Social Sonic Review – Done For You Online Business and Twitter Leads?

What if told you that Social Sonic can start you 20 online business in the next hour? You probably would think I'm crazy, well Daven Michaels made a tool that can. Check out review below and bonus to see for yourself.

Creator: Daven Michaels
Official Site:

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Are Social Leads Crap?

Lately there has a been a lot of talk about how generating leads with social media is the best thing since the internet. You can see people posting outrages claims like that everyday. However, the truth is that only a small percentage of them are actually make money online.

Why is that? Because unfortunately most of social leads are crap. There is just no other way of saying that. If you take a group of millions of people that use any of the biggest social networks out there like Facebook and Twitter and  spam them with offers you will get leads.

5671542Basically it is like throwing shit against the way and seeing what sticks. And while you might get some gold nuggets out of it, unfortunately for the online world what sticks is still usually crap. That's why most social media leads generated like this will never buy anything from you.

End result? You will spend money and time generating a list of leads that are not worth the Autoresponder fee, hate from people that spam and possibly a lifetime ban.

Is there a better way?

Introducing Social Sonic: Better Social Leads?

Like you can tell from my rant above I'm not a big fan of social leads, or maybe I'm just bad at generating them. But it is what it is, and I'm just being honest with you.

So with that said, I wasn't really getting my hopes up for Social Sonic. However, considering it was a brain child of Daven Michaels, a successful music producer and marketer for 20+ year, I just needed to give it a go.

So let's take a look

Inside Look Look at SocialSonic CRM

The first thing you noticed when you login into the cloud based CRM (customer relationship management) is how clean the interface is. There are no ads for different products, upsells and all those unnecessary clutter.

And as you can below you have the Twitter CRM, Keyword Research, and Category Research on the right and setting in the top right corner (I'll explain why they are important in a second)

So let's start with the Keyword Research


Now if you already have a online business, or at least a niche you would like to get started with this is the place to go first. Just put in a keyword or up 10 keyword to get nice chuck of potential leads or prospects.

Or you can use the category search if you're not sure about good keywords in your niche keywords like so:


This will take you to the Twitter CRM and show you the users that are tweeting about your niche or keywords as you can see below.


You can also view their profiles if you choose like this:


Now this is pretty standard, I think there is even a monthly service out there that you can do this with. However, do you see those blue “Initiate Nurturing” boxes and tabs above the profiles?


This is where the Social Sonic sets part itself from any social CRM or software I have ever used. Once you press that blue button SocialSonic  takes your search target and nurtures it into the funnel without you having to do anything.  How freakin cool is that? And best part? It does it naturally so you will net get flagged or banned for spamming.

How about the 20 Online Businesses?

If you already have an online business, website, other social property you can send these leads directly to that. This works great because you can easily get thousands of targeted visitors to anything you're already promoting for free.

However, if you don't have an online business or even a promo you would like to do then Daven Michaels has you covered. Daven and his team actually created 20 done for you promos, complete with affiliate product, funnel and blog post in the 20 hottest niches on Clickbank. These include:

  • body building
  • nettling systems
  • dog training
  • entrepreneurship
  • health and wellness
  • hypnosis
  • internet marketing
  • laws of attraction
  • life-skills
  • marriage
  • meditation
  • men's dating advice
  • personal development
  • personal fiance
  • relationship advice – women
  • relationship advice – men
  • sex
  • spirituality
  • survivalist

How to you get to them? Just click settings and “Products” (I told you setting were important)


As you can see here are the 20 niches I listed above and each one has a top selling product ready to promote.  Just choose a niche you want (or you can start all 20) and go back to initial nurturing to each qualify search target for that specific niche.

Each business comes with complete funnel, graphics, affiliate links and a blog post so you don't have to buy or write any content.

Triple Traffic Social Sonic Bonus?

bonusSo how did you find this review? Chance are that you searched for Social Sonic related keyword online, right? Which is also a great way to generate targeted traffic but it takes a lot of time and effort.

However, while doing my testing I noticed that when my SocialSonic businesses were getting social love a lot of people started searching for it online.  Which gave me an idea to start ranking on search engines as well.

This took my business to the next level, as I was not only generating leads from Twitters, but it also generated buzz around my website/brand and made people for it online and generated me even more traffic. On top of that I also started ranking for keywords related to my niche and that gave me another surge of traffic.

So doing this specif SEO has tripped my traffic and now I'm offering it as bonus. What does that mean? It means that my team and I will rank 1 of your website/business (2 if you buy with 1 payment option) on Google and other search engines for free.  You won't even have to lift a finger to get 3x traffic.

So are you ready For SocialSonic?

social-sonicNow that you know how it works, the potential amount of leads it can get for you, and my triple traffic bonus is there anything else stopping you?

Like I said before I was never a big social media fan, but Daven Michaels and the sheer amount of leads you can generate in a very short period of time speaks for itself. So this is truly to good to pass up as the price is going up to a monthly based subscription soon.

To buy Social Sonic and get my triple traffic bonus please click below now

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