Palm Beach Quant Review – Teeka Tiwari’s X-Ray Vision for 2021?

Palm Beach Quant is like an x-ray vision for the stock market. Find out how it correctly predicted 31 trades out of 37 (that's 83% accuracy) and made $45k profit in 4 months.

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Palm Beach Quant Review

Palm Beach Quant Trader

Let's get to the nitty-gritty of PBQ and just see how well it performs.

Palm Beach Quant is based on the quantitative trading system by John Rawlin, president and CEO of QuantLogik, and Anthony Casciano, space radar system engineer.

What is an quantitative trading system?

In short, it's system that relies on mathematical computations and number crunching to identify trading opportunities.

That means canceling out all the noise, news, trends and focusing on hard data. In fact, according to the creator, John Rawlin the PBQ works with:

  • 350 years of stock market data
  • At 100x algorithm speed of anything else on the market

That's a lot of data, but seeing how it's all used to predict the outcome at around 80% accurately it makes sense.

Listen, I could care less about the math and science behind it. I own a car and have no idea how it works, but it gets me from point A to point B and that's all that matters.

Same thing with Palm Bach Quant, as long as I'm profiting I'm good.

Proof Palm Beach Quant Works

There are 3 types of proof that show the true power and potential of  PBQ and quantitative trading.

Proof It Has Worked For Years

Getting a lucky call once or twice is plausible for any investor, but predicting the crash and rallies of major events is not an accident.

  • John Rawlins is on record talking about the:
    • DotCom crash and rally
    • 2008 crash and rally

In fact, he has been able to predict major Dow moves for the past 2 decades using his quant system.

Proof It Could Work Predicting Other Events

With 350 years of data you can test the system to see if it would predict events that already happened.

  • John and Anthony used the data:
    • up to 1925 to predict the Great Depression
    • up to 1984 to predict Black Monday

As you can see, the data is solid and it could have predicted both of these major financial events with just the data from the past.

Test It In Real Life Conditions

Both of the above show that crunching numbers from the past can predict major moves on the stock market. However, can it make money for regular people on monthly basis?

  • Teeka Tiwari and his team tested it for 4 months:
    • It predicted 31 out of 37 trades correctly
    • The accuracy was over 83%
    • It profited Teeka $45,000 (projected to do $135k/year)

This kind of success rate has never been offered to people outside of top Wall Street or hedge fund world. Where you need connections and millions to invest.

With Palm Beach Quant you can start at $5,000 or even $1,000 per trade and pocket all of the profits.

Here are screenshots of trade opportunities by the system

Palm Beach Quant proof Palm Beach quantive review Palm Beach quantive

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Why and How Does Palm Beach Quant Work?

Make sure you're sitting comfortable surrounded by 10 monitors, then grab a pen and paper because we're going to crunch some numbers.

I'm just kidding, PBQ is not a day trading course. In fact, after you get familiar how it works all you will have to do is spend a few seconds a couple of times per month to put in a trade and have a guaranteed shot at 6-figures from it alone.

You see, with Palm Beach Quant there is no watching the market, listing to so called experts, or checking your positions every second.

The system will simply send you alerts when it identifies an opportunity and direction on how to get on the action. There is no need to read a 30 page PDF on it.

I don't know about you, but that fits my schedule because most days I don't have the patience or the will power to read about some stock for an hour.

Palm Beach Quant: Complete System

Palm Beach quant

Let's go over everything you get with PBQ

  • Palm Beach Quant Trade Alert – the actual system that will send you alerts view email or text if applicable
  • PBQ Fast-Start Manifesto – your go-to starting guide if you're beginner or never trader in our life
  • PBQ Position Updates – more information on each position and the strategy behind it
  • PBQ Profit Alerts – exact selling alerts to take in most profits, after all you need to sell to profit.
  • Palm Beach Quant Website – all things PBQ can be found here including the members' area, updates, recommendations, training and support center.

On top of all of this you also get Double Guarantee

  • 60-Day Satisfaction – guarantee to get full store credit if you cancel during those 60 days.
  • 10X Performance guarantee you will see a minimum 10X return on your membership fee or you get a free year of service

All of this is included in your subscription at no extra cost but you need to act now before Teeka closes the door or raises the price to $5,000

Join now

How Big is Quantitative Trading?

Teeka has been around Wall Street and investing gurus almost all of his live. Apart of being the youngest Lehman Brothers employee at 18, then youngest president in the history of Shearson Lehman at 20, he also create his own hedge fund.

However, even he didn't predict the rise of quants (quantitative hedge funds) from their humble beginnings in the 1980s to the powerhouses they are today.

Just take a look at Jim Simons' Medallion fund vs S&P 500

Palm Beach quantive trading system

There is no denying that Qunts are indeed crushing it and as the technology and computing becomes faster and more powerful the gap will just increase.

Just take another look how Medallion really takes off between 1999 and 2000, when computer giants were paving their way to the top.

In fact, quantitative hedge funds are now responsible for 27% of all U.S. stock trades by investors. Which means it almost doubled from 2013 when it was 14% of all stock trades.

However, to get into those hedge funds you need to know someone, have at least a million to invest and give away 20% of your profits back.

You can get the same quality information on your own with Palm Beach Quant. Can you really afford to miss out on this?

Click Here to grab the opportunity by the horns

Why Teeka Tiwari Recommedations are Goldmines?

teeka tiwariNow, I don't know if you're familiar with Teeka Tiwari or not, but the Big T is a magnet for money.

Just past month I've invested into 5 of Teeka's recommendations and I'm already up 47% in total gains with 1 recommendation hitting 70% gain.

Just imagine investing $1,000 and gaining $470 in less than two months.

However, this seems nothing compared to what Palm Beach Quant has in stored for us and I'm ready for it, are you?

Palm Beach Quant: Quantitative Hedge Fund In Palm of Your Hand

It all comes down to a simple question.

Do you want the profit potential rivaling the Medallion fund in the palm of your hand?

You can literately use PBQ and trade on your phone without the fees and connections that are required to join a quantitative hedge fund.

To me the answer is definitely a yes. Especially seeing how Teeka first researched it for years and than tested it with real money for 4 months with great results.

Just imagine having a guaranteed shot at profiting $12,000 per month with just few moves that take around 12 seconds to do each.

That's over $140,000 potential gains with less than 5 minutes of putting in trades.

Are you ready for Palm Beach Quant?

It's closed, sorry but here's the next best thing (if not better) by Teeka


    • Hi Michele,

      Absolutely, you don’t really need prior trading experience. Of course, i can help if you already traded but Teeka has all information on how to get started inside the members’ area.
      The cost is $2,000 until midnight.

    • Hi Roberto,

      They bumped the price to $2,500 like they said they would. It’s soon going back to $5000 and only for one year from what I understand. Hope that helps

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