still a taboo subject and I had a lot on other marketing ventures at the time.

Now, an important note that I need to add is that this was before the famous 2018 Farm Bill that further legitimize CBD in the US making hemp treated like other agricultural commodities.

That's when I knew I had to go back to CBD and once again started my research. However, there was one problem. Almost 2 years passed since I left my research and the competition skyrocketed since then.

At this point, I decided to focus on affiliate only and looked into different options. My Daily Choice was again on my radar, but despite having the best business model and biggest opportunities I kept downplaying it until 2019.

When I came to starling realization, is straight-up affiliate marketing better than network marketing?

Affiliate Marketing VS Network Marketing

As you probably already realized my experience and knowledge about MLM is limited, to say the least. However, affiliate marketing is a whole other story as it has been my bread and butter for the last 9+ years.

Pretty much 80%-90% of my total income from all of those years came promoting affiliate offers. I promoted everything from making money opportunities to retirement accounts and investing in cryptos and loved most of it.

I mean, there were problems with payout, I've probably lost $100k in that time period to shady or greedy vendors but affiliate marketing allowed me to do what I enjoy at “mostly” my own terms.

With that said, there was one problem that kept bugging me for years and it's becoming a real issue lately. Most affiliates are treated like crap….

Most vendors don't care about you unless you're bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars for them. If you're just a small affiliate or someone unknown be prepared to be mistreated.

You see, with affiliate marketing there is little to no relationship with the vendors. No sense of community or even loyalty.

Now, this is not the case with all vendors, in fact, I know affiliates that have great relationships with their vendors but it's mostly the big guys or in more obscure niches.

If you're in the top 3 niches

  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Relationship

Don't expect vendors to welcome you with open arms. In fact, these days you need to fight to become an affiliate rather than vendors fighting for you to become one.


Simple, there are so many affiliates out there that vendors can pick and choose on a daily basis. Vendors are no longer afraid of losing affiliates, at least in the 3 top niches, because there is a line 10 miles long to take that place.

Once again, the lack of relationships, bonds, and sense of community and loyalty. This isn't necessarily bad, after all, business is business, but as I'm getting older it's becoming more important to me.

Which is huge as I'm probably the biggest loner/introvert you would meet.

Enter network marketing…..

Okay, there is one thing that was jealous of network marketing. The ability to form a mutually beneficial group around a product or system. Despite being a loner I do enjoy the exchange of ideas and knowledge occasionally, especially online.

With affiliate marketing, there is no community because there is no incentive to form one. The only people forming groups are the ones that are already selling products or services.

You know the drill, buy $2k products, and become part of a private community…

Which are fine, but overcrowded, mismanaged and you need to pay for everything extra.  On the other hand with network marketing, you are rewarded by helping people on your team through the company, not by your team members.

Do you see the difference? With network marketing, you want to help your followers because if they get more commissions, you get more commissions and there is no limit on that. Hence, why you will help them in the best way possible.

On the other hand, if you buy a product or coaching once the transaction takes place the incentive for you to do good is gone. In fact, if you fail or at least not do good enough you might buy more of their products. It's a vicious cycle that I've been a part of at both ends.

So, while I still love affiliate marketing and will continue to do it. However, now I want to use the knowledge I've learned and make MLM fit my form of affiliate marketing and help my team along the way.

MDC is, in my opinion, the best way to do that in 2020 and beyond

MyDailyChoice: Not Another MLM Scam?

Personally, I'm not a big fan of the word “scam” and despite my feelings toward network marketing, I don't think most are scams. In fact, let's clear up the confusion as people seem to be misusing the word scam. Which is both dangerous and harmful to individuals as well as business.

So what is a scam? A scam is all simplicity a fraud. This also means it's illegal and any company that's actually a “scam” should be reported for it. The truth is that companies that are real scams don't last long.

So, let's get started why I decided to get into MDC despite avoiding MLM's for that past 8 years.

My Daily Choice. What's Yours?

One of the biggest factors for me was that the company has been founded in 2014. This is significant for 2 reasons:

  1. With 6 clean track-record you know they are doing something right
  2. They started when CBD was still in their infancy

I see it as a longterm business that I can focus on and not jump from product to product like affiliate marketing.

How About Limited Amount of Brand and Products?

If you read the start of this review you might remember me saying that one of the reasons I dislike MLM is the limited amount of brands/products. After all, you promote only what's offered through the program, right?

The problem I had that most MLM's I was involved with were digital products. Mostly training videos, live webinars or events and masterminds. In fact, most of them were not even stand-alone products but upgrades.

Which is another reason I don't like MLM, but about that later? However, to stay on the topic most network companies I was part of focuses on 1 core product and a bunch of upgrades, hence a limited amount of stuff to promote.

Fake It Till You Make It: Or Don't?

The somehow controversial statement has been a part of all forms of marketing, and life in general from the start. However, it seems to be more prominent in the network marketing world. Why?

You see, the phrase “fake it until you make it” is like a double edge sword. On one side you can use it to imitate confidence and competence as well as keep an optimistic mindset about what you want to accomplish.

Which is a well-known philosophy that some of the most successful people have used to accomplish their goals? It ties into the famous idea that if you want something you should live as you already have it.

The root of that belief is for you, and not the rest of the world

However, on the other side, you have something similar but totally different. In the above example, you're trying to “fake it” to yourself while on this side you want to fake it to the world.

Which is dishonest, to say the least, as you're no longer trying to trick yourself into being more successful, but rather trick other people to make you successful.

Do you see the difference? Most companies I encounter encourage the first one, but some do encourage the second one as well just so you can get more sales.

MDC is not like that and it's even forbidden to discuss earnings.

Where Is The Value?

My third complaint is I noticed there is very little value offered in network marketing companies. I mean you have basic training but then you have all those additional ones that rank thousands of dollars and not worth even 1/10th of it.

Let's be honest, when is the last time you learned something significant from an MLM training? Even the high-end stuff?

Unless you're totally new, probably not much.

Now, you can argue that's not the responsibility of the MLM system, or even go a step further and say that's what's why you join a team. Which is true, and my goal as well to teach you my 8+ years knowledge.

If you're paying $100 a month and buy upgrades for $1,000 or $10,000 I better learn something.

My Daily Choice s similar in that sense as their training is somehow basic. Which is fine as it's free for someone just getting started and there is no extra cost, unlike other systems.

However, taking it to the next level will usually require something more specific. For example, if you sign up under me you'll be part of the IM Learning Club and another top team. I'll talk about these below.

Low Investment To Get Started

Finally, my number one reason why I never liked the MLM model. The pressure to buy upgrades or you'll not get the commissions. You know, the $100 to $10,000 additional products to sell.

From what I understand this model is changing all around MLM  and rightfully. The idea that you need to pay into a business before you can even test it out always bothered me and like many affiliates stopped me from buying into the whole MLM trend.

My Daily Choice is a bit different in this aspect as you can actually become an affiliate for free. In fact, as long as you sell a minimum amount of products per month you'll never have to pay a dime to be part of it.

Of course, there are downsides to this as well, you'll get less commission and do not qualify for bonuses, but I like the idea of trying out a business before you commit any money to it.

Still, I went to the highest level and never looked back.

Why MyDailyChoice Team

So, why did I go all in? First of all, with the amount of research, I did I knew it was a great fit for someone that does SEO and affiliate marketing.

Second, I actually like CBD and Hemworx has some of the best quality CBD oil I purchased. The Executive pack is enough to get you the highest level, plus you get 12 CBD oils with it. So, very worth it in my book.

Once you get that all you need is 150BV a month to keep that Executive membership. All in all, it's fair, and worth the bonuses and bigger commissions.

You'll also be part of my team.

Training for All Levels

I decide to do something different than most teams I've noticed. The second you become a pre-enrolee or nonpaying affiliate you'll automatically qualify for free training on how to get your first leads for free.

Another cool part is that you can send the same training to your leads. This way you'll teach them out to get pre-enrolees from the start.

In fact, all of my basic training will be available to you and your entries at all times.  Why? Because once you or them see how easy it is and how well it works they will want to upgrade and make the big bucks.

Executive Package

Now, I considered many different options and decided to offer a special package to people that go all in. Now, before I tell you what it includes remember that you can become an Executive and gain this at any time as long as you are enrolled under me or one of my team members.

Why not give this to everyone?

There 3 major reasons why:

  • These are advanced strategies that I've collected for over 8 years of my life. They are quite valuable to me and I don't want them to spread around the internet like wildfire. If anyone has access to it they will stop being so powerful
  • Action takers rewards, once again you can upgrade later to still get this package but the goal is for you to take action, get invested in it.
  • Finally, some of the things you get, like the ability to post on this website with your own MDC link, have to be limited.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab MyDailyChoice now.

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