Profit Engine Review – Does Affiliate Marketing Work In 2018?

I've just heard Mark Ling will be releasing Profit Engine, an affiliate marketing system that's oriented around pay traffic, in June. While there is still little to no information about this atleast product, make sure to bookmark it for future reference.

Affiliate Marketing in 2018

I'll be honest, I'm a bit excited about this one.  First of all, Mark Ling has not released a product in a while, and his last one, Learn Build Earn, was a major hit. From what I know in this one he will be joined by Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones, another powerhouse duo that focuses on affiliate.

In fact, with the surge of eCommerce courses, Forex and cryptocurrencies, it is a nice change of pace to see an affiliate offer. Hopefully, it will combine the ease of access og affiliate offers, no money or down payments required, with huge traffic  potentials of paid advertising. Which I know Gerry Cramer is a master at.

With that said let's look at some affiliate marketing stats.

It is said that the affiliate marketing business is worth around $5,000 per year, but I think it is much more. You see, unlike ecommerce and other forms of businesses that deal with physical inventory, affiliate are not documented as much. There is no official commerce group that deals with affiliate stats.

That's why I believe that number is much higher. If you just look at Clickbank stats, which sells around 10 million products per year at around $50 make, you will get over $500 million. That's just one affiliate marketplace, which only sells digital products. If you add gaints like CJ affiliates, Rakuten, ShareAsale, and who can forget Amazon associates as well as thousands of small affiliate networks, you will go way over $5 billion.

Maybe keeps the stats as it is is even better as thansk to it the competition will be lower.

Anyways make sure to check back for a full review of Profit Engine soon.



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