Pocket Change Millionaire Summit Review – CBD Investing

Teeka Tiwari's Pocket Change Millionaire is almost here and here's how you  can be part one of the biggest investing opportunity in the last few decades (even bigger than Cryptos).

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What is Pocket Change Millionaire Summit?

pocket change millionaire summitIt's live online event hosted by Teeka Tiwari and Fernando Cruz that will explore CBD investing opportunity that is sweeping the nation.

Now, if you think think cryptocurrency boom was big in 2017, this will blow your mind.  So, if you missed out on that gold rush and kicking yourself for it, don't be.

This is like getting into Bitcoin back when it was $243 back in 2015. In fact, CBD is on a projection to git $22 billion in 2022. That's 37x what it is now.

CBD Bigger Than Cryptos and Legal Weed?

Now, don't get more wrong. I love cryptocurrencies, and the money I've made with it thanks to Teeka. However, I've with cryptos I've hesitated and only jumped into the top ones in 2016.

Do I regret it? You bet, and I skipped the legal weed wave because I was too busy other stuff and wasn't sure it will work out.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

In fact, if I, or you, invested here's the returns:

  • Aurora Cannabis: $19,780, a 1,878% return
  • Canopy Growth: $20,540, a 1,954% return
  • Cronos Group: $64,567, a 6,357% return

However, I'll not make that mistake again and I don't know about you but I plan to invest up to 15% of my assets into.

How Pocket Change Millionaire Summit Will Help With This?

Now, like I said Brightfield Group is projecting CBD market to 37x in the next 3 years. Which is amazing, but that's the whole CBD space. It's like saying the Cryptos market cap will 37x over 3 years.

And like with cryptos some increased more, some less, for example here are some of Teeka's early cryptocurrency picks.

  • NEO: 7,125%
  • Bitcoin: 1,798%
  • Ether: 1,298%
  • Monero: 704%

What I'm getting at?

Invest in CBD with Pocket Change

Now if you want to capitalize on the 37x CBD movement you might be thinking you need to start selling it, or even producing? Like with cryptocurrencies and mining.

It's a viable option, and if done correctly but it will take work and a lto of capital to get started. So, what else you can do?

Invest, even pocket change, into specific parts of CBD market, Teeka has been researching this for some time, and make a fortune without having to sell anything.

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