Video Rankr Review

The Kings of YouTube marketing, Joshua Zamora and Han Fan, finally let out their secrets.  This is why Video Rankr is much more than just a way to get to the top of page one.

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Much More Than Just Ranking Software?

rank-your-videoAt first glance of VideoRankr, hence the name, seems like just another YouTube video ranking software. Something has populated the internet space for the last year or so. In fact, it seems like there is being launched or so.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Depends how you look at it. For one Google algorithms have made it so that ranking  videos is much easier than ranking brand new site (Check out my Page One Eugine review for detailed SEO course).  This is mostly due to high authority and trustworthy of  YouTube (plus the huge factor that Google owns YouTube)

Another reason is that you can get started with video marketing a lot easier. There is no hosting required, no 100s of pages filled with content, and strict rules you most follow.

On the other hand the constant launches of software, guides and course about YouTube marketing have become blurry for someone just starting out.

How many times did you buy or test a software that promised to do everything. Just to find out you had no idea what to do with it? All the features and sites to link to means nothing if you have no idea what the heck you are doing.

That is where Video Rankr differs from every other video ranking software I've seen before.

No BS Review of VideoRankr

video rankr logoIf you want to run successful video marketing campaigns you don't want spend 90% of time on finding links, creating accounts (even if they are automated you still need some of it), and building link after link. You probably just want to make money, or change the world, either one.

With Video Ranker by Joshua Zamora you scratch that off. The whole system works on syndicating your content on their network/website and so on. So you don't build any links or worry if they are good enough to start ranking.

If fact, Video Rankr syndicates your content to:

  • Video sharing sites
  • Social bookmarks
  • Video blogging sites
  • Over 300 directories
  • Over redirects sites
  • URL shorters

The whole thing works on credits you get witch the version you buy. I strongly suggest getting the Video Rankr Professional with 2000 credits and all the other features now before they make the price $97. You can do that by Clicking Here.

This really allows push button ranking as all you have to do si:

  1. Name the taks/project
  2. Insert YouTube URL of your video
  3. Enter keywords
  4. Write a short descriptions of what your video is about
  5. Select the speed

Check it out in action below

After that Video Ranker takes care of the rest. While you relax and read my blog, or not.

Cool, but what do I rank?

confused-face1It seems like most software and course forget to mention two other that are crucial for any video marketing campaigns.

How to make the video and about what.

Now unless you just want to have crazy amount of views on your personal videos, or cute kitties, this is crucial. Luckily you have plenty of options in both department.

First you have tons of great and simple to use video creating software, like the once mentioned inside VideoRanker. Another is you can simply pay someone $5 on Fiverr to do ti for you.

Or my new favorite one is using the YouTube video editor. Like Joshua Zamora points out can use, edit and mash-up other YouTube videos (creative commons videos) to create your own.  This is great for new products coming out or annoucments.

Which take me to the second part of explaining what you can make the videos about. Making videos about things that will launch soon is a great way to ride the wave and make a serious buck. Why?

  • You can rank easier for stuff that is not out yet (no competition)
  • Once it is released people will go crazy to find out more information about it and you get sales

Howevery also have something else. A local lead generation. So does parallel profits work?

The Bottom line:  Is It Worth It?

Let's see, Video Rankr:

  • Rank videos on first page? Yes
  • Teaches you how/where to get videos? Yes
  • Teaches you how to monetize video? Yes
  • Will make you a superstar? errr maybe?

In the end this is a great software for people that want to focus on results (commissions) and not link building.  That is why if you ever wanted to rank video on YouTube and Google this is a software I would recommend.

This doesn't happen often but Video Rankr is one of those Youtube software that is a complete package. Grab it using the link below before the price goes up.

Click Here To Start Earning With It

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