Where To Sell Car Parts Online?

So, you've finally decided to part ways with your old car and make some extra cash by selling its parts.

The question is, where do you even begin? It's like trying to navigate a car junkyard without a map.

But fear not, because I've got the inside scoop on the best online platforms for selling those precious car parts.

From the tried-and-true eBay Motors to the surprisingly effective Etsy Motors, there's a whole world of possibilities out there.

But before you start revving up your selling engines, let me guide you through the maze of online car part marketplaces.

Key Takeaways

  • Online marketplaces such as eBay Motors, Amazon Automotive, Car-Part.com, and Craigslist offer a wide range of potential buyers for selling car parts.
  • These online platforms provide features like online auctions, bidding systems, and community of buyers specifically looking for car parts, which can drive up prices and increase the chance of finding specific rare parts.
  • Sellers can benefit from user-friendly interfaces, sleek product listings with high-quality images and detailed descriptions, and access to salvage yards across the country.
  • These online marketplaces also provide benefits such as customer reviews for guidance, haggling and bargain opportunities, transparent pricing and option comparison, and the ability to connect with like-minded car enthusiasts.

Ebay Motors

Looking to rev up your car part sales? eBay Motors is the ultimate pit stop for reaching a wide range of potential buyers. With its online auctions, eBay Motors provides a platform for you to showcase your used car parts to a vast audience of automotive enthusiasts and DIYers. It's like setting up shop at the world's largest virtual car swap meet, without the hassle of packing up your inventory at the end of the day.

Selling on eBay Motors means tapping into a community of buyers who are specifically looking for car parts. Whether it's a vintage carburetor or a modern navigation system, there's always someone out there in need of what you're selling. Plus, the bidding system can drive up the price of your items as buyers compete for the parts they need, putting more cash in your pocket.

When you're ready to clean out your garage and turn those spare car parts into cash, eBay Motors is the place to be. It's like having a 24/7 virtual garage sale, except you won't have to haggle with early birds or worry about the weather. So, get those car parts listed and start making some sales!

Amazon Automotive

Ready to take your car part sales to the next level? Well, shift into high gear because we're about to cruise into the world of Amazon Automotive, where you can reach even more potential buyers for your spare parts.

Amazon Automotive is like the king of the road, and you want to hitch a ride on this bustling highway of online car part sales. With its vast customer base and user-friendly interface, Amazon Automotive is the perfect place to showcase your inventory and connect with car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.

When it comes to selling on Amazon Automotive, you've got to rev up your online selling strategies. Make sure your product listings are as sleek as a new sports car, with high-quality images and detailed descriptions. Keep an eye on automotive part trends to know what's hot and what's not. Whether it's classic car parts or the latest gadgets, staying in the loop will help you steer your inventory in the right direction.


If you're itching to offload those car parts cluttering your garage, Craigslist might just be the ticket to rev up your sales game. Sure, you've heard the horror stories of sketchy transactions and no-show buyers, but fear not! With a bit of street smarts and some good old-fashioned wit, you can navigate the wild world of Craigslist car part sales like a pro.

One major perk of using Craigslist is the potential to connect with local buyers. Say goodbye to the hassle of shipping and hello to meeting fellow gearheads in your area. Not only does this mean less stress for you, but it also opens up the possibility of forming connections with like-minded car enthusiasts.

When it comes to negotiating prices on Craigslist, it's like entering a verbal sparring match. Be prepared to haggle, but also be fair. Know the value of your car parts and set a reasonable price, but leave a little wiggle room for negotiation. Remember, the goal is to make a sale while ensuring both parties walk away feeling like winners. So, gear up, put on your negotiation hat, and get ready to make some deals!

Facebook Marketplace

Tired of dealing with the potential sketchiness of Craigslist? Then buckle up, because Facebook Marketplace is about to take your car part sales to a whole new level of convenience and opportunity. It's like a virtual garage sale, but without the hassle of setting up tables in your driveway. With Facebook Marketplace, you can tap into your local community, reaching potential buyers who are just a stone's throw away.

The best part? You can haggle over prices without feeling like you're on an episode of Pawn Stars. Yes, price negotiation is fair game here, so don't be afraid to channel your inner negotiator.

When it comes to buying and selling car parts on Facebook Marketplace, safety is key. Always meet in a public place, preferably during the day, and bring a buddy along if possible. It's also a good idea to exchange cash in person rather than accepting online payments to avoid any potential scams.

And remember, honesty is the best policy. Describe your parts accurately, and don't be afraid to share some best practices with your fellow car enthusiasts. Happy selling!


Need a one-stop shop for all your car part needs? Look no further than Car-Part.com! This website is like the ultimate treasure trove for car enthusiasts and DIY mechanics. It's the virtual equivalent of wandering through a massive salvage yard without getting your hands dirty.

Car-Part.com offers a wide array of car parts through online auctions, making it a fantastic platform for both buying and selling. You can browse through an extensive selection of parts, compare prices, and even haggle a little (if that's your thing). It's like being at a virtual car part swap meet without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

The best part about Car-Part.com is the access to salvage yards across the country. This means that you have a higher chance of finding the specific part you need, even if it's a rare gem. So, whether you're on the hunt for a vintage car part or something more common, Car-Part.com has got your back. It's like having a friend who knows all the best salvage yards and can hook you up with the perfect car part.


You've had your fun browsing through Car-Part.com's virtual salvage yard, but now it's time to rev up your online car part shopping experience with Auto-Parts-Shop.com, where the hunt for the perfect car part gets even more thrilling.

At Auto-Parts-Shop.com, customer reviews are like the GPS for your car part treasure hunt. You can read about real experiences from fellow car enthusiasts, so you'll know if that shiny turbocharger is the real deal or just a dud waiting to happen. Plus, who doesn't love a good story about someone's quest for the ultimate spark plug?

Pricing strategies at Auto-Parts-Shop.com are like a game of high-stakes poker. You can haggle like a pro or snatch up a bargain before someone else does. It's like the adrenaline rush of winning an auction, but without the risk of accidentally bidding your life savings for a pair of windshield wipers.

With transparent pricing and the ability to compare options, you'll feel like a savvy negotiator without ever having to leave your couch. So, buckle up and get ready to navigate the twists and turns of the online car part marketplace at Auto-Parts-Shop.com!

Etsy Motors

Rev up your car part shopping experience with a twist by exploring the unique and eclectic offerings at Etsy Motors. If you're in the market for custom car pieces or vintage accessories, Etsy Motors is the place to be. It's like stumbling upon a hidden garage filled with one-of-a-kind finds that you won't come across anywhere else.

Imagine stumbling upon a vintage hood ornament that screams personality or a custom leather shift knob that makes you feel like a race car driver from the 1960s. Etsy Motors is where you can find these gems.

The sellers on Etsy Motors are true car enthusiasts who pour their passion into creating and curating items that will take your vehicle from mundane to magnificent. Whether you're looking for a vintage grille for your classic ride or custom car decals to add a personal touch, Etsy Motors has it all.

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