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The Project Next Thrive Edition 2022 by Tony Robbins and Deal Graziosi is the difference between being to survive vs thrive in the new world we are all now living.

Are you trying to survive or thrive?

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Experience 2022 Project Next Thrive Edition: Are You Worth it?

Project Next Thrive Edition

Listen, I don't know you. In fact, I don't know a single thing about you, except one. You are on this Project Next review for a reason. Something inside you is telling you that this might be it. Your ticket out of the survival mode, or slums.

So, unless you just randomly ended up on the page for no apparent reason, take it seriously.

I'm not going to sweet talk you into getting this digital course because you're worth it. I know you are worth it, but do you?

Do you know that you can do this? You better figure it out because the world is moving on, and if you're still on the fence it will just pass you by like the last train. Years later, you'll be sitting in your chair reminiscing how in 2022 you could have been a part of something great.

“Remember the pinnacle time of self-medication movement? I was almost a part of it.”

Don't be that person. I'm going to lay it out straight for you, no fluff, no BS. Take it or leave it.

If you're not going to take it seriously, just leave this page. Close it down and go watch kittens on YouTube or some guru telling how great you are.

Don't get me wrong, you have greatness inside you, there is no doubt about it. You just need a way or plan to extract it. In my opinion, Project Next is the best way to do it in 2022.

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How Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi Decided to Create Project Next?

If you know anything about Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi you know that these guys love being the life and interacting with people. In fact, for the best immersion with Tony Robbins, you had to go to one of his events. We’re talking about tens of thousands of people coming together and feeling the energy.

Like this one:

How about the masterminds? A group of people hanging out and bouncing life-changing ideas. It is where million-dollar or even billion-dollar ideas were born. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that movement?

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Then Lockdowns Came and Messed it Up – Or Did it?

I always wanted to go to one of Tony Robbins live events. Just the raw power and excitement of it seems groundbreaking.

However, like for many of you, this has not yet happened for me. It's always either problems with the money, travel, family obligations, or a vast number of other reasons.

Then, when I actually had that figured out, the lockdown started and it well bye-bye.

Well, maybe it was a blessing in disguise?

Would Project Next Thrive Edition 2022 Be Possible?

Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins are busy people, to say the least. So, I'm not even sure if Time to Thrive Challenge or Project Next would be possible without the lockdowns.

In fact, these guys would be doing some crazy event in Miami right now, instead of catering to us.

Don't underestimate that, because these days a lot of people think others owe them something. The truth is that neither Tony nor Dean owe you anything. In fact, maybe you owe them for putting this amazing Time to Thrive Challenge and now this offer to learn even more from them?

Like I said before, this is not amateur hour, you got to take it seriously.

If you're going to learn anything from me is that the WORLD does not owe you anything, or anyone in it. You better realize that because without it, you will not succeed.

I mean, just look around, even the people you know. How many of them complain that life is not fair, or that world screwed them over, and so on? Now, how many of them are successful? Or how many of them are even trying to be successful? I bet it's zero.

On the other hand, how many successful people you know that complain all the time?

The problem might be that you don't even know a successful people. That's about to change as Project Next community is next level

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tony robbins thrive edition

There are hundreds if not thousands of courses out there teaching from knitting to how to build an electric car but what makes Project Next different?

Most courses out there focus only on the technical. They are like IKEA instructions to your life. The only end goal is to do it and have it finished.  Tony and Dean take a different approach.

  • First, they give you a reason to build it
  • Second, they give you the instructions, training, and tools to build it
  • Third, they make sure you’ve built the best thing for yourself and others you could

That sounds a lot better than a simple build right? It is, as you’ll have the power and will to go on and not give up if one puzzle piece doesn’t fit.

Once again, this was possible thanks to Tony and Dean pivoting during the pandemic into a new virtual space and making it happen. If guys that did it live for 50+ years can

That’s why I think Project Next is the best thing in 2022, the past and probably near future.

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Join Project Next Thrive?

Let's talk what you get with this badass course that will take you to the next level if you allow it. No complaining! Here's the list:

  • 2022 PROJECT NEXT DIGITAL COURSE (ACCESS IMMEDIATELY) – 6 modules of pure training from Tony and Dean launch and scale your first, or a 100th digital product. It is the core of your success, don't mess it up.
  • 6 WEEKS OF LIVE GROUP COACHING WITH DEAN – how being personally coached by a marketing leader for 25 years sounds? That's what you get for 6 weeks until the World Summit, don't miss it.
  • REFERRED TICKET TO THE VIRTUAL 3 DAY LIVE INTERACTIVE & IMMERSIVE WORLD SUMMIT – take your training to the next level with Dean, Tony and some of the most successful speakers, highlight of the year.
  • 3 MONTHS FREE TO THE BRAND NEW MASTERMIND PLATFORM -the tool that will help you will launch your next digital product, workshop, coaching program or mastermind with 5 simple steps.
  • GREATEST PRIVATE COMMUNITY ON THE PLANET FOR CONTINUED GROWTH, SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY – despite my tough-love approach, I can't help but cherish what Dean and Tony have created with this group.

You'll also get Project Next bonus or rather 2 epic bonuses

  • THE EXPERTS CORNER – next level stuff with Alex Hotmozi, an organic social media dominator, Bari Baumgardner about speaking on stage, as well as 5 Keys To Success with Tony and Marketing 2.0 with Dean.
  • INNER CIRCLE SUCCESS LIBRARY – ON DEMAND access to Dean’s entire library of Marketing, Mindset and Momentum coaching. That's over 3 years worth of life-changing knowledge.

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I'm Grateful for ProjectNext

Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Jenna Kutcher, and many others came together in this difficult time to offer what could be the greatest online course complete with a system in the world. Bold statement?

Well, it’s one that has over 100 years of experience to back it up.  Okay, while most of it is not online we’re talking Tony and Dean packing stadium and changing people’s lives as well as their guests,

However, they did come out with a course in 2019. You might have remembered it, KBB? It was only the biggest launch in the history of online courses?

Now take that and combine with the power of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi live and you have the Project Next scale. Yes, Dean and Tony combined everything they know from their business and professional life, as well as what they learned by launching the biggest online course and combined it to Project Next 2022.

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Three Pillars of The Program

Let’s talk about what are the pillars if the Project Next Thrive Edition by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

Immersion: Time to Thrive

Right of the bat, we get the power of Tony Robbins to immerse us into what we want to do with the project next. Do you want to change lives with your message, idea, or passion? Maybe you want financial freedom with the launch of a product, course, or book?

The first step is to immerse yourself fully into what you want to do, and Tony will teach you to have to find the motivation and strength to go on.  This is a foundation you need to build for any idea, project or dream if you want to see it through.

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s new Digital Product System (DPS) course takes care of it.

Repetition To Keep Owing Your Future

Once you build your foundation you need a house, right? While I’m not that good with metaphors I think repetition is a good example of house building. After all, you need to lay the house brick by brick and make sure you build it out just right.

You keep doing it and doing, repeating the action until you have nice house standing.

The same thing is with anything we do in life that has a meaning. Do you think Tony was a great motivating speaker the first time he goes on? Or did Steven King write a best-selling novel on his first try?

While there are exceptions to this rule most of us need to do something for some time to get it just right.

Well, repetition is the second pillar of Project Next and one that will be done on a live call weekly for 8 weeks. You’ll get a special hand-holding experience by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Jenna Kutcher, and others. Talk about immersion with the coaches?

Mastery of the Project Next Thrive

Are you ready to become a master? The third pillar is mastery and here its when the student becomes the master with 80’s music playing. No, but honestly by the end of pillar 2 you feel like you can do all and after pillar 3 you will know you can do it all.

This is where Project Next's big 3-day virtual live event comes in place. It’s all happening in August 2021 and if you’re part of the Project Next 2022 you are invited. The event is where you can take it to the next level and meet people just like you.

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project next review

You're either pumped right now and want to get started right away or your brain is telling you to hold on.

Do you know why he does that? He's lazy and picks the easy way out. If you like most of us all you want to do most of your life is binge Netflix shows. Been there, done that, no judgment. In fact, it's fine to do it once in a while to unwine and go brainless for a day.

However, picture yourself in a half a year, or maybe a year from now. One version of you just did the minimum or no work at all and just binged shows all the time. The other you got off your ass and did the work necessary tfor success.

Which one would you rather be in a year? The one that is successful and doing what you always dreamed of or the one that watched a lot of shows?

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Don't be left out, it's much more than just an opportunity

Compound Success With Project Next

Okay, let's say you miss out on this Project Next Thrive Edition opportunity. Maybe you'll get it next year, or two years from now when you have more money, more time, or fewer obligations, right?

I mean, in theory it makes sense. How many of us had put things aside to do later in life? If you're not a teenager with a “NO REGRETS” tattoo, then you know what I mean.

How many of the things we set aside do we actually do? Rarely, or we put it off until it's too late.

However, that's not the point I'm trying to make with this. We all know we put off things we should do to a later day. However, do you realize how much this is hurting you?

It's not like you're delaying coffee or tea time by a few minutes until you finish your current one. No, delaying an opportunity like that has several major consequences.

  • This Exact offer of Project Next Thrive Edition Will Never Be offered Again
  • You don't know in what situation you'll be the next time an offer like that comes along
  • Even if you do get it next year, you still miss on a year of progress
  • The compound success will be gone

Missing Out On Compound Success

I think what we take for granted is the power of compounding. What do I mean?

Let's say you create a course a sell it for $47 a pop in a month from now. You get 1 sale per day. That's 365 sales in a year. That's $17,155 in a year form one course. Now, will you do it exactly like that?

Probably not, but it's just a simple example. In fact, may Project Next used go beyond that. However, what if you create a new course every month? With everything staying the same, you still selling a course a day.

That means each month you added a new course + sales from it. If you did that, the months would look like:

  1. $1,429.55
  2. $2,859.10
  3. $4,288.65
  4. $5,718.20
  5. $7,147.76
  6. $8,577.31
  7. $10,006.86
  8. $11,436.41
  9. $12,865.96
  10. $14,295.52
  11. $15,725.07
  12. $17,154.62

As you see, by December you would make as much in one month as in a whole year by just selling 1 course. Now, I'm not saying your journey will be exactly like that. It's just a hypothetical example with nonchargeable factors.

However, is that possible? Yes, many students do even better. My point is that by thinking losing a year is nothing, in this example you would lose $111,505

Don't lose it. Join Project Next Thrive Edition Now

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