OMG Machines Review 2018 (Been a member for 4 years)

DavidWhat can I say after being a member of OMG Machines for 4 year? It's still going strong and only getting better, but you need to approach it the right away.

Creators: Michael Long, Greg Morrison, and David Mills
Niche: SEO
Official Site:

OMG Machines = The One Man Gang Machines

OMG MachinesThe idea for OMG actually started with Greg Morrison getting insane results from SEO back around 2011. We're talking around million in a 3 months or so from building these cash machines by himself. Hence the name one man gang.

Together with Mike Long and David Mills, Greg formed the OMG Machines. Let's take a look at each one of them.

Mike Long – The Marketer

Mike is the probably the first guy you'll meet when you join OMG, and a one that I have had most contact with. Despite earning 7-Figures pet month he's always there to to help and answers questions.

In fact, if it wasn't for Mike I don't think it could ever reach there true potential.

Greg Morrison –  SEO Expert

Greg is known around the web as one of the best SEO's in the world. Now you won't see his name is any rankings, or havinng some made up badge on his site.  He's simply not doing it for popilarity.

However, Greg is all about results and testing. If he has an idea he will test it 110 times before making sure it works every time. He definitly helped me up my SEO game more than once.

David Mills – The Brain

David is probably less know to people that are not on OMG or did not come in contact with it much. As he's the guy behind the curtain. However, OMG Machines would not be the same without him. As he's the architect behind it all.

The David Mills also created the Law of Implication on which OMG is build on.

My Exprience With The Machines

It's ALIVE! Was yelled by me when I first launched my campaign using the system. Like a proud Dr. Frankenstein I created something from parts that did nothing on its own. Only difference, mine was a lot less grusome and making me money.

All jokes aside my exprience with the training, coaches and especially Facebook group, which I'll talk about later, was mostly possitive.

I did get get stuck or lost a few times while going throught the material, there is a lot of it, but it was mostly my fault. At the beginingI didn't really utilize their  layout plan or the Facebook group.

Now before I go over the course itself and coaching let me talk about the community, or the OMG Way.

The OMG Way : Facebook

I'll be honest, the Facebook group is worth the pirce of the whole and that's saying a lot. I know many systems, courses and products offer a community, but nothing compares to this.

The OMG Way has over 22,000 members and is active 24 hours a day. If you have a question, concern or just want to see how people are doing there is always someone to answer you.

Which is great, but there is even a more important role for the group.

Connections and Resources, my friend.

With the FB group you have direct access to some of the the top online marketers in the world. Not only that, but they are always sharing their results, tips, resources, and even strategies right inside the memmbers area.

It's like being invited to a SEO party of 7 and 8 figure earners and get to ask questions.

One Man Gang Machines Member's Area

Now I usually do an overview of the etire course in my reviews so you'll know exactly what you will get. However, considering that this course has been updated almost daily for the last 6 years or so it would take 10 pages to write the overview.

However, I'll still do a basic overview of what to expect from it.

The three biggest section of OMG deal with Local SEO, affiliate marketing, and eCommerce.

Let's Go With Local SEO First

Probably one of the most popular and quickest method to make money with the machines is with local SEO.

What's local seo?

It's basically ranking local business in a specific area for a monthly fee or a lump sum. Many people find the method to their liking because of several reasons:

  • You A to Z blueprint on how to rank local sites so no need for exprience. In fact, some do it without even having a website (but I suggest having one).
  • OMG has pricing points, contracts and all the fine print figured out for you
  • Charging a monthly fee gives you stbility right away
  • You are helping actual business get more leads, customers and clients
  • You can make a butt load of money with local quickly

Are there any downsides to local seo?

Depends what you consider a downside. For example, do you like to interact with people?I noticed some people love dealing with clients and helping them out. Others want to stay aways from any interaction as much as possible.

So it really depends on you? However,  just remember that when you're doing local SEO your client is not the boss of you. If you're having a hard time with a clientyou can always fire him or her.

What About Affiliate SEO?

Now this is my domain. Around 80% of my total income comes from affiliate SEO. Despite the fact I enjoy working with some clients and have started with eCommerce, affiliate is where my heart is.

Why? I'm just lazy…

Well, maybe that's not the only reason but I just love the freedom affiliate marketing offers and would not give it up for anything. It's one of those no strings attached kind of marketing where you work when you want and for how long you want.

However, before you consider affiliate SEO you need to know 2 things.

  • Affiliate SEO means you will (unless you hire someone) have to build the sites, choose the promotions, and write the articles.
  • It takes longer to get started with affiliate than local

With that said,  OMG Machines still offer all the necessary training, tools and resources to start the best affiliuate site around.

eCommerce Is On The Rise

There are a lot ofbig things happening with eCommerce. After all, ecommece is worth 500 billion a year in the US alone.In the whole world it's over $2 billion.

However, as most are doing paid advertising using Shopify or other platform, OMG focuses on the free traffic from search engines. With it you can rank your whole eCom stores, shopify stores and even Amazon listings.

Not too shabby, right?

Well it gets better. Some of the things other OMGer's like Liz herrera are doing with eCommerce made my head spin. In fact, thanks to OMG i started ranking my own eCom stores and other people's as well.

eCommerce is definitly something to consider, even if you don't get started with it have ti on the back of your mind.

OMG Machines Bonus: Additional Safety Net?

Now what can I offer as bonus to system like this? I mean is had information from hundreds of successful students and guides for pretty much anything SEO.

However, there is one thing I can offer. Actually make that two things.

  1. I'll be your personal SEO coach
  2. I'll rank for you your first site, client or eCommerce store for free.

So grab your bonus with OMG Machines starting today.


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