The Perfect Mastermind Formula Review – Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

Why I'm excited about the Perfect Mastermind Formula by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and you should too. Even if you never had any plans of doing a mastermind.

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Reason #1: It's done by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi! I mean these guys combined changed more lives than I changed my pants in my lifetime. I'm not even kidding.

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Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi: Perfect Mastermind Formula

the perfect mastermind formula reviewWhy some kids, or adults, see Tony Stark or even James Dean as a superhero growing up, I'm not one of them. Sure, Tony Stark has cool gadgets and James Dean was cool as an icebox, but my superheroes are different kind of Tony and Dean. The Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi kind.

Now you might be thinking, who are these cool cats? Well, my good sir and lady, I'll tel you. In fact, I'll lay it down on you like you never saw it before. I might be little fuzzy on the details, but I'll get the gist of it.

Tony Robbins = Badass Motivator

Tony Robbins, now that guy is a different breed, just listing to him you know this guy is a winner. I mean, shoot, if you threw him into the show survive the the contestants would crowd him the winner in the first episode. Move out of the way Richard Hatch and Boston Rob, Tony is here.

Now that doesn't mean he was fed with a silver spoon. No sir, he had it hard as a kid, like most cool peeps, but overcame that. Decided to be successful and worked hard for it. That's one of the first steps you have to do. Stiff, will not just magically apear if you simply “wish” for it.

Believe me I know, I'm writing and wishing to Santa for six-pack abs for years now, but no luck. So get that crap out of your hand and get to work. Well, actually you need some it, maybe all of it, but you need to combine it with actual work. I'm talking getting your hands dirty and your nose bloody. It's a battle out there and just wishing upon a start ain't going to give you bazooka to fight through it.

One of the best teachers in life is humility. I mean nothing takes a wind out of you like screwing up and getting it pointed to your face. Now if you can get up from that you can do anything.

That's what i learned from Tony, well, maybe some of it is mine. But than again it is my review.

The gist of it is that Tony Robbins is great doer and knows his stuff. No wonder why people pay him liek $100k for a mastermind and $5,000 for a seminar.  Best part is worth it?

Dean Graziosi =  Real Estate Ruler

Now, I'll be honest. I have heard about Dean Graziosi a few years after Tony, so I don't know him as well. However, this guy is one bad buddy when it comes to real estate. When you see him, and hear him talk you would think no way is thus guy that good. But he is, a guy is a selling machine.

If I went to a seminar where he was selling a diet or a exercise program I would not only pay him money, despite not caring how I look, but also buy his stuff and stick to the diet and exercise. Yup, that's how powerful he is.

All in all Dean Graziosi is most excellent guy, even Bill and Ted agree.

What About The Perfect Mastermind Formula?

So I said that you don't even need to want a mastermind to make this work. It's like a Sunday brunch, you might think you don't need a combo of breakfast and lunch in your live. However, once you try it your mind goes ballistic. It's perfect! Combining the best of both world

I feel the same way about perfect mastermind formula. When, I heard about it first I thought I didn't need it. Who am I to run some masterminds, right?

Wrong, I'm a great guy to run masterminds! No, but in all fairness I didn't realize the potential it offers.

The trust is that you don't need to be that specialist who fixes things by blowing on them. No sir or lady, you can just do mastermind for others. It's like a party planner only paid better and you get to throw masterminds to some of the best stars in marketing.

Now, for those that made it this far. Congrats, I home you like my little review of it all. Or was a it a bit too much? Whatever it was now you know the truth. With that said I still can't wait to get my hands around it.

So stayed tuned look for The Perfect Mastermind Formula in upcoming weeks.

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