Palm Beach Quant Review – What To Expect from Teeka Tiwari?

Can Palm Beach Quant predict with 80% accuracy what will happen in the markets for the next 6 months? Teeka Tiwari thinks so, and has the track record to prove it. Palm Beach Quant Review

Palm Beach Quant Trader

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Now, there have been buzz growing around PBQ by Teeka Tiwari. However, unlike his other announcement this one seems to have mystery around it.

So, before we jump into what might be the biggest reveal in 2020, let’s get some facts straight.

What we know about Palm Beach Quant?

It’s a system developed by a a software engineer from aerospace and defense giant Northrop Grumman and a former member of the Chicago Board of Trade. Basically a rocket scientists.

However, what’s even more impressive is:

  • It combines complex math and science including:
    • 350 years of stock market data
    • algorithm that’s 100x faster
  • Has accurately predicted:
    • Major moves in Dow in the past 2 decade
    • Dot-com crash of early 2000 and the rise
    • 2008 crash and the run-up[ to new highs
  • Back-testing showed amazing accuracy to predict:
    • the Great Depression
    • Black Monday of 1987
  • Teeka has tested it for 4 months and:
    • It’s possible to generate $12,000 per month
    • Make $2,100, $5,100, or $7,600 in just 3 to 8 days.

It’s hard to argue with such accuracy and earning potential. Teek will be revealing all of his date in just few days

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How Big Will Palm Beach Quant by Teeka Tiwari?

Palm Beach Quant

Now, Teeka has been around Wall Street and investing gurus almost all of his live. However, I rarely seem him being so excited about an opportunity.

In fact, he took some of his crypto money to invest in this. that’s huge as Teeka has made a ton of cryptos and so did his students.

Another thing about the PBQ that has me intrigues is that Big T is partnering with a rocket scientist on this one. From my experience Teeka does his own thing, and has a team of his own researchers at his disposal. It has to be something big for Teeka Tiwari to team up with someone.

I mean how many people out there were able to predict DotCom boom, crash and increase again as well as the 2008 Crash and rise to new highs accurately? Handful in the world, at best.

Why Teeka Tiwari?

If you’re not familiar with Teeka Tiwari he’s the guy behind the popular Palm Beach Confidential, and editor at Palm Beach Group.

He also:

  • At 18 become the youngest Lehman Brothers employee
  • At 20 become youngest president in the history of Shearson Lehman
  • Made small fortune in 1998 but lost it because he “got greedy.”
  • Rebuild his wealth in 2 years after loosing it
  • Launched successful hedge fund
  • Retired from Wall Street in 2013
  • Now helps Main Street individual, like you and me, instead of Wall Street sharks.

As you can see Teeka has been around the block for a while, and knows a thing or two about good opportunities. After all, his PBC has a record of 1,700% gains even with today’s market.

Teeka’s Recommendations are Goldmines?

teeka tiwariTeeka gets a lot of praises online, but can you blame it. Individual, including me, have made a fair share of our money thanks to Teeka’s recommendations.

I’m also not talking only about those big wins in the past. Teeka is actively recommending new things, and in just about a month I’ve had average gain of 47% on 4 of his recommendation, with one being 70% gain.

On a $1,000 investment that $470 gain in a months few days. I don’t know about you, but almost 50% gain 37 days, to be exact, is something I’ll take all day, everyday.

This seems bigger, a lot bigger.

Palm Beach Quant Major Shifts

Like i said above, 47% gain is great. Especially considering nothing big has happened in the last month to result in it.

That’s why I’m pumped for PBQ and see what Teeka as well as his friend have in store for the end of the year.

Once again, there isn’t much info on it but it does have to deal with some shifts in the:

  • Stock Market
  • Gold

As well others, not kept secret by Teeka.

All in all, it seems to involve something that is at least worth checking out. I mean, wouldn’t you want to make $12,000 per month?

Sign up Now for the Palm Beach Quant event on November,ber 13th, 2019 and find out for yourself.

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