Palm Beach Confidential Reviews for 2021: What’s Next for Cryptos?

The Palm Beach Confidential with Teeka Tiwari just released their Crypto Catch-Up and it's mind-blowing.

Despite Bitcoin climbing to new heights during the pandemic, it doesn't even come close to the potential of some other coins that could skyrocket 100,000% to even 1,000,000% in as little as 10 months.

It happened before in 2016/17 and it's about to happen again in 2020/21 and this is your last chance to catch-up

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What's Palm Beach Confidential: 5 Coins to $5 Million All About?

palm beach confidential reviewsTeeka Tiwari, #1 voted crypto expert, revealed the “phenomenon” that could push tiny cryptos up to 1,000,000% making 5 cheap coins worth $5 million.

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The Phenomenon after the Crisis?

palm beach confidential 2020

It feels like it took ages for some really good news about cryptos, aside from nice jump in June 2019, to get us cheering again.

That's why I was excited for with the Bitcoin halving and Teeka Tiwari's phenomenon injecting some live into cryptos, and especially Bitcoin.

Then suddenly the world was engulfed in a pandemic, COVID-19 swept across the world paralyzing everything in its path. Naturally, after a devastating event the economy plunged down and with it Stocks, commodities, Gold and cryptocurrencies.

But, wait? Wasn't Bitcoin created after the 2008 financial crisis to prevent this exact thing from happening?

Yes, and no. While Bitcoin in part was made to be a safe-haven, sorry for the expression, when shit hits the fan. It was designed for financial crisis caused by greed, and not a virus.

Another important factor is that most of the selling if cryptos came from institutional investors after the Corona Virus hit . Which is not surprising because once stuff start hitting that fan those investors needed to make margin calls, and liquidated anything and everything to meet that minimum.

That's why even Gold, which has been a safe-haven, for hundreds of years, fell.

Bitcoin Recovering: Palm Beach Confidential Picks

Teeka Tiwari phenomenon

If you look at Bitcoin in the last few days it's leaving stocks, gold and everything else behind, as it gains 19% in just the last 24 hours, 37% since March 16th and 125% since the low on March 13th.

While there is no denying this crisis will effect most markets for months, or even years to come, it will also show the power and resilience of cryptos.

In fact, I believe Bitcoin and alt coins will be the biggest winners of these financial crisis. It's not a coincidence that the biggest fortune from Rothschild to Warren Buffet were made during crisis.

Now, don't mistake profiting off the crisis, like price gouging happening across the US right now, with profit opportunities crisis create.

It's like Warren Buffet says, “be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.”

Now the whole world is fearful, and small investment of $500 to $2,500 into cryptos can go a long way when everything gets greedy.

Just imagine, if Bitcoin not only weathers the storm but thrives during crisis, what that would mean when the phenomenon comes.  The gains could even surpass 1,000,000% on some of Teeka's 5 coins.

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What Is Teeka Tiwari's Picks Anyway?

If you been following Teeka Tiwari you heard him talk about a phenomenon that happens around every 4 years, and the next one is roughly 50 days away from now.

Many have speculated it has to do with Bitcoin halving that is scheduled to happen in May 2020, but Teeka kept saying you need more than just the halving for 1,000x gains.

Which is true, as halving isn't exactly a secret as it has been written into Bitcoin code since day one by the creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, what is Bitcoin halving?

Bitcoin halving simply means that the supply of Bitcoin per day will be cut from around 1,800 to 900 new bitcoins. Which means no matter how many miners are there 10,000 or a 10 million, only 900 new bitcoins will be mined per day.

With that said, halving does nothing the supply of Bitcoins that were already mined. So, the existing ones will not be cut in half.

Decrease Supply = Increase Demand?

A decrease in new supply doesn't necessarily mean an increase in demand  and that's the main reason the halving is only part of the phenomenon.

In fact, if you look at 2 previous halvings it took several months for the Bitcoin price to start rising a significant amount.

Bitcoin Halving of 2012 Chart

palm beach confidential 2020 bitcoin halving

Bitcoin Halving of 2016 Chart

palm beahc confiential 2020 picks

The main reason for this is because the halving only cuts the new supply in half, leaving the existing one intact. So, there is no immidienit demand rise.

That's why you need a second part of the phenomenon to make the prices skyrocket, an increase of demand.

Hence, why it takes several months to a year for the prices to start rising. However, from the look of it the halving and an increased demand will correlate much quicker in 2020 than previous years.

Teeka has been talking to crypto experts and there is a possibility of a $2.3 trillion injection even before the halving. Which would mean you only have days to get started before that happens.

Now if you combine the halving, increase of demand, and cryptos proving themselves as safe-haven the prices might shatter even Teeka's predictions.

Be prepared for it earlier and profit later with PBC

Palm Beach Confidential A Repeat of 2016/17?

palm beach confidential 5 coins

If you watched Teeka's 5 Coin event on Wednesday you saw of many of the coins that increased 10,000% to 1,000,000% in 2016/17 are on the same path projection in early 2020.

In fact, they are going almost neck in neck. If you haven't seen it Watch the event now, and Teeka shows the comparisons around halfway through.

There is no denying that the market is heading in the same direction as the 2016/17 rally, or is it?

The Corona Virus did throw a wrench into the projection, but once again I'm not seeing it as a bad thing in the long run. In fact, a leading crypto analysts Tone Vays is not scared of Bitcoin trading at $2,800 as long as it happens before the halving.

Alistair Milne, British investor, entrepreneur and CIO at Altana Digital Currency Fund, also sees it as positive stating it's ‘Once-In-A-Decade' opportunity.

You see, the current crypto dip is much different than anything else we seen as Bitcoin and other coins were simply caught in the crossfire of sell offs of assets, all assets and not just cryptos.

I agree with both, especially how about it's happening before the halving, and more importantly before the phenomenon. Despite being hanging around $10k, the Bitcoin and 90% of other coins weren't really moving all that much.

I did record around 400% gains from the last batch of cryptos Teeka recommended, but it was a slow climb.

Hence, why the the dip is much less significant in the long run. If it happened after the halving it could have impacted the increase of demand and postpone the whole rally.

It really depends on how you look at it. On one side you can lament the prices dropped and stay away, or see it as a buying opportunity and get coins at 20% to 50% off.

That's how Teeka sees it and I owe my cryprto profits to him.

So what is it for you? A Buying opportunity?

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The Man Behind PBC: Teeka Tiwari Reviews

Teeka Tiwari reviewsI've been following Teeka Tiwari for 3 years now and while I like to sound like a crypto expert myself, I've learn it all from him

After all, Teeka was voted #1 crypto person by a panel of 130,000 analysts and is one of the most sought out experts and contributor to crypto news, portals and even currencies themselves.

Simply saying, Big T lives and breathes cryptocurrencies by traveling the world, meeting with crypto millionaires, and analyzing thousands of coins per month with his team.

However, Teeka has a much longer history with investing than just cryptos. He's the Shearson Lehman Bros prodigy that joined their ranks at age 18 and went to become one of the youngest vice presidents in the history of the company.

Teeka then went to start a hedge fund and made millions for both himself and his clients. Finally, after retiring from Wall Street, in 2013, Teeka went into cryptocurrencies and never looked back.

Now, he's an editor of Palm Beach Confidential, a crypto newsletter responsible for minting plenty of crypto millionaires.

What Makes Teeka and Palm Beach Confidential Different?

teeka tiwari 2020We can talk about how if you invested X amount of money into a certain coin at a certain time you would be a millionaire today.

However, ask yourself, what would point you toward that investment?

Most so-called experts are the smartest after the fact, and not before it. You know, when Bitcoin has a huge rally or even a dip, they come out of the woodwork and say how they predicted it all months ago.

The problem is none of them have any proof for it.

Teeka Tiwari and PBC are different because all of his predictions, past and present, are inside the member's area. You don't have to take anybody's word for it; you can just check it yourself.

If fact, that's the first thing I did when I got inside Palm Beach Confidential.

The portfolio section features all of Teeka's recommendations and their entry date, buy-up-to price and size for each one. That means you'll know exactly when to buy and for how much, when to hold and when to sell. No need to guess or worry.

In fact, if you would go in the portfolio right now and calculate all of Teeka's open positions it would yield 4,880% gain. That's an almost 5,000% combined return on open positions, including losses in the Crypto winter and financial crisis.

Now, I don't know about you but I never seen any other expert proof such numbers. In fact, most hedge funds manage to do only 10% to 20% annually.

It is why I know and trust Teeka with my investments, which both made me money and saved me from stupid mistakes.

You can join Teeka now too

Inside Palm Beach Confidential 2020

While I can't disclose the actual cryptocurrency picks inside, I'm still able to show you a sneak peek inside the Palm Beach Confidential subscription member's area.

palm beach confidential

As you can see above the member's area is divided into several parts:

  • Welcome Center – this is what you will see when logging into your subscription. It includes a short video from Teeka Tiwari and Tom Dyson talking about PBC. As well as 4 step start-up plan.
  • User Guide – detail explanation of how PBC works and what you can expect. A most read for all that are interested in cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto Corner – posts, PDFs, and videos on how to get started with cryptos, buying guides for anywhere in the world, wallets and storing.
  • Issues – the monthly newsletters detailing hidden opportunities and possible big gains. Watch for these like a hawk.
  • Updates – email updates from Teeka Tiwari about information that just can't wait. Includes buy and sell recommendations as well as important info.
  • Reports – these include guides, webinars, Q&A sessions all in one place.
  • Portfolio – this is where you can see all of the recommended cryptocurrencies,  5 coins to 5 million, short-term cryptocurrency, and stocks. The portfolio includes buy date, current price, return %, stop loss, and buy up to amount, so you never overpay.

It's without a doubt the most complete and comprehensive cryptocurrencies subscription I was able to find.  Even if you're a beginner and don't know the first thing about buying cryptos or the difference between a wallet or vault for storage.

The PBC has all of it in one easily accessible place. That means you will not have to scavenge hundreds of bitcoin sites,  forums or Reddit threads that often have outdated information and even dangerous methods.

Why not just go to the source with a proven record and thousands of subscribers already profiting? That's why Teeka is even sought out by advanced and expert traders.

When To HODL and When To Sell?

teeka tiwari 2020 picksInvesting in cryptocurrency, or anything really, is one thing but knowing when to sell or hold is the key to profit.

With PBC I know exactly if I should HODL (hold on for dear life) or sell, even if fake news, forums and Reddit posts tell me otherwise.

It's easy to doubt and question yourself when your investments are not doing so great. I know, I've been there with cryptos before. In fact, some of my first investments, before I had PBC, were iffy to say at most.

That doesn't mean I didn't make money, some of them gained me 25% to 50%, other lost. However, looking back if I had PBC I would average at least 3,000% with the same trades if I just waited or sold earlier.

That's why I no longer trade cryptos before checking the Palm Beach newsletter, updates, and the portfolio.

I just know that if I follow Teeka's picks, I'll not only profit big, but I'll also sleep better at night. Knowing that he's making the right decisions and making me money.

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Why Teeka Tiwari's Palm Beach Confidential, Why Now?

joinbigt.comIf you read my Palm Beach Confidential review and how the halving, phenomenon and crisis can effect the cryptos it should be pretty obvious by now.

2016/17 were to this point the biggest years for Bitcoin and cryptos in general.

However, it seems like everything, both good and bad, is pointing toward 2020 being the pivotal year for cryptos. From Teeka's early predictions, to the crisis, and finally the phenomenon.

There is no doubt that getting into cryptos in 2016 was a great idea. You could have made millions with just 5 coins and $500. No wonder why the 2017 rally minted the most new millionaires in history.

Are You The Next Palm Beach Confidential Millionaire?

palm beach confidential reviewsYou see, despite following Bitcoin, and later alt coins, for years it wasn't until 2017 that I finally decided to invest.

My coin of choice? Ethereum as it was trading for around $10 at that time and I felt it had potential.

However, the lack of confidence and experience was holding me back. At that time I wasn't part of the PBC, and didn't have someone like Teeka Tiwari to guide me through it.

Simply saying I was fearful, and it took me another few months before finally investing into Ether at $100 in May of the same year.

That means 10x or 1,000% the price I was initially going to invest. Now, don't get me wrong I still managed to 10x my investment when Ethereum hit $1,000 in around half a year, but it would have been 100x or 10,000% gain if I was quicker.

That's the difference of turing a $100 into $1,000 and $100 into $10,000.

It wasn't until I joined Teeka later that year that I found out he recommend Ether at $9. Which I would definitely do as I already was considering it, and that would be a push I needed.

Don't make the same mistake I did…

Without a doubt in my mind this is one of the best times to get into cryptos. A ‘Once-In-A-Decade' opportunity like Alistair Milne calls it

Don't be the person that wonders what could have been if you just invested $500 into those 5 coins, 6 months to a year from now.  With Palm Beach Confidential you have a rare opportunity to see it before it happens.

Join Big T In Your Journey To Millions With Palm Beach Confidential

Bitcoins Greatest Comebacks?

If you followed Bitcoin's history you know that bitcoin tends to go up and down quite a bit. In fact, in its brief history, it already had at least  4 major dips with a decline of 80% or more.

June to November 2011

teeka 5 coins to 5 million

The first notable one came in June 2011, when Bitcoin was  in its infancy. The still unknown coin reached $32 before crushing down to $2 by November. That's a 94% decline

April 2013

5 coins to $5 million plam beach confidential

April 2013 was an interesting month for Bitcoin as it went up to around $260 in the first 10 days of the month and then dropped  to $40 before the month ended, that's a total loss of 83%.

November 2013 to January 2014

teeka tiwari review

If you remember the 2013/14 rise and then crash you might not realize how similar it was to what happened to 2017/18. Bitcoin hit $1,200 in late November before going down in January 2014 and hitting a low of $150 on January 2015.

November 2017 to January 2019

palm beach confidential reviews

Similar to the 2014 event, the end of the year and beginning seemed like Bitcoin was going to the moon, but those who learned from the past were already weary.

Once again it had a high at the end of the year, 2017, and kept going until hitting a low over a year later, in begining of 2019.

Say what you want about Bitcoin and cryptos, but these coins are resilient and persistent. They just keep climbing back and even the richest and most powerfull people in the world can't stop it.

That's why I beleive they are finally saying “if you can't beat 'em, join 'em” and will be the major flood of new demand, including the $2.3 trillion Teeka talked about, of the Phenomenon that's about to happen.

Make sure to get Palm Beach Confidential 2020 before that happens and invest into Teeka's 5 coins.

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    • Thank you for the feedback, Denise.

      At this point no one truly knows what will happen but I do believe it can be a profitable time for cryptos. Just look at how bitcoin + other cryptos react when the Feds try to stimulate the market. That’s why I think it’s good to have a horse, or 5 of them, in the race. Especially, with the odds we are getting with cryptos right now.

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